There is power, wonder working power, in the blood of the Lamb. There is power mighty in the blood, of the Lamb, is still the same today. The blood of Jesus  is as potent as the Lord Himself. Therefore it is mighty to save those that believeth in Him through the blood. Nothing can stand before the blood, not sickness, poverty, weariness, Satan, demons, principalities; at the mention of the blood of Jesus they must give away.

O what a Mighty God, we serve. Death tremble at His presence, its pangs and power cannot hold him back in the grave, Jesus triumph over all; He is above all. Praise the Lord!

Beloved, we welcome you to the end of this week devotional, hope you had a swell time in His Presence all through, blessed be His Holy Name.

Dear beloved, gracious is our God who dealt kindly with us. However, in our consideration of those whom have enjoyed God’s grace through His sovereign power, we have mentioned Tamar, Rahab and today we will considering Ruth.

Ruth, we learnt from the scripture that she was Moabite married to Mahlon son of Elimelech in Bethlehem from the tribe of Judah. How come Mahlon married Ruth when the children of Israel are under God’s instruction not to marry from the pagan tribe?

It’s so happened that was a famine in Bethlehem and Elimelech took his wife Naomi and His two sons Mahlon and Kilion and travelled out of their home town and settled among the Moabites. There, his two sons got married to the Moabites women namely Opera and Ruth. Death took away Naomi’s husband and her two sons, leaving her with no grandchild except her two daughters’ in-law.

What a life. So many in her shoes would have cursed God but her faith in God preserved her, for God caused her to find favour in one of daughter’s in-law sight, who decided to stay back with her. She vowed to live with her and serve her God also nurture her to old age. This is simpling amazing, not common but can only be favour from God.

This kind hearted woman is no other than Ruth. Beloved, I told you God will never forget your good works or deeds to any of His own. She accepted Naomi’s God and vow to go with her wherever she goes. What a partnership in making.

God look down from heaven and decided to honour someone that will carry on this heavenly assignment of bring about the birth of the Messiah to past and Ruth was most qualified not by works or merit but mercy located her and she was en graced to carry it on.

God orchestrated a path for her by her listening to the advice of her mother in-law and favour located her that as she was busy working to supply the needs of her only surviving family member, having no hope whatsoever of having a child of her own, God remember her and here was Boaz, a wealthy farmer and kind hearted man according to the Bible account. The son of Shalom, the grandson of Judah, watching her daily as she diligently work to take care of her mother in-law came knocking to redeem the land belonging Elimelech as was the custom of the Israelite as given them by God during the year of jubilee.

Beloved whatsoever that is happening to you or around you and you think that all is gone. It can never be over for a child of God. God knows how best to save you from that situation. He knows what to do.

All you need do is to ensure that your path is of the Lord. Do not allow satan to misled or misguide you. Overcome those emotions that comes up and make you feel like helping yourself.  God “will not forget” and He always “knows” what to do. Praise the Lord.

Ruth being unshaken in her faith in the God of Israel was blessed by Him. She got married to Boaz and God blessed  her with a son and they named him Obed. Who became the father of Jesses and the grandfather of David. I believe you know the rest of the story.

We are called today to be ensample for God. Ruth though she does not know the true God but her association with Naomi brought her to the understanding of whom God truly is. She embrace her and her God and was faithful in her service of love and God blessed her.

So also we are called to be an ensample for God wherever He had place you. Be a light, a good ambassador for Christ. Let it not be said of you that you betrayed Jesus rather let many come to the true light Christ Jesus through you.

Beloved, noticed you the sacrificial living exhibited so far by these women of God? Can same be said of you? Let get more insight through the message of the day:

“Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.” Phil. 4:9


It is well when a man can with advantage be so minutely copied as Paul might have been. Oh, for grace to imitate him this day and every day!

Should we, through divine grace, carry into practice the Pauline teaching, we may claim the promise which is now open before us; and what a promise it is! God, who loves peace, makes peace, and breathes peace, will be with us. “Peace be with you is a sweet benediction; but for the God of peace to be with us is far more.

Thus we have the fountain as well as the streams, the sun as well as his beams. If the God of peace be with us, we shall enjoy the peace of God which passeth all understanding, even though outward circumstances should threaten to disturb. If men quarrel, we shall be sure to be peacemakers, if the Maker of peace be with us.

It is in the way of truth that real peace is found. If we quit the faith or leave the path of righteousness under the notion of promoting peace, we shall be greatly mistaken. First pure, then peaceable, is the order of wisdom and of fact. Let us keep to Paul’s line, and we shall have the God of peace with us as He was with the apostle.

Yes as he was with the apostles of old, let us also exhibit same exemplary living through true heart- energy by our action therein:


“Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.” 1Tim. 4:15

 This is, practically, a promise that, by diligent meditation and the giving up of our whole mind to our work for the Lord, we shall make a progress which all can see. Not by hasty reading, but by deep meditation, we profit by the Word of God. Not by doing a great deal of work in a slovenly manner, but by giving our best thought to what we attempt, we shall get real profit. “In all labor there is profit,” but not in fuss and hurry without true heart-energy.

If we divide ourselves between God and mammon, or Christ and self, we shall make no progress. We must give ourselves wholly to holy things, or else we shall be poor traders in heavenly business, and at our stock-taking no profit will be shown.

Am I a minister? Let me be a minister wholly, and not spend my energies upon secondary concerns. What have I to do with party politics, or vain amusements? Am I a Christian? Let me make my service of Jesus my occupation, my lifework, my one pursuit. We must be in-and-in with Jesus, and then out-and-out for Jesus, or else we shall make neither progress nor profit, and neither the church nor the world will feel that forceful influence which the Lord would have us exercise.

Our heroine of the day displayed a true heart energy for the Lord through her loving and caring attitude for mother in-law who incidentally feared the Lord. God honoured both women in the midst of their hopelessness, God raise a hope for them. The fear of their childlessness was supernatural taken care of by the Only True God.

Beloved, mark it, God of the Supernatural will grant you victories that all around you will see and know that the Hand of Jehovah has done this great thing. Great is His Name.

Have a loving weekend and be blessed of the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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