Excellent Jehovah, Wonderful God, Your Name is a miracle. Let the people rejoice; for our Lord reigns. The earth trembles, mountain quacks, the river claps it hands at the sight of my God. Who can battle with the Lord, am sure no body. What can battle with you Lord? Am sure nothing can withstand the Awesomeness of my God. Father, we Praise, we worship You in Name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

I will praise Your Name o Lord, for what my parents, spouse, relations cannot do for me that you doeth for me. Lord, I declare your Majesty over all creation. O! beautiful God, that does beautiful thing. Be thou glorified.

Beloved of my Father, hope you are basking in the glory and grace of God? We are nothing without God and aside Him you and I can do nothing. When as a child you recognized that your parents are everything you can ever think or imagine, you ask everything from them irrespective of whether they can do it or not (my last baby will come to me and said “mum, my dad will bring light, in case we have power failure and if the weather is hot, he will say, my dad will bring rain”).

Usually he say it with a lot of confident and that always challenge my faith whenever I stand in the presence of my Father to ask for anything, I stand in that child-like faith and I will receive also from Him.

Even when I said nope your dad cannot bring down rain, my son will insist “mum, dad said so and he is going to do it. He believed his father and doubt not and sometimes when it happens, he will come back to me saying, mum I told you, my dad has brought rain. In some cases I will forgotten about this dialogue and he will come singing and running towards my direction, I told you, I told you, my dad has brought ‘rain’.

Whoa! What a world but I believe you know better, that your God is an Awesome God. He is the Maker of heaven and earth, therefore everything created is subject to Him. Beloved, what is that thing that is challenging your faith in Christ Jesus? What is that ‘one’ thing that is asking you, where is your God?

Can you hold your peace and see God moves? Can you be still and know that He is God (Ps 46:10)? For not one Word ever spoken by my Father has failed! Can you be confident in His Word ‘spoken or written’ in whichever way you are seeing it now, none has ever failed and none will ever fail:

“. . . and you know with all your heart and all your soul that none of the good promises the Lord your God made to you has failed. Everything was fulfilled for you; not one promise has failed.”—Joshua 23:14

Near the end of his life, Joshua took time with the Israelites to review all that God had done for them since they first began following Him. God had given them an impossible assignment: to conquer a foreign and hostile land with fortified cities and armies more powerful than their own. The Israelites were to go forward with nothing more than God’s promise that He would go with them and take care of them. Now Joshua looked back over their experience and reminded the Israelites that God had kept every promise. They had experienced numerous victories and had enjoyed God’s provision for every need.

Sometimes hindsight gives us a clear picture of how faithful God has been. We are tempted during a crisis to wonder if God will be faithful to His promises. We focus on our problems, and our trust in God begins to waver. Twenty-four years after God promised Abraham and Sarah a son, they were still waiting on God to fulfill His promise. But in the twenty-fifth year, Abraham and Sarah could look back and see that God had been faithful. As David was fleeing for his life, he may have been uncertain how God would keep His promise to make him a king. But at the end of his long and prosperous reign, David could review how God had kept every promise.

You, too, can rely on God’s faithfulness. Are you in a crisis? Hold to the promises of your Lord! He will not forget His promises to you. Look back over your Christian life and recount the many ways in which God has been faithful to His word.

Beloved, let Him that is bow down; be lifted up for my God is a Faithful God. How can it ever be, someone is asking as he/she is reading this devotional. I don’t know the crisis you are in but I know nothing is too big for my God to handle, I also know that my God knows what to do per time all you need do as I stated earlier is “be still and hold your peace”:


“Humble yourselves therefore under the mighty hand of God, that he may exalt you in due time.” 1Peter 5:6

This is tantamount to a promise: if we will bow down, the Lord will lift us up. Humility leads to honor: submission is the way to exaltation. That same hand of God which presses us down is waiting to raise us up when we are prepared to bear the blessing. We stoop to conquer. Many cringe before men, and yet miss the patronage they crave; but he that humbles himself under the hand of God shall not fail to be enriched, uplifted, sustained, and comforted by the ever-gracious One. It is a habit of Jehovah to cast down the proud, and lift up the lowly.

Yet there is a time for the Lord’s working. We ought now to humble ourselves, even at this present moment; and we are bound to keep on doing so whether the Lord lays His afflicting hand upon us or not. When the Lord smites, it is our special duty to accept the chastisement with profound submission.

But as for the Lord’s exaltation of us, that can only come “in due time,” and God is the best judge of that day and hour. Do we cry out impatiently for the blessing? Would we wish for untimely honor? What are we at? Surely we are not truly humbled, or we should wait with quiet submission. So let us do. In due time, God’s time but (this does not include when we are fearful about the situation or what man can do nor does it include when you fail to pray or trust God in your situation)

My God is the one that exalts. Praise God! Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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