When I come into your presence Lord am happy. When I come into your Presence Lord am glad. In Your Presence there is anointing, Your Spirit will surround me; in Your Presence anointing breaks the York. Victory is mine x2; victory is mine today! I told satan get behind me, victory is mine today. Victory, victory alleluia.

We are before the One Who is from the very Beginning, the One Who said let there be light and there was. He commanded a thing and it came into being. He is the Beginning of the Beginning, the Ancient One. The One who is and will forever be. Thank You for Who You Are. Thank You for being God unto them that put their trust in You. Thank You Lord.

Beloved, the Lord is our Strength and Salvation. In Him shall all His people come. Thank You for everything, Lord. Blessed be Thy Holy One of Israel. Not one Word of the Lord has ever failed since the foundation of this world. He keep every promise and perform every miracle. God is sovereign and He reigneth over all He His creature.

As we enter into His Presence today, may we be renewed and be made whole from forms of malady, assault by the evil ones. God on Whose Word standeth sure deliver and make whole today as we pray in the Name of Jesus.

Beloved, prayer accompanies abundance. In Mk 6:41, our Master Jesus experienced abundance that can only be supernatural. The disciples gathered twelve baskets out of five and two fish after Jesus blessed it. Incredible things happens on prayer altar. It therefore means that you and I must tarry in the place of prayer for our own abundance to be delivered to us.

Having known this principles, then rest not on your oars until you receive from the Lord that which your heart desires in Jesus Name!

Have Your way O Lord, for we know all things worketh together for the that fears the Lord. my redeemer liveth therefore shall not be afraid.

Come, join us as we seek Him today; He promised that we find Him early:

“Nevertheless I am continually with Thee.” Psalm 73:23

Nevertheless,”—As if, notwithstanding all the foolishness and ignorance which David had just been confessing to God, not one atom the less was it true and certain that David was saved and accepted, and that the blessing of being constantly in God’s presence was undoubtedly his. Fully conscious of his own lost estate, and of the deceitfulness and vileness of his nature, yet, by a glorious outburst of faith, he sings “nevertheless I am continually with Thee.

” Believer, you are forced to enter into Asaph’s confession and acknowledgment, endeavour in like spirit to say “nevertheless, since I belong to Christ I am continually with God!” By this is meant continually upon His mind, He is always thinking of me for my good.

Continually before His eye;—the eye of the Lord never sleepeth, but is perpetually watching over my welfare. Continually in His hand, so that none shall be able to pluck me thence. Continually on His heart, worn there as a memorial, even as the high priest bore the names of the twelve tribes upon his heart for ever.

Thou always thinkest of me, O God. The bowels of Thy love continually yearn towards me. Thou art always making providence work for my good. Thou hast set me as a signet upon thine arm; thy love is strong as death, many waters cannot quench it; neither can the floods drown it. Surprising grace! Thou seest me in Christ, and though in myself abhorred, Thou beholdest me as wearing Christ’s garments, and washed in His blood, and thus I stand accepted in Thy presence.

I am thus continually in Thy favour—”continually with Thee.” Here is comfort for the tried and afflicted soul; vexed with the tempest within—look at the calm without. “Nevertheless“—O say it in thy heart, and take the peace it gives. “Nevertheless I am continually with Thee.”

Is that your confession child of God? Are you continually with your Maker the Holy One of Israel? Thanks be to Jesus Who saved us from death and deliver us from everlasting damnation.

As you seek Him, Hear what He says concerning you:

“All that the Father giveth Me shall come to Me.” John 6:37


This declaration involves the doctrine of election: there are some whom the Father gave to Christ. It involves the doctrine of effectual calling: these who are given must and shall come; however stoutly they may set themselves against it, yet they shall be brought out of darkness into God’s marvellous light.

It teaches us the indispensable necessity of faith; for even those who are given to Christ are not saved except they come to Jesus. Even they must come, for there is no other way to heaven but by the door, Christ Jesus. All that the Father gives to our Redeemer must come to Him, therefore none can come to heaven except they come to Christ.

Oh! the power and majesty which rest in the words “shall come.” He does not say they have power to come, nor they may come if they will, but they “shall come.” The Lord Jesus doth by His messengers, His word, and His Spirit, sweetly and graciously compel men to come in that they may eat of His marriage supper; and this He does, not by any violation of the free agency of man, but by the power of His grace.

 I may exercise power over another man’s will, and yet that other man’s will may be perfectly free, because the constraint is exercised in a manner accordant with the laws of the human mind. Jehovah Jesus knows how, by irresistible arguments addressed to the understanding, by mighty reasons appealing to the affections, and by the mysterious influence of His Holy Spirit operating upon all the powers and passions of the soul, so to subdue the whole man, that whereas he was once rebellious, he yields cheerfully to His government, subdued by sovereign love.

But how shall those be known whom God hath chosen? By this result: that they do willingly and joyfully accept Christ, and come to Him with simple and unfeigned faith, resting upon Him as all their salvation and all their desire.

Reader, have you thus come to Jesus? Praying and believing Him for that need, situation, and so shall the Lord grant you abundance in your area of need in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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