How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Thy Name! How Excellent is Thy Name! How Excellent is Thy Name O! Lord! How Excellent is Thy Name! How Excellent is Thy Name! How Excellent is Thy Name! How Excellent is Thy Name O! Lord!// You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify! You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify! We give You glory

Beloved, how are doing today? Good to see you made it this far, it can only be God! Yes! Only God alone would have preserved us up till this day, in spite of what this year has played out, our God kept us from all evil; covered us under His wings and daily met our needs.

Beloveth, we just have to thank God and dance for Him showing our appreciation and gratefulness us His children. In this month of All Sufficiency in Christ Jesus has been a glorious one for me what about you? I will say if not for God where I for be? My beloved, indeed God has been sufficient in all things, from life, health, provision, supply, defence, healing, miracles and what have you, He has been too good to me.

Our Father is not only be a place of refuge and shelter for us, He is also a place of broad rivers and stream as we can discover today in our teaching.

Do you know what a broad river and streams stand for in biblical sense? I was so excited when I discover what our Father has put in place just to secure us, protect us and make His thought for us to come to place, like what we discussed last Friday, this is more than a place of safety for us but is also a place of provision and security for us. Praise the Lord!

Come along with us for more:

“The glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams.” Isaiah 33:21

Broad rivers and streams produce fertility, and abundance in the land. Places near broad rivers are remarkable for the variety of their plants and their plentiful harvests. God is all this to His Church. Having God she has abundance. What can she ask for that He will not give her? What want can she mention which He will not supply?

“In this mountain shall the Lord of Hosts make unto all people a feast of fat things.” Want ye the bread of life? It drops like manna from the sky. Want ye refreshing streams? The rock follows you, and that Rock is Christ. If you suffer any want it is your own fault; if you are straitened you are not straitened in Him, but in your own bowels.

Broad rivers and streams also point to commerce. Our glorious Lord is to us a place of heavenly merchandize. Through our Redeemer we have commerce with the past; the wealth of Calvary, the treasures of the covenant, the riches of the ancient days of election, the stores of eternity, all come to us down the broad stream of our gracious Lord. We have commerce, too, with the future.

What galleys, laden to the water’s edge, come to us from the millennium! What visions we have of the days of heaven upon earth! Through our glorious Lord we have commerce with angels; communion with the bright spirits washed in blood, who sing before the throne; nay, better still, we have fellowship with the Infinite One.

Broad rivers and streams are specially intended to set forth the idea of security. Rivers were of old a defence. Oh! beloved, what a defence is God to His Church! The devil cannot cross this broad river of God. How he wishes he could turn the current, but fear not, for God abideth immutably the same. Satan may worry, but he cannot destroy us; no galley with oars shall invade our river, neither shall gallant ship pass thereby.

Yes! satan may worry but he cannot destroy us, no galley with oars shall invade our river neither shall gallant ship pass thereby! What an outstanding blessing that awaits for all children of God, Praise the Lord somebody! Alleluia to the King of kings. Thank You Jesus for you are everything for us.

Beloveth knowing that our God is more than enough as we enough in Him, we declare this week open and we will return at the end with glorious testimonies in Jesus Name! Alleluia somebody!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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