“Lift them up for ever.”


We lift higher, far above other names, Your Name is Jesus, Your Name is God! we lift You higher, far above other names Your Name is Jesus, Your Name is God! // You are the Most High, You are the Most God. You are the Most High; You are the Most God. You are the Most High God Jehovah You are the Most God. You are! You are!! You are the Most High God, You are! You are!! You are the Most High God!

Our Father in heaven O! God we lift You higher, we lift Your higher, We lift You higher O God above ever other Name, we glorify Your Name, we give You Praise, adoration to Your Holy Name, thank You for walking among men and doing that which only can do. Satisfying our longings and protecting us from all evil, glory be to your Name alone who is worthy of our Praise.

Thank You Father for the gift of this week, thank You for lifting Your Holy Name up and higher, thank You for miracles, thank You for healing, thank You for provisions, thank You Father for being God indeed unto us, glory be to Your Name alone in Jesus Name.

Beloved, come and see ooo, come and see, come and see ooo, come and see, come and see what the Lord has done, it is marvelous in our life, come and see what the Lord has done it is wonderful in our lives.

Lord, You are Holy, Holy Holy Holy, Holy Holy Holy, Holy are You Lord! Father You are Holy Holy Holy Holy, Holy Holy Holy, Holy are You Lord.

Arise O God and be God indeed unto us, take Your place in our midst, as we sing arise O Lord and do the shaking, get to all faulty foundation and fix it up. Get to all bondage foundation and ripe it open, that Your Holy Name will be exalted and men come to You because of Your wonderful works in our lives in Jesus Name!(Acts 16:25-26).

Beloved, how are doing today? is Friday! Are you happy? Just because you have been home all this while should not take away the excitement that goes with Friday, come on, make some noise unto the Lord!

He is the King of kings,, the Ancient of Days, the Lion of the tribe of Judea, the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega! Beloveth, shout alleluia to the Soon Coming King!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Beloveth join us to sing this song-

Lifted, I am lifted, I am lifted by the blood, above sins and sorrow into the Presence, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! sing along if you the song.

Yes we need lifting and only the lifting from God that assured and secure, therefore we pray that God lift us up above sins, sorrow and wants and at the end lift us from death to eternal glory in Jesus Name! Amen!

Come along with me for more:

“Lift them up for ever.” Psalm 28:9


God’s people need lifting up. They are very heavy by nature. They have no wings, or, if they have, they are like the dove of old which lay among the pots; and they need divine grace to make them mount on wings covered with silver, and with feathers of yellow gold.

By nature sparks fly upward, but the sinful souls of men fall downward. O Lord, “lift them up for ever!” David himself said, “Unto Thee, O God, do I lift up my soul,” and he here feels the necessity that other men’s souls should be lifted up as well as his own. When you ask this blessing for yourself, forget not to seek it for others also. There are three ways in which God’s people require to be lifted up.

They require to be elevated in character. Lift them up, O Lord; do not suffer Thy people to be like the world’s people! The world lieth in the wicked one; lift them out of it! The world’s people are looking after silver and gold, seeking their own pleasures, and the gratification of their lusts; but, Lord, lift Thy people up above all this; keep them from being “muck-rakers,” as John Bunyan calls the man who was always scraping after gold! Set thou their hearts upon their risen Lord and the heavenly heritage!

Moreover, believers need to be prospered in conflict. In the battle, if they seem to fall, O Lord, be pleased to give them the victory. If the foot of the foe be upon their necks for a moment, help them to grasp the sword of the Spirit, and eventually to win the battle. Lord, lift up Thy children’s spirits in the day of conflict; let them not sit in the dust, mourning for ever. Suffer not the adversary to vex them sore, and make them fret; but if they have been, like Hannah, persecuted, let them sing of the mercy of a delivering God.

We may also ask our Lord to lift them up at the last! Lift them up by taking them home, lift their bodies from the tomb, and raise their souls to Thine eternal kingdom in glory.

Belovedth our God is a man of war (Exo 15:3). For every battle in live we will ever engage in, may Jehovah fight and win all our battles in Jesus Name!!!!!!! beloveth ther are wars and battles all round us, satan and His cohorts are not rest rather they are fight daily to overcome us and win the battle. We therefore claim the victory won for us on the Cross by our Lord Jesus Christ and we declare that we are victorious in the Name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!

We are victorious in the Name of Jesus!!!!!!!! and we remain victorious in Jesus Name. The victory won is not only over sickness; is also over sin and sorrow. Glory be to Jesus on high. We are not going to be afraid about sickness for we know that the Eyes of the God is moving to and fro looking for the righteous to do them good, Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

This pandemic is over in the Mighty Name of Jesus. The Lord is bringing an end to this plague in the Name of Jesus!!!!! We don’t need to shout for our God to hear, we don’t need to cut our flesh for our God to hear, we don’t need to sacrifice our children for our God to hear, because we serve a living God who is more than able to hear and delivery us from all evil, beloveth our God is moving everywhere healing the sick, rising the dead, restoring hopes and homes (1 Kings 18:21-38).

He is lifting us up today and we will be lifted in Jesus Name. God’s mercy is locating you today and you will never remain the same afterward in Jesus Name.

Believe God it is well with your soul and your Spirit and your body today in Jesus Name.

Have a pleasant weekend and by the Monday if Jesus tarries we will meet again to be taught of the Lord, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

We love you dearly; keep the faith glowing and you will soon see Jesus manifesting in that situation in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.