Just to be like Jesus, just to be like Jesus, my desire is to be like him, with faith and trusting, my desire is to be like Him 2x.// Father we declare that we love You. We declare an everlasting love to You 2x.

Yes Lord we declare that we love You, Thank You for helping us thus far. Thank You for upholding us all though this first week of August, our month of goodness through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And with a grateful heart we come to You this day and bow before Your Presence as You crown our year with goodness. Thank You and Thank You Father forever.

Beloveth, indeed our God is a good God. Yes He is. Ever Faithful, Ever Dependable, Forever Worthy to be praise. It is a great privilege to me to appear before Him daily, like Mary to listen to what He has to say to me. To drink from the living and flowing Fountain ever fresh and sweet to quench my thirst.

What about You. Believe me, it is good to start the day right. How do I mean, starting the day daily on the Word of God will go a long way to set your day right and save you a lots of trouble that may come your way.

Recently I had an encounter that made me to stand and say what I am writing now with so much confidence. I kept praying all through the night asking Him to help me. I was so pain in my heart that I wanted to take it out on every one concerned. But Thank God for God. Thank God for His Word never fail.

Oh, I just remembered our prayer topic for this week. Do you still remember it? Okay, you can flip back to check it out. I woke up in the morning and kept reminding God why He must help me. And my passionate Father arose with grace upon me and gave a Word that not only settled that particular issues but all of its categories forever.

I started my day right and went through that challenge with so much ease and comfort. God guided my step to walk in the step of Jesus and am so glad I did. And to crown it all, during our family devotion in the evening, more of His Word help to put end to my hurting forever. Praise God.

Beloved, how are you confronting the issues in your life, are you allowing it to overwhelm you or you are overcoming daily by the Word of God.

No pilot flies a plane without a compass or a radar, likewise you cannot run this race without looking into the Word daily. Praise the Lord.

When we call Him He promised to deliver us from our troubles remember? I am a testifier to that promise. Beloved, is much of these Word of God that you know that will help you on the day of trouble (Pro 24:10). In the mist of that calamity you can draw from the deep well in your heart if you have been storing up in the good times.

Don’t be a butter and bread Christian that cannot stand the wiles of the devil and wicked people all around. By the grace of God, He laid in my heart to use every Friday to bring to fore or examine our lives with the Word of God.

How practical are you with the Word in your life? Last week we discussed why so many will not endure to have ‘a time alone with God’ because they are afraid of who they truly are.

They cannot confront their inner life, as a result they shield themselves from solitude by an endless array of T.V, people, phone calls, books and scheduled time pressure (discover more by going through that message again).

The Lord by His grace is helping me to write on the topic of today through what I went through recently as I wrote earlier. If you walk in the Word, you will never miss it. The Spirit of God will be kind enough to save you even in the most daring temptation.

Is His law written in your heart? Are you taking time to study the Word of God? It is a deliberate act, done in consciousness with the fear of God. Come with me to discover more why you must deliberately be feeding your Spirit man with the Word of God.


“The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.” Ps. 37:31

Put the law into the heart, and the whole man is right. This is where the law should be; for then it lies, like the tables of stone in the ark, in the place appointed for it. In the head it puzzles, on the back it burdens, in the heart it upholds.

What a choice word is here used, “the law of his God”! When we know the Lord as our own God His law becomes liberty to us. God with us in covenant makes us eager to obey His will and walk in His commands. Is the precept my Father’s precept? Then I delight in it.

We are here guaranteed that obedient-hearted man shall be sustained in every step that he takes. He will do that which is right, and he shall therefore do that which is wise. Holy action is always the most prudent, though it may not at the time seem to be so. We are moving along the great highroad of God’s providence and grace when we keep to the way of His law.

The Word of God has never misled a single soul yet; its plain directions to walk humbly, justly, lovingly, and in the fear of the Lord, are as much words of wisdom to make our way prosperous as rules of holiness to keep our garments clean. He walks surely who walks righteously.

Did you read the last sentence? ‘He walks surely who walks righteously. Come again to see what it actually mean to put the law of the Lord in your heart.

When your Pastor is not with you. Your spouse is not close by. When you are outside the reach of your parents, can you still be that good boy or girl, man or woman of God? Come let us examine ourselves and purge out all dross that we will shine forth as stars.Do you want to enjoy all year goodness, come and see how to live:

 Of Fish, Radar Detectors, And Caches

  • “Yeah, we came out of the Ozarks with 900 fish. Stashed ’em in sleeping bags and under the floorboards of the trucks. The game authorities never had a clue that we over-fished the lakes’ limits by the hundreds!”

The next day this same fellow took great care to get his tithe to the church on time.

  • A friend darts in and out of traffic, pushing the speed limit with the help of a radar detector. All a game, it seems, to beat the police’s effort at enforcing the law.

In a couple of days he will lead a couples’ Bible study on “Biblical Principles of Marriage.

  • Another associate stashes thousands of dollars away in an attempt to outsmart the IRS in paying back taxes.

He is renown in his church circles for helping fund numerous missionary projects abroad.

This morning in my devotions, while pondering these conflicting patterns of life, I was arrested by Proverbs 20:7:

The righteous man leads a blameless life… “

Isn’t it intriguing that there are, at best, only a handful of references in the New Testament urging believers toward church attendance? Yet there are hundreds of Scriptural calls to righteous living. Professionally religious people love the pious church atmosphere but demonstrate little appetite for uncompromising obedience to God’s Word:

I do not rebuke you for your sacrifices or your burnt offerings, which are ever before meWhat right have you to recite my laws or take my covenant on your lips? You hate my instruction and cast my words behind you. When you see a thief, you join with him; you throw in your lot with adulterers. You use your mouth for evil and harness your tongue to deceit. You speak continually against your brother and slander your own mothers son” (Psalm 50:8, 16-20)

Can there be anything more displeasing to God than religiously-minded people who exhibit little correlation between their profession and their practice? Is there any greater stumbling block to the lost?

QUESTION: Do your associates outside of Christ view you as religious and hypocritical? Or as blameless? (Adapted from FOTM)

Beloved, you read it all. So take time this week and find out where you are living a conflicting life with the Word of God and ask the Holy Spirit to help you, sure He will.

Finally, I know you are itching to hear the Word of life that settled my case forever, turn your bible and read Rom 12:21. Have you done that?

Again on same chapter read verses 17 to 20.  Do you get the message now? What did verse 19 says? Beloved, sometimes we are hurting, we take laws into our hands and displeases God in the process. Beware, nobody worth your going to hell, so be wise how you live.

 I believe God is also speaking to someone who is struggling in this area. May you find comfort as I did in the Word in Jesus Name (Jas 1:21; 2 Cor 9:8).

Finally, beloved, stand on the liberty of which Christ has set you free and never believe a lie from the devil (Gal 5:1).

Have a wonderful weekend. I love you and God also do. Stay blessed. See you next week by God’s grace. Be surrounded by God’s goodness Amen!

Remain blessed in the Lord.