You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify! You are the Lord let Your Name be glory! we give You glory and honour! You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify.// All glory glory alleluia His banner over me is love. All glory glory alleluia His banner over me is love. All glory glory alleluia His banner over me is love, His banner over me is love.

Glory and honour be given unto Thee forever and ever, thank You Father for giving us Your Son. Thank You for an opportunity to be all You made us to be. Praise be to Your Holy Name for Thou are worthy and Great are You. You divide the Red Sea and Your children passed through, Father today we ask that every Red sea standing before Your children be divided that Your children will pass through in the Name of Jesus. We also ask that every stubborn pursuers against our destiny and life be swallowed in the Name of Jesus. Is done in Jesus Name.

Have Your way Great Redeemer, blessed be Thou Holy Name in Jesus Name. do that which Your children has committed and spoken into Your ears, according to Your Word be it done unto us in Jesus Name Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, Praise the Living God!!! Our God is worthy of our Praise. Can You Praise the Lord!!!!!!!! What a Great God we serve beloveth. Our God is good at all time. He is a strong tower, the righteous run in and they are saved. Thank Father for Who You are!

Beloveth are celebrating your victory? God has won every battle confronting us even in this present time, He has defected the devil before the foundation of the world so why are you afraid?

Our topic today said it all “Surely He shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler.” Beloveth did you read the word ‘surely’? it means whatever or whenever the Lord will deliver you from the snare of the fowler.

I want to assume that you know what ‘snare’ is and what ‘fowler’ is too.

Beloveth, whatsoever hole, dip, evil, wickedness, gang-up, sorcerers, every work of darkness the satan and his cohorts has put in your way, God shall deliver you. He will not only deliver you; He will also clog the wheels of your enemies and drown them.

Maybe you have not gotten the Rheme of what we are saying because presently you are overwhelmed with what you are going through but hear me, build up your faith, let your eyes faith see your victory. I saw my victory over my enemies- satan and his cohorts and final God gave me victory.

He gave me boldness to confront the enemy that has plagued my life for decade. He opened a channel of restoration and today I am totally free. Beloveth don’t forget, I saw my victory ahead, I know His Word faileth not, I held on to every Word that guaranteed my victory, I read and prayed it before Him every night and reminded Him about His promises, every morning I trust Him for my safety, beloved, the Lord did come.

He came through for me and today I am healed, I am delivered and I am strong. Praise the living Jesus. Same grace is available to you in your case if you believe. To everyone who believes nothing shall be impossible unto him/her.

Maybe your case is a case of unbelief, there is also a provision for you in the Word, a man cried unto Jesus pleading for his unbelief, all Jesus did was to help him Mk 9:23-27. In verse 29, Jesus gave a solution to hardened cases in life situation, maybe you have to apply same.

We also told earlier the benefits of waiting that is fasting and praying. The year has just began, what are doing? This is time to take your destiny into your hand. Pray like never before, fast if your health can support it, but doing all these without believing will amount to zero result.

Believing in God is living a righteous life. it means accepting Jesus as your Lord and personal Saviour. It means absenting from sins and all its likes. Beloveth, it means living a Holy life (1 Jn 5:4). May God help us all in Jesus Name.

Do forget God wants to satisfy us early, therefore you must do as commanded so as to get the required result as at when due. Praise the Lord.

Come along for more:

“Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler.” Psalm 91:3

God delivers His people from the snare of the fowler in two senses. From, and out of. First, He delivers them from the snare—does not let them enter it; and secondly, if they should be caught therein, He delivers them out of it. The first promise is the most precious to some; the second is the best to others.

“He shall deliver thee from the snare.” How? Trouble is often the means whereby God delivers us. God knows that our backsliding will soon end in our destruction, and He in mercy sends the rod. We say, “Lord, why is this?” not knowing that our trouble has been the means of delivering us from far greater evil.

Many have been thus saved from ruin by their sorrows and their crosses; these have frightened the birds from the net. At other times, God keeps His people from the snare of the fowler by giving them great spiritual strength, so that when they are tempted to do evil they say, “How can I do this great wickedness, and sin against God?”

But what a blessed thing it is that if the believer shall, in an evil hour, come into the net, yet God will bring him out of it! O backslider, be cast down, but do not despair.

Wanderer though thou hast been, hear what thy Redeemer saith—”Return, O backsliding children; I will have mercy upon you.” But you say you cannot return, for you are a captive. Then listen to the promise—”Surely He shall deliver thee out of the snare of the Fowler.”

Thou shalt yet be brought out of all evil into which thou hast fallen, and though thou shalt never cease to repent of thy ways, yet He that hath loved thee will not cast thee away; He will receive thee, and give thee joy and gladness, that the bones which He has broken may rejoice. No bird of paradise shall die in the Fowler’s net.

Your deliverance has been declared; believeth thou and it shall be established in Jesus Name! (2Tim 1:7, 2Tim 2:19, Ps 118:8, Heb 6:15, Prov 7:1). Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!


Remain blessed in the Lord.

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