Your Name is higher far above other names Your Name is Jesus… Your Name is God… Your Name is higher far above other names Your Name is Jesus… Your Name is God…// I will call upon the Lord…Who is worthy to be Praise…I will worship the Lord… He is worthy of our Praise!!! The Lord reigneth… blessed the Lord…honour to the Lord… and the horn of my salvation be exalted…

Our Father we Thank You, we blessed Your Holy Name…Alleluia to You Jesus… You are the Lord that is Your Name… You will never share Your glory with anyone… You will never share Your glory with anybody… Almighty God Amen is Your Name!!!

Glory be to God in the highest Amen!!! Glory be to God in the highest Amen!!! for His mercies enduerth forever… Amen!!! For His Mercies enduerth forever Amen!!!

Let a believer shout alleluia!!! Our God is good to us… if that is true to you… raise your voice and the Lord a shout…. Praise the Lord! Alleluia!!!

What a Reliable God we serve!!! Our God is Good! So Good and so Beautiful…

Beloveth… how are doing today? Let us release a Twenty-One shouts of Alleluia to the King of kings… The Lord of lords… The Ancient of Days… The One Who is and He is yet to come….The Alpha and the Omega… The Beginning and the End…. Jehovah Shammar!!! Jehovah El Roi… He is Our God! Shout alleluia!!!

Yes today is a our prayer day!!! Are you excited… It is beautiful day… Is only God that enables you to be part of this day…. Therefore we must Praise and Thank Him for His Faithfulness…. Alleluia….

But wait, why is that some people don’t like prayer…. hummmmh but they can spend hours surfing the net, watching videos, listening to music, reading novels but to pray…ehhhh, Oooo is too long, hummmmh… May God deliver our generations in Jesus Name…

No joke, my own children also say it sometimes… mummy, your prayer is too long… but watching videos can never be too long…. O my God! Show us Your mercy, baptize us afresh with Your fire… input in us The Spirit of intercession… in Jesus Name.

Yes, not all prayers should be long… accepted, also longer prayers does not guarantee answers… often true, but do you know that if you want to see God in action in your life… learn to spend quality time with God… hummmh… no one does that and remain the same… Ask Moses….

Another angle to it points to our topic today “The Real Reason Most of Us Fail To Spend Consistent Time With God…” why is that the case?

Come along with us more:     

The Real Reason Most Of Us Fail To Spend Consistent Time With God

It’s not lack of discipline. But lack of appetite. If we don’t have a hunger for God it is because our affections have been drawn away to other loves. To name a few:

Recently a young professional shared with me the dryness of his times alone with God. He said that the Scriptures seemed flat. Irrelevant. He then explained that in his job, he and a team of analysts routinely submit reports to their superiors that affect company policy. It is a common practice, he informed me, to shade the reports in a manner that will put the team members in a favorable light with their higher-ups. If he chooses not to go along, his career is put in jeopardy. So play along he does.

Is there any doubt as to why he has little appetite for the things of God?

Last night I dined with a businessman who, for the past 3 years I’ve unsuccessfully attempted to motivate to spend consistent time with God. We’ve had “quiet times” together, talked about priorities, personal discipline, how to meditate on the Word. You name it. All to no avail.

John,” I asked, “hows your time with God?” Embarrassment, fumbling. Then, “Dwight, I wont lie to you. Its not very good.” Yet this man spends 10 hours a day in his career, and untold hours in church work. But he will not carve out personal time with God.

Let’s be honest. We find time to do what we really want! So the issue is not discipline, but appetite.

If we cannot recognize the value of simply being alone with God, as the beloved, without doing anything, we gouge the heart out of Christianity.

QUESTION: How would you evaluate your appetite for spending time with Christ? Are you eager? Or is it obligatory? If your times with God are the blahs, what do you think is the root cause?

Whatever the cause may be… beloveth is not tenable before God…we must go before the Throne of mercy and ask God to show us mercy… when you walk alone is by strength but when you walk with God is called GRACE…

Pray that the GRACE to pray should be granted unto you… Yes! Let the anointing to sit at Jesus feet be deposited in you… Every distraction from the pit of hell be scatter by fire… May you learn to seat still and hear God speak to your mind… because God may not scream to get your attention … then you must sit still to hear from Him…

Pray that God’s Presence will go with you all the day… that you manifest His Presence daily in Jesus Name…

Jesus the Son of God wake up early to pray….(Mk.1:35) hummmmmh and you, what are you waiting for?… If you must work for 8hrs to 10hrs per day… will it be too much to pray for 1hr… or more daily…

The psalmist said my soul followeth hard after you…. (Ps.63:8) Receive the Spirit of intercession in Jesus Name Amen!!!

Further Reading- Prov.11:4, 1Cor.6:20, Heb.3:14, Ps.50:3, Lk.9:28, Lk.6:12, Ps.63:8, 1Tim.6:6, Heb.4:14, 1Thess.4:7, Joel.1:19, Jas.5:8

May God help us to pray!!! In Jesus Name!!!

Let us pray…. beloveth… and will hear us as we pray… Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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