I will lift Your Name higher, I will lift up Your Name higher, I will lift Your Name higher above all the earth, I will lift Your Name higher, I will lift Your Name higher I will lift Your Name higher above all the Name.// thank you for saving me thank you my Lord, O Lord thank You for saving me thank You my Lord.

Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name. we exalt You, we give You glory, adoration to Your Name. Who is like unto Thee, Father there is none like Thee, from generation to generation You remaineth the same. Thank You for being God unto us, glory be to Your Name forever in Jesus Name. come and have Your way in our lives today, make every crooked part to be straight, heal us from every malady and deliver us from all unrighteousness, make Your way plain before us Lord and may Your Holy Name be Praise forever in Jesus Name.

Beloved, are bouncing in the Lord every day? Join me as we sing this song again, I will lift up Your higher, I will lift Your Name higher, I will lift up Your Name higher above all the names, I will lift up Your Name higher, I will lift up Your Name higher I will lift up Your Name higher above other names.

Yes! let us lift the Name of our Maker higher and He will receive us as His children and give us our heart desires. We are to honour our Father with our worship, it doesn’t matter what is going on around us or within us. as difficult as this may look or sound, circumstance may change, situation might move from favourable to unfavourable but God is constant, He never change, His Word are yea and amen. His Promises are forever sure.

Our Lord Jesus is a Word made flesh, He is our hope of salvation, in Him is our salvation. He is our standard of living too. Aside Him we are nothing, many religious were founded on conscience but not our own religion, Christianity was founded on the Solid Rock of Ages – Jesus Christ, and our manual is the bible, the Living Word of God.

Going through the bible you will read a lot about persons and situation that talks so much about conscience, it is that human heart that deals with the knowledge of right and wrong that governs our thoughts and actions, urging us to do right rather than wrong, telling you what is right from wrong.

David was greatly distressed after he cut Saul’s robe. We saw David again being greatly disturbed again after he sent Joab to numbered Israel and Judah. Job is one man who declared that his conscience will not accuse him as long as he lives. Conscience a right to good and evil as proverbs put it. The book of Ecclesiastes also has something to say about conscience. Jeremiah was not left out, then in the new testament we saw Jesus Himself executing judgment through the use of conscience,  and so many of Paul’s write up declared clear of offence against his conscience, and in some part he pleaded with follow brethren to be submissive to those in authority not just to avoid punishment but for conscience sake. Paul also admonished those who are stronger in faith to beware of the actions for the sake of those who are babies in faith. (1 Sam 24:4-7 the 2Sam 24:10, Job 27:6, Prov 28:17, Eccl 7:22, Jer 12:2, Jn 8:9, Acts 23:1, Act 24:16, Rom13:5, 1Cor 8:3-12, 1 Cor 10:25-33.

This is a very temperamental topic to handle however, like I said early whatever judgment you are taking base on your conscience which is devoid of the Word of God direction should be checked because conscience as we read is ruled by what its imbed so beware of what your action especially if you have a foundation that is not rooted in the Word of God, Himself being the Master of the Whole World.

Let us discover more from the message below:


Nehemiah 4:1-6:19, Psalm 98:1-9, Proverbs 20:10 -12, Romans 9:6 -26

The Conscience Corrected

Even a young man is known by his actions—if his behavior is pure and upright.—Proverbs 20:11

One way that the Holy Spirit exercises His convincing ministry in our lives is by addressing our consciences, prevailing upon them to take the way of Christ in every issue. Romans 9:1 brings together the objective standard, “the truth in Christ,” and the subjective standard, “my conscience is testifying to me with the Holy Spirit.”

Some people say, “I’m living in accordance with my conscience—isn’t that enough?” No, for conscience by itself is not a safe guide. Conscience is the capacity to distinguish between right and wrong—according to the standards you uphold. It can be taught to approve directly opposite things.

For example, a missionary intervened to stop an Indian woman from throwing her child into the Ganges River as a human sacrifice. “But my conscience tells me to do it,” she said. “Yes,” said the missionary, “and my conscience tells me to stop you from doing it.”

Conscience is not an infallible guide unless it has in it the highest content possible—the Holy Spirit. He can be relied upon to act as Jesus would act in every situation, for the Spirit is a Christlike Spirit. I am bold to say that there is not one of you reading these lines (if you are a Christian) who, by the mercy of God, doesn’t know something in your conscience of the work of the Holy Spirit as Convincer. He pleads in you and with you to bring your conscience to the highest place possible, “a clear conscience toward God and men” (Ac 24:16).


O Father, I surrender myself and my standards to You for cleansing and correction. Teach me the standards of Christ so that my conscience may bear a true witness. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.

Further Study

Rm 14; 15:1-13; Ac 24:16; 2Co 1:12; 1Tm 1:5

What is Paul teaching about our conscience?

How does he relate it to the ministry of the Holy Spirit?

Beloved, a conscience devoid of the true Word of God is dead so feed your conscience daily with the Word of God and you will declare like Apostle Paul that you are not disobedient to the heavenly vision (Acts 26:19). You will also agree with me that the same Paul once was Saul who was so zealous to the law and carrying out the order of the kings and high priest at a time, He masterminded the killing of Stephen the first martyr of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ (Acts 8:1; 9:1-5) but when he was converted never went back to his vomit.

Is this same man who stood before the king declaring that his bidding is to do the will of God (Acts 9:10-16). Saul was acting at a time based on his conscience thinking that he was working for God but when the truth in the Word of God was opened unto him through our Lord Jesus himself, he went ahead serving God based on his conscience through the light of the gospel. (Acts 9:17-31)Praise the Lord.

Beloved, let us build our faith on Christ is higher than our conscience by living  a godly life through living out all that the Living Word of God commanded us to do. (Heb 9:8-14, 24-28). May our lives be purge of every dead works in Jesus Name. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

So sorry for the late posting, it was as a result of poor connectivity I experienced early this morning.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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