Come and see the Lord goodness, His mercy and compassion. I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord! Come and see the Lord goodness, His mercy and compassion. I have seen the Lord goodness alleluia Praise the Lord! everybody testify You are good, You are good Jehovah You are good. everybody testify You are good, You are good Jehovah You are so good.

Lord You are faithful, blessed be Thy Name. thank You for the gift of life and another glorious week to be everything You have made us to be. Great are you Lord! You are greatly to be praise O! Lord! Thank You and Thank You again and again. Thank You for Your love that covereth all my being, Thank You for Your mercy that makes a way where there this no way, thank You for You grace that gives strength in place of weakness. Thank you, thank You, Thank You forever more.

How excellent are You dear Lord! How Wonderful are Your works in the midst of Your people. Thank You Ancient of days, Thank You for being God indeed for us, Thank you Thank You O Lord!

Beloved are thank God for His Love and Faithfulness since the being of the year? Open your mouth and bless the Name of the Lord by Whose mercies you are not consumed, worship and adore His Holy Name for those things you regard as common miracle but very important.

You made complaining about your finances but glory be to God that you are healthy and sound that is why you can think about wealth. Thank God that you can walk without aid, it is not so for everybody, some wake up every day looking forward the day they can walk without aid, but here you are jumping around, running if need be but you never count it as grace, you never see it as miracle but I want to know that as common as you may see those they are all gift from above.

So if you can appreciate God for those common miracles you are loading your uncommon miracle and sooner it will manifest. Praise the Name of the Lord. Alleluia!

I struggle with some health issues and I keep believing and trust God for His Divine intervention and I am made bold to say that God can never fail especially when your hope is on Him. Each day I look forward to His Divine intervention and I tell you He does come though unexpectedly but significant. I just want to reinforce your trust especially at this season of the Holy Spirit backing, anything can happen, be expectant, stand up always believing that His visitation is now and it will happen though it may not be the way you are expecting it but they way that will give glory to His Holy Name alone. Amen!

We are on the stride to higher glory and am sure you are gathering all the teaching to position yourself for the miracle of transformations. We learnt yesterday that we cannot please God in flesh. It is only that man/woman circumcised in the spirit that can please God. When the power of the Holy Spirit come upon you, you will be on fire for the Lord, the timid Apostles were. You will offend many by the way you live, they way you speak about Jesus. They will be saying to themselves or even to your face your own is too much but never mind them.

Be careful that no one steal your crown, always remember that you are on pilgrim here on earth and you must go about looking for that building whose builder is God. I got worried about certain events happening around me and I took it to the Lord in prayer. The Holy Spirit gave me to Phil 3:8. I was confused at first until He ministered grace into my heart and I has understanding about what the Spirit of God is saying. He also made me to have more understanding when He further gave me Heb 11:13.

Beloved, I am to count all dung for the knowledge of Christ or what shall it profit me if I gain the whole world and lose my soul. The fact that I am on pilgrims must keep my eyes on things that are above not things here on earth. I don’t know where you are struggling right now but I know that the comforter is there with you, the teacher of all things can show what you should know and do, call Him and He will show you what to do, I did and He showed me, yours will not be an exception in Jesus Name.

In view of that, we are bring to you a ministration that will help when face with situations you think that is above you. That is why we are nurturing our Spirit to see and embrace the teaching of the Holy Spirit. When this power rest upon you, you are unstoppable for the kingdom service. It does matter who is talking when God has not spoken. It does not matter the power that is manifesting itself when the power of God is at work in your life, therefore be encourage and be strengthen as the power in the Word of God will make you beautiful again, make you strong and make you bold for the task ahead of you in this glorious year.

Come along with us for more:

Ezekiel 32:17-33:33, Psalm 132:13-18, Proverbs 28:23-25, 1 Peter 3:13-4:11

The Dividing Line

After being put to death in the fleshly realm but made alive in the spiritual realm.—1 Peter 3:18

It was the Holy Spirit who transformed the early disciples from timid and disconsolate men into ones who were ablaze and invincible.

If you draw a line through the pages of the New Testament, you will find on one side a good deal of spiritual staleness while on the other an abundance of spiritual freshness. That line runs straight through an upper room where a group of people waited in simple confidence for the promise their Master had made to them to be fulfilled. We read in Acts 2:4: “They were all filled with the Holy Spirit.” That filling was the dividing line in the moral and spiritual development of humanity. It marked a new era—the era of the Holy Spirit.

On the other side of that dividing line, prior to Pentecost, the disciples were spasmodic in their allegiance and achievements. Sometimes they could rejoice that evil spirits were subject to them, and sometimes they had to ask, “Why could we not cast it out?” Sometimes they appeared ready to go to death with Jesus, and sometimes they quarreled over who should have first place in His kingdom. Simon Peter could whip out a sword and cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant and then quail before the gaze of a serving maid.

Then came Pentecost. A divine reinforcement took place. They were new men doing new work—no longer spasmodic, but stable. On which side of that dividing line are you? Are you a pre-Pentecost Christian, spasmodic and intermittent, or a post-Pentecost Christian—dynamic and different?


O God, forgive me that so often I am crouching behind closed doors instead of being out on the open road. Make me a post-Pentecost Christian. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Further Study

2Co 3:1-6; Jn 6:63; Rm 8:11

What does the letter of the law do?

What changes this?

Who is like unto our God, who never allow us to be weaken by situation or allow us to be feeble but rather He make us strong in our weakness, He sent His Word and deliver us from all unrighteousness, Praise the Lord.

On which side are you dearly beloved? Who are you dearly beloved? Is important you answer these questions to help your Christian race. Cry out for help where you need the Help from above and He will answer speedily.

You may be timid now but when you allow the Holy Spirit to release His power on you, you will see a different you. People will be asking question what has come upon you. Some may even tell you it is becoming too much of you, are you the only one. Satan will stir jealousy among brethren against you but you know what, do not allow anyone to steal your crown by following the crowd, by keeping quite. By allowing them to shut you down (Mk 10:46-57), they don’t have such power over you except you give it to them.

Will you from today be energized for the kingdom service? Will you go all out for Jesus even when it is hurting you? Will you count everything dung that may win Christ, Praise the Name of the Lord!

Like the apostles be on fire for the Lord, do not allow satan and his cohorts to steal that which the power of the Holy Spirit has instill in you. Go all out for Jesus, being to commend our Saviour to as many as you care remember that is also evangelism because people wants to know more about Jesus so begin with yourself, they have heard enough of the bible days, let them know that Jesus is same yesterday, today and forever Heb 13:8.

I love to talk about Jesus, because He is my friend, my Healer, My soon coming King. He  is my Comforter, He is My Helper, He is my Teacher, My intercessor, My Advisor, He is my Savoiur, what about you, who is He to you? I will like to know.

May the Lord give us the boldness we need as we yield ourselves to the Holy Spirit never to shrink from persecution, ill talking and ill treatment, as our new us emerges. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord

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