Inner Cohesion


Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! who is like unto Thee, O Lord! among the gods who is like Thee you are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia, always doing wonders alleluia. // How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! how excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How excellent is Thy Name, how wonderful is Thy Name, How excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How excellent is thy Name, how wonderful is Thy Name, how excellent is Thy Name O! Lord!

Father we lift up Your Name. Glory alleluia to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient of Days, the One Who is and is Yet to come, glory alleluia to God in the highest. Merciful Father we bow before Your throne we adore You, we lift You up, we lift Your Higher, great are You Lord! You are greatly to be Praise Father You reign. Have Your way again our lives, saturate this place with Your Presence O! Lord! Let Your Spirit indwell in us Father, Help us to be better than yesterday, we pray in Jesus Name!

Beloved, how are doing today? Praise the Lord Who lives forever and Whose Word standeth sure. Praise the Lord Who never fails and will never leave you nor forsake You. Praise the Lord Whose thought is higher and bigger than what we call Him, Praise yea the Lord Who love us with an everlasting love. Praise the Lord! alleluia Amen!!!

Beloved, before us again is a wonderful topic you will learn from before the year get into full gear. We are to love the Lord your God with all our heart, soul and strength (Deut 6:5).

The word “Inner Cohesion” means so much to a Christian. We must be what we portray ourselves to be “within and without,” we must not present Jesus outside while we have other gods we bow down to inside. We must not confess Jesus outside but at our inner court it is not so, that is why we are expected to love the Lord with all our strength.

Our God is Faithful in His dealings with us, He may not do all we want of Him but He must meet all that is need in our life. He may not come early as we expected of Him but He will never be late. Beloveth, do you love God with all your heart, soul and strength? If you do, you will have no space for the satan.

Beloved, did you hear that? The heart of man is deceitful if not guided that is why we must watch what goes into our heart else we displease our God. The bible character we are examining today started well with God but he did not end well. Because he failed to serve God with all his heart, soul and strength and that caused his fatal ending. May God shield us from such evil in Jesus Name. Praise the Lord!

Come along with us for more discoveries:


2 Chronicles 24:17-26:23, Psalm 91:1-8, Proverbs 19:15-16, Acts 27:30-28:10

Inner Cohesion

He did what was right in the Lord’s sight but not wholeheartedly.—2 Chronicles 25:2

One scriptural example that illustrates the need for a proper correlation between heart and mind is the Old Testament character, Amaziah. Second Chronicles 25:2 tells us: “He did what was right in the Lord’s sight but not wholeheartedly.” His mind gave itself to doing right in the sight of the Lord, but his heart did not support his actions.

This lack of coordination proved to be his undoing: “After Amaziah came from the attack on the Edomites, he brought the gods of the Seirites and set them up as his gods. He worshiped before them and burned incense to them” (25:14). Now look at how the life of Amaziah ends: “From the time Amaziah turned from following the Lord, a conspiracy was formed against him … men were sent after him to Lachish, and they put him to death there.” (25:27). Notice the steps:

(1) He was outwardly correct but inwardly uncoordinated.

(2) His inner disunity showed itself in outer disloyalty.

(3) This disunity resulted in his failure and death.

At the beginning, Amaziah does not appear to be a particularly bad individual—he just failed to be wholehearted in his commitment. He did all the right things outwardly, but his heart was not in them—hence, his spiritual ruin. We could say he missed his step by inches, but his fall was one of the worst ever recorded. If we are not held together by a single-minded devotion, our spiritual life can quickly go to pieces. Commitment to God demands cohesion—the cohesion of heart and mind.


O God my Father, help me to live a life of single purpose, with heart and mind moving together as one. Let me will the highest with all my being. In Jesus’ name I ask this. Amen.

Further Study

Jms 1:1-8; 4:8; Heb 13:9; Lk 11:17

What makes us unstable?

What was the Word of the Lord to the Hebrews?

Having read about cohesion, are you ready to unit your thought, heart, strength in serving the Lord? Our God serve the best of our service and worship, are you ready to offer such to Him?

Humbly yourself before God and see Him making a wonder to behold. We must not lose sight of your Father is. He must be above all, and you must serve Him with everything you have, your heart, your soul and your strength failure to do that will spell doom as you can see in the case of Amaziah. May God help us to be faithful to the end.

Beloved that is why you must surrender yourself to the nurturing of the Holy Spirit in this year so that He move you from one level of glory to another level of glory in your Christian faith and race. Praise the Lord!


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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