Amen Amen, Praise and Glory. Wisdom and Thanksgiving and honour. Power and might belongs to the Lord, forever and ever, Amen. Father, we praise Your Holy Name for ever and ever. O God, who is like unto Thee? No one can be compare with Thee. All power, all glory, all honour belongs to Thee.

Gracious Redeemer, Wonderful Messiah, Everlasting King of glory, we adore You, we bow before Your Throne with the twenty and four elders. For You are God, You are King of kings. Receive all our glory and honour for ever and ever, Amen!

This is last faith clinic in the month of our ‘greater glory’. I have a witness in my spirit that we all have testimonies to give unto the Lord. The power of God moved so powerfully in our lives and we all received diverse healings, deliverance, restorations, protections, through our believing in the power of the Most High God.

Beloved, is there anything too difficult for the Lord to do? There is no impossibility in God. There is no mountain too high; no valley too deep that the hand of God cannot touch. God took us from the mire clay, set our feet on a rock and established our goings. Praise the Lord.

When God sent Moses to deliver the children of Israelite, they were too used to their slavery that they resisted it. Even when God eventually delivered them, on their way they wanted to go back to Egypt other than letting the giants in them manifest at the face of little challenges they encountered.

We also manifest same. Despite the great and wonderful promises given to us by God, we resist any change that will propel us to the achievement of those promises. Even when we agreed to move forward, at a slightest difficulty or provocation, we run back, we murmur, we complain and that displeases God.

May we receive grace to walk in faith and trust God that all His promises to us shall surely come to pass no matter what. Let us begin to confess what we believe in and as we do, the Lord will bring it pass according His Word and promises in His Word (Rom 10:9-11).

Remember, a close mouth is a closed destiny. Give a voice to what you believe. Keep saying it and it will come to pass. Do mind distractors though they come, focus on the promises you received from the Lord and the Lord will perfect all that concerns you (Ezra 4:1-5). For as He is in the beginning, He is now and ever shall be world without end. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8).

Whatever you want God to be or do for you, He ready and able to do. Do you believe? Let’s get to read more on these:

                             God replied to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM. This is what you are to say to the Israelites: I AM has sent me to you.”—Exodus 3:14

When Moses encountered God in the burning bush, he still had much to learn about his Lord. Moses was impressed with the miracle before him (Exod. 3:3). However, it would take much more than a burning bush to lead Israel out of captivity from the most powerful nation of Moses’ day. Would the same God who could cause a bush to burn without being consumed also be able to do what was necessary to deliver a multitude?

God’s answer was, “I AM!” That is, “Moses, I’ll be whatever you need Me to be as you carry out my assignment. If you need miraculous signs in order to convince Pharaoh, then that is how I will express Myself. If you need Me to interrupt nature and part the waters of the Red Sea, then I will demonstrate Myself in that way. If you require food and water, then I will be your provider. If you are afraid, I’ll be your strength.”

At the beginning of Moses’ walk with the Lord, Moses had no idea all that he would need God to do for him. Yet each time Moses faced a need, He learned something new about God. Moses came to realize that there was much more to God than a burning bush. What if Moses was so enamored with his experience at the bush that he built a tabernacle on the spot and established “The Church of the Burning Bush”? He would have missed out on so much more that God wanted to reveal to him!

Think back to your understanding of God when you first began walking with Him. How have your experiences expanded your knowledge of Him?

You must have encountered God in diverse ways too numerous to mention. God is saying whatever you need Him be, He will be. Are you ready for a fresh and a higher encounter with Him? He is ever ready to bring Himself to you, How you may want to know. Read further:


You have seen what I did to the Egyptians and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to Me.—Exodus 19:4

God did not deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt so that they could enjoy the Promised Land. He freed them from their bondage so they could come to know and worship Him. Three months after they left Egypt, God reminded His people why He had delivered them “on eagles’ wings.” It was to bring the people to Himself.

That is, God saved them so that they could enjoy intimate fellowship with Him. The Israelites had been slaves with no freedom to worship God. Now, with their own land, they could come to know and serve God freely. God’s call was not to destroy the idolatrous nations in Canaan, not to settle the lands they conquered, and not to establish a new nation, although all of these would be accomplished. Rather, God called them primarily to be a people who loved and worshiped Him. Through God’s act of deliverance they came to know Him as an almighty and compassionate God, and they were now free to respond to Him.

We are so activity oriented that we assume we were saved for a task we are to perform rather than for a relationship to enjoy. God uses our activities and circumstances to bring us to Himself. When He gives us a God-sized assignment, its sheer impossibility brings us back to Him for His enabling. When God allows us to go through crises, it brings us closer to Him.

If we are not careful, we can inadvertently bypass the relationship in order to get on with the activity. When you are busy in your activity for God, remember that God leads you to the experiences in order to bring you to Himself.

Beloved, God’s blessings in your life is to enable you worship Him, have a relationship with Him, bless people around in His honour. Do you believe that He is more than able to do it?

Built up your faith in the Lord and see God doing the impossibility for you in your life, family, career, business, and ministry. Praise God.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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