What the Lord has done for me I cannot tell it all, that why I come with a heart full of gratitude to the One Who is higher than any mountain I can ever see. You are too Awesome  to behold; too Wonderful to comprehend. You do Your things as it is pleasing to You. no man can question Your Sovereignty, thank You for the unspeakable gifts You bestowed on your children as it is pleases You (2Cor 9:15).

Thank You for the liberty to approach the throne and be heard. We are most grateful for without a consultation fees, You help those in need- healing, hungry, poor, despair.

Beloved, it is time call upon the Name of the Lord and mighty things will begin to happen, at the mention of His Name great things happen, the dead rise, praise the Lord. What an Awesome God, we serve.

We serve the God of Elijah, the ever present God who is never absent on duty. Our God does not embark on a journey, neither does He tell us to call again because He is busy. No! He is our ever Present God that answers by FIRE! At the mention of His Name every power, dominion, principality bows.

He seated far above every principalities and powers and He has also made me to seat with Him in the heavenly places far above dominion and principalities. Are you excited by this great honour bestowed upon you by the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

Beloved, that situation – sickness, weakness, jobless, hunger, lack, bitterness, wayward spouse, stubborn child, will not see your end. Believe God, you are coming out of it, like Lazarus you are coming out of that grave in the Name of Jesus. (Ps 102; 1 Cor 15:57)

Man shall not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out from the mouth of God. In the Lord strength you go and you will have huge success and His joy is your strength (Matt 4 :4; Ps 71:16; Neh 8:10; Prov 10:28; Rev 3;21; Lk 20:36)

Call on Him and He answer and will show you great and mighty things which thou knoweth not. Is somebody ready to call, is someone ready to pray:


“I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3

There are different translations of these words. One version renders it, “I will shew thee great and fortified things.” Another, “Great and reserved things.” Now, there are reserved and special things in Christian experience: all the developments of spiritual life are not alike easy of attainment.

There are the common frames and feelings of repentance, and faith, and joy, and hope, which are enjoyed by the entire family; but there is an upper realm of rapture, of communion, and conscious union with Christ, which is far from being the common dwelling-place of believers. We have not all the high privilege of John, to lean upon Jesus’ bosom; nor of Paul, to be caught up into the third heaven.

There are heights in experimental knowledge of the things of God which the eagle’s eye of acumen and philosophic thought hath never seen: God alone can bear us there; but the chariot in which He takes us up, and the fiery steeds with which that chariot is dragged, are prevailing prayers. Prevailing prayer is victorious over the God of mercy, “By his strength he had power with God: yea, he had power over the angel, and prevailed: he wept, and made supplication unto Him: he found Him in Beth-el, and there He spake with us.”

Prevailing prayer takes the Christian to Carmel, and enables him to cover heaven with clouds of blessing, and earth with floods of mercy. Prevailing prayer bears the Christian aloft to Pisgah, and shows him the inheritance reserved; it elevates us to Tabor and transfigures us, till in the likeness of his Lord, as He is, so are we also in this world.

If you would reach to something higher than ordinary grovelling experience, look to the Rock that is higher than you, and gaze with the eye of faith through the window of importunate prayer. When you open the window on your side, it will not be bolted on the other.

Are at ease in Zion, brethren arise to pray and you will save the perishing, those that are hurting and are in despair. Save by your pray; save by your giving. Whatever you do to least of this ones,  brethren, the Lord will give you much more than that.


“There is sorrow on the sea; it cannot be quiet.” Jeremiah 49:23

Little know we what sorrow may be upon the sea at this moment. We are safe in our quiet chamber, but far away on the salt sea the hurricane may be cruelly seeking for the lives of men. Hear how the death fiends howl among the cordage; how every timber starts as the waves beat like battering rams upon the vessel!

God help you, poor drenched and wearied ones! My prayer goes up to the great Lord of sea and land, that He will make the storm a calm, and bring you to your desired haven! Nor ought I to offer prayer alone, I should try to benefit those hardy men who risk their lives so constantly.

Have I ever done anything for them? What can I do? How often does the boisterous sea swallow up the mariner! Thousands of corpses lie where pearls lie deep. There is death-sorrow on the sea, which is echoed in the long wail of widows and orphans. The salt of the sea is in many eyes of mothers and wives. Remorseless billows, ye have devoured the love of women, and the stay of households.

What a resurrection shall there be from the caverns of the deep when the sea gives up her dead! Till then there will be sorrow on the sea. As if in sympathy with the woes of earth, the sea is for ever fretting along a thousand shores, wailing with a sorrowful cry like her own birds, booming with a hollow crash of unrest, raving with uproarious discontent, chafing with hoarse wrath, or jangling with the voices of ten thousand murmuring pebbles. The roar of the sea may be joyous to a rejoicing spirit, but to the son of sorrow the wide, wide ocean is even more forlorn than the wide, wide world.

This is not our rest, and the restless billows tell us so. There is a land where there is no more sea—our faces are steadfastly set towards it; we are going to the place of which the Lord hath spoken. Till then, we cast our sorrows on the Lord who trod the sea of old, and who maketh a way for His people through the depths thereof.

Is someone praying? Praying for those who have lost their beloved ones to the sea, fire, bomb blast, gun shot, injustice, lack, poverty. Brethren pray for those who are mourning at this time that they will be comforted by the Holy Spirit.

Above all pray for the perishing soul’s trooping down to hell in numbers that God will save and rescue them.


Remain blessed in the Lord.




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