Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God we bow before Your Throne…2x we bow before the throne, we worship at Your feet.. we bow before the Throne You are glorious God!!!…How Excellent is Thy Name O! God! x3  How Excellent is Thy Name O! God! How Excellent is Thy Name x2 How Excellent is Thy Name O! God!

Our Father we thank You, we bless Your Holy Name! We adore Thee, We give You Praise, alleluia to You Father for gift of another day in Your Presence, we are grateful to You and we lift up our banners to You Lord because we know You will bless us again today…You will multiply us and increase us from all sides as pray, blessed be Thy Holy Name in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, how are doing today? Hope all is well with you? Thank God for the privilege to come before His throne of mercy to obtain mercy and grace, glory be to His Name on high. And as we pray today, the Lord will hear us and send help from Zion in Jesus Name.

Beloveth today we are going to discover the power behind the revelation knowledge of God. Jesus told his disciples “Men ought always to pray and not to faint (never to lose heart) (not/ never give up) without ceasing (faint).

Prayer empowers a man to do exploits, hear from heaven, open the eyes of a man, grants a man access to the mind of God, put it as our topic puts it “prayers discovers God’s agenda,” which is the same as living in revelation, Praise the Lord.

Do you want know the Mind of God dearly beloved, then spends time praying. Men and women of the Bible have testimonies to share men like Abraham (Gen 17), Noah (Gen 8:20-22), Jacob (Gen 28:18-22; 32:24-30), women like Hannah (1 Sam 1:10-18,20), Syrophenician woman(Mk 7:25-30),  and Jesus (Lk 22:39-44) just to mention about a few.

Beloveth, Jacob saw God face to face and did not die… that is what prayer does….in prayer, God speak to man and changes destiny in the place of prayer as we see in the life of Jacob… still wondering why you should prayer, then  join us to discover more:

Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, He got up, went out, and made His way to a deserted place. And He was praying there.—Mark 1:35

It was common knowledge among the disciples that they would find Jesus praying during the early morning hours. When they needed Him, they knew to go to the place of prayer. When Judas betrayed Jesus, he led his cohorts to Jesus’ place of prayer.

Every time the Lord Jesus faced an important decision, He prayed. When He was being tempted to do things by the world’s methods instead of the Father’s, He prayed (Matt. 4). When it was time to choose His disciples, He prayed the entire night (Luke 6:12). If the Son of God required a night of prayer in order to determine the Father’s mind, how long might it take us in prayer to clearly determine our Father’s will?

Because Jesus was so often surrounded by crowds, He knew He must find a quiet place so He could clearly hear His Father’s voice. Jesus had many people seeking to influence the direction of His life. His disciples wanted Him to go where the crowds were (Mark 1:37). The crowds wanted to crown Him king (John 6:15). Satan tempted Him to make compromises in order to draw a following (Matt. 4:3, 6, 9). Jesus knew that His mission was not to attract a crowd, but to remain obedient to His Father. It was prayer that set the agenda for Jesus’ ministry (Luke 6:12).

Prayer preceded the miracles (John 11:42–43); prayer brought Him encouragement at critical moments (Luke 9:28–31); prayer enabled Him to go to the cross (Luke 22:41–42); and prayer kept Him there despite excruciating pain (Luke 23:46). Follow the Savior’s example, and let your time alone with God, in prayer, set the agenda for your life.

Beloveth, you have read the prayer life of Jesus, is time for you to do same. Always go on your knees and see the wonders of God thereafter… “men ought always to pray and not faint.”

Let us pray…

Father in heaven O God, help us to pray, baptize us afresh with fire of prayer… help us to pray in the Spirit, strengthen our hands to pray and not faint… thank You gracious Father for I know You will do more than we have asked in Jesus Name….

Let us pray brethren:

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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