Lord, You are good and Your mercies is forever, alleluia!  Father, we thank You for another opportunity to worship in Your presence. Thank You for a beautiful morning full of grace to be what You have created us to be. Jesus, You are our solid foundation, whom shall we fear.

Blessed Redeemer, Great is Thy Holy Name. Father, let our help comes from You. The world and all that is in it belongs to you. Be thou exalted O Lord! Be glorified in the heavens, Be glorified here on earth; Jesus, be Thou glorified.

Beloved, how great are you doing? Hope you had a great time over the week end. Yesterday, we honoured all the fathers in the house. And our prayer for them is that they will never be weary. They will not fail God neither will they fail humanity. They will carry on their ministry flawlessly and will have nothing to regret when their time is up in Jesus Name.

Having considered how we should stay true to our spouse yesterday, we still want to shed more light on how the little little foxes spoil the vine.

Deceit does not come undisguised. The devil operation especially in the lives of those who professes Christ is usual subtle. It appears very unharmful, as a necessity, sometime very urgent only to be a hole dug and covered with grasses or better still with shinning shimmers, with dangerous things underneath.

The Word of God told us to beware of the snares of devil. It also says “flee from all appearances of evil”, dearly, don’t wait to uncover or discover what is it, it may be too late to retreat.

During our prayer’s session yesterday, as I was sharing my understanding of the message we shared. I remember saying that someone might said though I go to the club, I don’t do anything other than to sit down and wind down.

I recalled what the psalmist said in Ps1:1, it said “do not walk in the counsel of the ungoldly, nor stand in the way of sinners, nor sit in seat of the scornful”. Beloved, these are little little foxes that spoils the vines.

Come let us quickly consider what the day’s devotional have for us:

Spiritual Adultery

Perhaps we have had the experience of finding ourselves attracted toward someone of the opposite sex… someone other than our spouse. Subtly… inadvertently, we could be drawn into an emotional involvement of “spiritual adultery” that could ultimately lead to the act of adultery.

 Here are a few of the vital warning signs:

 The tendency to share private, intimate matters with a certain acquaintance before having talked it out with our spouse.

 Finding more delight in being with a certain person other than our spouse.

 Spending inordinate amounts of time with one member of the opposite sex. Catching ourselves inventing unnecessary reasons to be apart with this person and away from the scrutiny or interference of others.

 Thinking that a certain person understands us better than our spouse.

 Comparing our spouse with this other person and finding our mate coming up short.

 Feeling youthful or “high” around that one particular person.

 Denying the fact that we are into something wrong by projecting on others an aggressive defensiveness whenever anyone tries to give us a timely warning.

 Stubbornly maintaining that the relationship is a “platonic” one. Being unwilling to hear the warnings of others; becoming wounded when others can’t see it our way; offended that they seem unwilling or incapable of trusting our judgment.

 Finding reasons to disqualify or alienate ourselves from longtime or wise friends’ warnings, while finding new “friends” who condone or are indifferent to what we are doing.

 Our prayer in dealing with this difficult and sensitive issue could be, “Lord,Give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name.” (Psalm 86:11b)

 Yes Lord an undivided heart we pray Thee give unto us. Make us look steady on you. We have listed below what it cost Jesus for our redemption. So next time you are planning to do the wrong thing, consider the cost.

You can copy and paste it strategically where you can always see it:

 What Jesus Paid For Your Redemption


  • The disciples deserted Him and fled
  • The authorities: Condemned Him
  • Spit at Him
  • Blindfolded Him
  • Struck Him
  • Beat Him
  • Bound Him
  • Handed Him over to Pilate to be crucified
  • Accused Him
  • Flogged Him
  • Led Him away
  • In derision put a purple robe on Him
  • Mockingly called out to Him, “King of the Jews”
  • Spit on Him
  • Ridiculed Him by paying “homage” to Him
  • Led Him out to be crucified
  • Forced Him to carry the cross
  • Crucified Him
  • The Father forsook Him
  • Joseph buried Him

How often are you repeating all these? Let us guide ourselves into the right and keep to it. The Lord will preserve us to the end.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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