When I look around me I will see my Lord Jesus x3, I will see my Lord Jesus. Immortal God, Invisible God, Immortal God, how Great Thou Are.

Blessed Redeemer, we Worship You, we bless You, Be glorify. We thank for the end of another week, thank You for the blessings thereof. Great are You, Lord. Thank You for the Wonderful day ahead of us, we are full of expectant that the delivery of today will not in any way fall short.

Beloved, how has it been all through the month? Quite interesting I believe. The Word of God encouraged us to give thanks to God in everything. Why? Someone asked not convincingly. Because everything worketh together for good to them that believe God.

Often times we don’t see this good from where we are standing but the good news is that God knows the end from the beginning and He will not allow any evil to befall us. Why? Because we love Him and trust in Him. His thought for us is of good not of evil. Finally our expectation in Him we will be cut short.

Before us we have two important focus we dwealt mostly on this month. Living a life of prayer and of service. without a prayerful life, we learnt we will be powerless, not efficient even in the service we are called into. We also learnt our blessedness lies in our service in the God’s kingdom.

Being kingdom oriented guarantees our partaking in God’s package for His children. Beloved, membership to the body of Christ does not guarantee reward but stewardship does (Jn 12:23-26). Note you – if any man serve me let him follow me. the Lord God also said that ‘… for them that honour me I will honour, …’ (1 Sam 2:30).

Is important you know that bible is our standard not what any one thinks or is advocating. Any school of thought that does not rooted in the word of God is not excepted to be our standard no matter the popularity of such a person or group.

Always ask yourself is it written. Where is glaring that it not written down in the Word, the next question should be ‘ what will Jesus do’. Remember, Jesus is the model we must follow not man, our pastor, for whatsoever you admire in them was because God’s Spirit has been poured upon their lives that does not in any way connotes them God or immortal, only God Almighty is and will forever be.

So come along with me as we go through our messages for the day even as we wait for our reward of God’s abundance. Glory be to God!

Then she cried, “Samson, the Philistines are here!” When he awoke from his sleep, he said, “I will escape as I did before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him.—Judges 16:20

One of the signs of a heart that has shifted from God is the absence of spiritual power. If you are like Samson, you will not be immediately aware that God’s power has left you. Only after he tried to defeat his enemies did Samson recognize that something was wrong. He went against the Philistines as before, expecting their swift defeat. But this time the Philistines easily prevailed over him.

If you allow sin to creep into your life, if you refuse to obey your Lord, if you do not reconcile with those who have hurt you, your spiritual vitality is waning. You may assume everything is fine, but when you pray, answers do not come as they once did. You once had a positive effect on those around you, but now your influence is negligible or even harmful. Your life once brought reconciliation, but now you experience problems in your relationships. Those around you who have relied upon your strength are discovering that you are not as helpful to them as you once were. Your lack of spiritual power is not crying out for attention; but you are seeing subtle changes in your spirit and in your relationship with God.

How can you stop this spiritual decline? You must regularly repent of any sin. You must invite God to search your life to see if there are attitudes, relationships, or activities that need to be removed. You must fervently obey His will. If you walk with God in this manner, you will grow in spiritual strength and be used mightily by Him.

Yesooo! Let us consider one man God used mightily to accomplish a very great tasks – heralding the arrival of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Though the least in the kingdom but Jesus said no one born of woman was greater than he.


“I assure you: Among those born of women no one greater than John the Baptist has appeared, but the least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.”—Matthew 11:11

John the Baptist’s role was to decrease in prominence while Jesus’ ministry increased (John 3:30). John allowed his disciples to leave him in order to follow Jesus. His ministry lasted only about six months before he was wrongfully imprisoned and executed on the whim of a cruel monarch.

Yet Jesus said that no one who had come before John was any greater in the kingdom of heaven. Moses had parted the Red Sea; Elijah had raised the dead and brought down fire from heaven; Isaiah had written a revered book of Scripture; yet in the brief time of service granted to John, he had matched them all for greatness in the kingdom of heaven!

Incredibly, Jesus said that we have the opportunity to be even greater in the kingdom of heaven than John the Baptist. He announced the coming of Christ, but we, as Christians, have Christ living within us. We must remember that service to God is the greatest privilege we can receive in life. To serve God in even the most menial way is an honor far greater than we deserve.

John was given less than a year to complete his assignment, and he did so with all that he had. We have the opportunity to allow Jesus to carry out His work through our lives, so that greater things are done through us than were ever accomplished through John the Baptist. Our mandate is the same as John’s: to lift up Jesus while denying ourselves. Oh, that we would do so with the same fervor as John the Baptist!

Can we also said ‘may I decrease that Christ will increase in our various callings?’ either as a Pastor, Bishop, Manager or Subordinate, as Husband or as a Wife even as a child, where ever your gifting is, can you humble yourselves before God that He will lift you up? Beloved, ponder on this saying for the weekend while we meet again next week by the grace of God.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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