I will sing unto the Lord a joyful song, I will Praise His Name for my Lord is good. I will sing unto the Lord a joyful song I will Praise His Name for my Lord is good. // You are Worthy O Lord, (You are Worthy) You are Worthy O Lord! everybody saying You are Worthy O! Lord, (You are Worthy)

Come let us give Praise to the Lord for His mercies endureth forever. Indeed o God is good to all who call on Him for help. Father we are before You to call on Your Name. Great are You Lord. You are greatly to be Praise. Everlasting King hear us as we call on You today in Jesus Name.

Beloved, join me to sing this song -I have a reason to Praise the Lord, in my life, I have a reason to Praise the Lord, in my life, I have a reason to Praise the Lord. Worthy You are worthy, King of kings, Lord of Lord You are worthy. Worthy, You are Worthy, king of kings, Lord of Lord I worship you.

Prayer day is here, are you glad to be in God’s presence at the moment? I want you to eulogize God for His faithfulness endureth forever. Thank You, Thank You for ever more. Beloved, there is grace in the house today. What are standing for? What are you believing God for? I want to know that God is here for you.

Are you bitter about something, I have goodnews for you, the Lord is taking away the power behind that now. Be set free in Jesus Name. Yes! Are tired of trying to help yourself? Come on, I have someone who specializes in working out knotty issues. Are you at the point of throwing in the towel, please still hold on it because the grace available in the house will settle it forever. There is Name to call and all the mountain will come crumbling down.

Do you still remember the Name to call? Call on Jesus and it will be well with you. We will call on the Name of Jesus and it is settle forever.  But there is one thing you must do that is “To look outward and look up ward”

What do you understand by this statement? Here is my own understanding. Is possible you have been controlling issues in your life? Is also possible you want to be in-charge of every aspect of your life.

Beloved, as long as you are the master of the ship of your life, God will continue to look on. Is possible occasionally you call on Jesus and you have solution to what you are doing? Now hear me, “untill you let go and let God,” you will not make progress. Beloved I repeat it to you again, “until you let go and let God” you remain in one spot.

And am sure you don’t want to do that. therefore the call on you today to look “outward” of yourself- your abilities, educational qualification, society statue, your physical appearance, and what  have you and “look up.”-

Is someone ready to do that? I did same some days ago and God step into that situation and resolve in just by praying and in the “Name of Jesus Christ”

Beloved, you may not understand it but on the 20th of this month, I told myself “that this issue must be resolved today. I said it loud to everyone that care to listen and mentioned that date and said “today marks your end in my life.” with holy annoyance I made some contact and God step into that situation and by the following day being 21st that issue was no more.

Beloved, I let go my control of that situation. I will not say I handed it over, but I told God that I will not carry on like this anymore. I told God, I am so sorry that I have come to end of this and can’t go further than where I was standing. At this point beloved, heaven stepped in and lifted that burden off my shoulder. What I am talking to you is about seventeen years of affliction in my home. God step in and crush the Spirit behind it and its menace and my entire household was liberated.

Do I have someone who wants to experience same miracle. I was surprise how soon and fast the solution came. For seventeen solid year I was undergoing this pain and bondage but when I let go, God took it over and resolve it.

Yes! I was steadfast in my resolve but I was not doing it rightly but when the wisdom came beloved, the Lord took it over and provide solution to me. I was liberated, me and my entirely household. Can someone shout alleluia to the One Whose Hand did this miracle in our lives! Thank God on my family, yours is here too, pray and is done.

When the God gave me us the theme of this month, strange happenings surrounded with uncommon blessings” I wasn’t looking at that direction. But thanks be to God for His Word which said that “the husbandman that laboureth must be the first partaker of the fruit. (2Tim 2:6).”

God decided to honour me, I am so glad that God look at the lowliness of His handmaid and honoured her. He lift us up from the dungeon. And I believe that the second part must be fulfill by Him too.  Praise God with me.

Beloved, are you in dare need of His interventions in your life, then come out of amongst them, look outward and look upward and see what the Lord will do for you. Glory be to the Lord on high.

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“Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth; for I am God, and there is none else.” Isa. 45:22


This is a promise of promises. It lies at the foundation of our spiritual life. Salvation comes through a look at Him who is “a just God and a Saviour.” How simple is the direction! “Look unto me. How reasonable is the requirement! Surely the creature should look to the Creator. We have looked elsewhere long enough, it is time that we look alone to Him who invites our expectation, and promises to give us His salvation.

Only a look! Will we not look at once? We are to bring nothing in ourselves, but to look outward and upward to our Lord on His throne, whither He has gone up from the cross. A look requires no preparation, no violent effort: it needs neither wit nor wisdom, wealth nor strength. All that we need is in the Lord our God, and if we look to Him for everything, that everything shall be ours, and we shall be saved.

Come, far-off ones, look hither! Ye ends of the earth, turn your eyes this way! As from the furthest regions men may see the sun and enjoy his light, so you who lie in death’s borders at the very gates of hell may by a look receive the light of God, the life of Heaven, the salvation of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God, and therefore able to save.

Did you read that “we are to bring nothing in ourselves.” Looking requires no preparation, no violent effort, it need…..nor strength.

Yes! Do you want to know how best to look then come with me for more insight:


“Thine eyes shall see the King in His beauty.” Isaiah 33:17


The more you know about Christ the less will you be satisfied with superficial views of Him; and the more deeply you study His transactions in the eternal covenant, His engagements on your behalf as the eternal Surety, and the fulness of His grace which shines in all His offices, the more truly will you see the King in His beauty.

Be much in such outlooks. Long more and more to see Jesus. Meditation and contemplation are often like windows of agate, and gates of carbuncle, through which we behold the Redeemer. Meditation puts the telescope to the eye, and enables us to see Jesus after a better sort than we could have seen Him if we had lived in the days of His flesh. Would that our conversation were more in heaven, and that we were more taken up with the person, the work, the beauty of our incarnate Lord.

More meditation, and the beauty of the King would flash upon us with more resplendence. Beloved, it is very probable that we shall have such a sight of our glorious King as we never had before, when we come to die. Many saints in dying have looked up from amidst the stormy waters, and have seen Jesus walking on the waves of the sea, and heard Him say, “It is I, be not afraid.” Ah, yes! when the tenement begins to shake, and the clay falls away, we see Christ through the rifts, and between the rafters the sunlight of heaven comes streaming in.

But if we want to see face to face the “King in His beauty” we must go to heaven for the sight, or the King must come here in person. O that He would come on the wings of the wind! He is our Husband, and we are widowed by His absence; He is our Brother dear and fair, and we are lonely without Him. Thick veils and clouds hang between our souls and their true life: when shall the day break and the shadows flee away? Oh, long-expected day, begin!

Are you ready to pray? Then pray with believing, pray with expectation, pray with trusting, beloved pray with mediating on the Word and contemplation that will reveal to us who God truly is. Praise God!

Father, I thank You because Your Word is Yea and Amen! Thank You for answering me. Thank You most gracious Jesus for being there for us. Praise forever.

Beloved, let to pray and God our God will answer us today!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Remain ever blessed in the Lord.







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