Great is Your faithfulness, great is Your faithfulness morning by morning new mercies I see, all that I needed Thy Hand has provided, great is Thy faithfulness Lord unto Thee. // Let the Spirit of the Lord come down, let the Spirit of the Lord come down, let the power of the Lord from heaven comes down, let the power of the Lord come down.

Father I bow down to worship You. Great are You Father, faithful Redeemer we thank You for loving us with an everlasting love. How great are Your works. They are great and cannot be describe. When you step into situations things turns around. The mountain, the sea, heavens and all that is on earth stand in awe of You Lord.

Beloved, we are serving a beautiful Father, who answers our prayers and give us hope in place of hopelessness. He is so Mighty and great is His Name. My recent encounter has taken me to another level in my work with God. Our God does not need our help to bring to pass anything that is beyond us ordinary. His Word is true. His glory He will share with no man. Yes! With no man not even with your parents.

Did you pray as was instructed yesterday? Have you handed over to Him that which are impossible to you? Have you sort Him out on those areas only Him can do. I see someone struggling in the Spirit mind over the issue of relinquish control.

It is good to remind us that God made us in His image and He has a plan and purpose for us. Yes! A plan and purpose for us. We have to humble ourselves before Him confess our sins of unbelief, fear and impatience. Then we come to Him not trusting in anything we have or have achieve and see God working on our behalf. Praise God.

Heb 3:4- says “for every house is builded by some man; but he that builded all things is God.”

Can you allow God to take over from you that situation and make it beautiful once again. Can trust in the power of the Almighty God?  beloved, your faith is needed to believe God this day that He will do something great in your life today.

The topic of today is promising “New strength,” yes! “New strength.” Read the text from Isaiah – are trusting in God Almighty? then He will renew your strength, you will not grow weary again neither will you faint.

Join me to discover more:

. . . but those who trust in the Lord

will renew their strength;

they will soar on wings like eagles;

they will run and not grow weary;

they will walk and not faint.—Isaiah 40:31


At times you may feel so worn out and stressed that you are not sure you can take another step. You may seem to spend all your time running from crisis to crisis and to be constantly giving your time and energy to others. Your Lord wants to renew your strength and enable you to enjoy the abundant life He intends for you. The key is to wait upon Him to do so.

Our generation does not enjoy waiting. We are harried by all the commitments we have made and the many responsibilities we hold. We rush through our lives without stopping to evaluate our activities. Sometimes in our haste to get on with our work, we race ahead of God. Part of God’s restorative process is to slow us down and make us listen to Him. As we wait on Him, God will remind us of our utter dependence upon His strength. When we slow down and seek His will, He will reveal His plans.

Biblically, waiting on the Lord is never passive; it is always active. Waiting requires us to cease our own pursuits and give God our complete attention. We may have to give up some of the activities we have allowed to inundate our lives. We may need to take an entire day to sit quietly before the Lord. If we ask Him, God will show us the resources He has provided to help with the work we have been attempting on our own. God may address feelings of guilt that have motivated us to do things that He has not asked us to do.

Jesus carried more responsibility than you do. More people needed Him than will ever need you. Yet He was never overwhelmed or inadequate for the task. Now Christ offers to guide you so that you will fulfill your heavenly Father’s will and gain the strength necessary for each day (Matt. 11:28).

Beloved, waiting is part of faith development. He will never forsake you so do not give up while waiting. May God help us in Jesus Name. Let’s discover more:

“For the Lord will not cast off his people, neither will he forsake his inheritance.” Ps. 94:14


No, nor will He cast even so much as one of them. Man has his cast-offs, but God has none; for His choice is unchangeable, and His love is everlasting. None can find out a single person whom God has forsaken after having revealed Himself savingly to him.

This grand truth is mentioned in the psalm to cheer the heart of the afflicted. The Lord chastens His own; but He never forsakes them. The result of the double work of the law and the rod is our instruction, and the fruit of that instruction is a quieting of spirit, a sobriety of mind, out of which comes rest.

The ungodly are let alone till the pit is digged into which they will fall and be taken; but the godly are sent to school to be prepared for their glorious destiny hereafter. Judgment will return and finish its work upon the rebels, but it will equally return to vindicate the sincere and godly. Hence we may bear the rod of chastisement with calm submission; it means not anger, but love.

“God may chasten and correct, But He never can neglect; May in faithfulness reprove, But He ne’er can cease to love.”

May God help us by renewing our strength in Him, give us the strength to wait until our help / answers come from the Lord. Praise the Lord!

He will not forsake His own to give them inheritance as He promised. Praise God. Beloved ask for increase faith. Praise God!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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