Father, we are so grateful to You for all You have done for us, when we recount of Your goodness, Your love Your kindness, we cannot but imagine how great You truly Are.

Father, You divided the Red Sea just for Your people to pass through, You set the table for Your children in the wilderness to feed until they want no more. You slain them that are too mighty for the sake of Your love for them. Nations are fleeing as your inheritance approach their kingdoms.

Storms are stilled at Your command. Demons screams out at the mention of Your Name. Bitter fountain dries up at Your touch. At Your Name, great things happens to you them that trust You and believes in You (Matt 9:28). We reverence You and we give You praise for and ever.

The word of the Lord standeth sure, He cannot lie (Heb 6:18). And the Lord said “I will guide you in path you shall go”. God guidance deserves obedience, until you obey His last command He will not instruction further. His instructions often times looks stupid and unimaginable, you will miss it when you want to figure it out with your head (Jn 9:11). Interesting here, Jesus knew that the man was blind, He did not stop at putting a mixed spit and dirt on his eyes. He told him to go and wash in Siloam.

If the man did not go to Siloam, he will still be blind after the encounter but his obedience even when he was surrounded with so much difficulty was what brought his restoration. I am sure the Spirit of God is ministering to someone now, as you release yourself to God’s guidance and fellow it up with obedience and you will see result.

Beloved, how do you react when God instruct you to walk among unbelievers, corrupt and dishonest people? Do you join the bandwagon or do you distinguish yourself from them through your words, actions and deeds?

Let get to know what is expected of us via the Word of God to do:

“In the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world.” Philippians 2:15

We use lights to make manifest. A Christian man should so shine in his life, that a person could not live with him a week without knowing the gospel. His conversation should be such that all who are about him should clearly perceive whose he is, and whom he serves; and should see the image of Jesus reflected in his daily actions.

Lights are intended for guidance. We are to help those around us who are in the dark. We are to hold forth to them the Word of life. We are to point sinners to the Saviour, and the weary to a divine resting-place. Men sometimes read their Bibles, and fail to understand them; we should be ready, like Philip, to instruct the inquirer in the meaning of God’s Word, the way of salvation, and the life of godliness.

Lights are also used for warning. On our rocks and shoals a light-house is sure to be erected. Christian men should know that there are many false lights shown everywhere in the world, and therefore the right light is needed. The wreckers of Satan are always abroad, tempting the ungodly to sin under the name of pleasure; they hoist the wrong light, be it ours to put up the true light upon every dangerous rock, to point out every sin, and tell what it leads to, that so we may be clear of the blood of all men, shining as lights in the world.

Lights also have a very cheering influence, and so have Christians. A Christian ought to be a comforter, with kind words on his lips, and sympathy in his heart; he should carry sunshine wherever he goes, and diffuse happiness around him.

Gracious Spirit dwell with me;

I myself would gracious be,

And with words that help and heal

Would thy life in mine reveal,

And with actions bold and meek

Would for Christ my Saviour speak.

Help us to shine forth as light even in this crooked and perverse generation, for You are the light of the World. May we be willing to fellow Your leading and give us the willing spirit to obey You:

“If ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.” Galatians 5:18

We who looks at his own character and position from a legal point of view, will not only despair when he comes to the end of his reckoning, but if he be a wise man he will despair at the beginning; for if we are to be judged on the footing of the law, there shall no flesh living be justified.

How blessed to know that we dwell in the domains of grace and not of law! When thinking of my state before God the question is not, “Am I perfect in myself before the law?” but, “Am I perfect in Christ Jesus?” That is a very different matter. We need not enquire, “Am I without sin naturally?” but, “Have I been washed in the fountain opened for sin and for uncleanness?” It is not “Am I in myself well pleasing to God?” but it is “Am I accepted in the Beloved?”

The Christian views his evidences from the top of Sinai, and grows alarmed concerning his salvation; it were better far if he read his title by the light of Calvary. “Why,” saith he, “my faith has unbelief in it, it is not able to save me.” Suppose he had considered the object of his faith instead of his faith, then he would have said, “There is no failure in Him, and therefore I am safe.”

 He sighs over his hope: “Ah! my hope is marred and dimmed by an anxious carefulness about present things; how can I be accepted?” Had he regarded the ground of his hope, he would have seen that the promise of God standeth sure, and that whatever our doubts may be, the oath and promise never fail.

Ah! believer, it is safer always for you to be led of the Spirit into gospel liberty than to wear legal fetters. Judge yourself at what Christ is rather than at what you are. Satan will try to mar your peace by reminding you of your sinfulness and imperfections: you can only meet his accusations by faithfully adhering to the gospel and refusing to wear the yoke of bondage.

To be in bondage beloved, God forbid! Jesus has won you victory on the cross, you are never to be bond again. get hold of His promises and walk away free from the crouches of sin and sickness in the Name of Jesus.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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IFEOMA OHONDU is the founder of the MattersoftheHeart foundation, a platform where issues affecting our everyday life are discussed and where necessary proffer solution. She is part of the end time army, who will not break their rank to fulfill the urgent call of God upon her life by declaring His word to the helpless, the doubting, the comfortless and the dying world. The world will experience great restoration and healing in the Word of God through her ministration. She is a voice to emphasize key spiritual truth about Faith, Healing and Encouragement.