Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee…O! Lord! among the God’s Who is like Thee…You are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!// How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord!!! How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord… how excellent is Thy Name…How Excellent is Thy Name…How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord….x2

Our Father we thank You, we worship You we give You Praise… Thank You Father for Who You are Ancient of Days…we bow down before Your Holy Name… Thank You for gift another week…we are grateful Lord… Thank You for common miracles that are not common…. We magnify Your holy Name…for ever and ever in Jesus Name…. Alleluia Father.

Come and have Your Way again and do that which only You can do…we bless Your Holy Name…forever and ever Amen!!!

Beloveth…good morning…how are you doing today? Our God is beautiful in all situations… glory be to His Holy Name forever and ever Amen!!!

Last week we dwelt on one of the theme for the month- Grace…today by God’s grace we have another glance on grace and them consider Mercy as with God…as God want from us also by tommorw and beyond… don’t miss this week teaching because you will be thoroughly bless in Jesus Name….

We will be defining grace and mercy once again for our deeper understanding …

Grace, Mercy, and Peace will be with you from God the Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love. 2 Jn 1:3-

Grace -is receiving something that we don’t deserve. While mercy – is not getting what we do deserve. However these hand-in-hand sisters are so much more. Let’s begin with grace…

The Old Testament Hebrew word translated as Grace in our Bible is CHEN, meaning favour, graciousness, kindness, beauty, pleasantness, charm, loveliness, elegance, and affectionate regard. The root word CHANAN means to act graciously, compassionately or mercifully toward someone.

In New Testament Greek word CHARIS used for Grace, we find its root stemming from the Greek words CHARA, meaning joy; and CHAIRO to rejoice. CHARIS produces rejoicing because of pleasure and delight it brings to its recipients. New Testament Grace is kindness received or desired, a benefit, favour, or a gift, acceptance, approval, generosity, oprn-heartedness, and magnanimity.

Which of these definitions of Grace expands your heart, warms your soul, or soothes your thoughts? Which of these definitions do you need in your life at this moment? They are yours and found in Jesus!

Grace is the word given by the New Testament writers to describes God’s favour, acceptance, and His free, no-strings attached gifts and blessings. His grace is the extension of His AGAPE, unconditional love toward humanity that Christ’s work on the cross ultimately expressed- that beyond extraordinary and stunning evidence of His divine and boundless benevolence.

Grace is God’s Holy influences upon our lives- first drawing  our hearts to Christ (Eph 2:8). It then effectively continues as He delivers us from bondages, keeping and strengthening us in our faith, and providing the Holy Spirit’ gifts necessary for us to wage war against the prince of this world- the devil (1 Cor. 12:4-10). It is also what the Apostle Paul  describes as the source for fulfilling the call upon our lives whereby we minister Jesus to others by His grace working in and through us (1 Cor. 15:10).

As we ponder on Grace, it takes our breath away! Grace is not a little wading pool that is small, stingy, or selfish; it is a limitless ocean relentlessly, washing wave after ocean relentlessly washing wave of this wave of His Divine favor, Kindness, and acceptance over our lives. And Jesus’ Grace comes to our rescue smack dad in the middle of the very habits and behaviors we are ashamed of even acknowledging.

Beloveth…. isnt it wonderful that God gave us what we deserved not? Come along as we consider today’s topic – Speaking with Authority! Jesus even as a Son of God, grace made the difference in His life and ministry (Lk 4:18)…. :                                                                        

They were astonished at His teaching because, unlike the scribes, He was teaching them as one having authority.—Mark 1:22

Jesus was not the first person to teach the Scriptures to a group of disciples. The people in Jesus’ day had heard other teachers of the Scriptures. What set Jesus apart was that He taught with authority. To many of the scribes, the Scriptures were meaningless, dry collections of theological speculation, but Jesus taught them as the living words of God.

John the Baptist claimed that a man could only receive that which had been given to him by God (John 3:27). When the religious leaders searched the Scriptures, they came away empty-handed. When Jesus read the same Scriptures, the Father gave Him a full measure of His wisdom and His authority.

There is a radical difference between practicing religion and sharing a word directly from the Lord. There is a significant difference between worldly reasoning and counsel that comes straight from the living word of God. Is it possible to teach a message from the Bible but not from the Lord?

Yes! The scribes and Pharisees did this regularly and left their listeners spiritually destitute. Is it possible to counsel someone with advice that seems appropriate and reasonable and yet is contrary to God’s word? Of course!

Whenever you teach, counsel, or share a word of encouragement, be very careful that the words you share are indeed from the Lord and are not just your own thinking. Otherwise, you could become a false prophet (Deut. 18:20–22).

God promises to stand by every word He has ever spoken (Isa. 55:10–11). When you share a word that has come from God, you can do so with utmost confidence!

Yes utmost difference which we can get in the grace from God upon our lives and ministry…. Father we rest on You… favour us through your grace and make us Your oracles in Jesus Name….

Beloveth, the same grace that spoke for the Jesus is available for us in the house … an Unusual Grace is locating someone now… Great Grace is your portion in Jesus Name….

On this note beloveth, we declare this week blessed and by God’s grace we will return with greater testimonies in Jesus Name…

Further Reading – Jn 1:16, Eph 2:4-9, 1 Cor 15:9-11, 2 Cor 12:7-10.

Remain blessed the Lord.



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