Too Close to the Ground


How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord!, How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord! How Excellent is Thy Name, How Excellent is Thy Name, How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord. How Excellent is Thy Name, How Wonderful is Thy Name, How Excellent is Thy Name O Lord! O Lord we lift Your Name Higher, we lift Your Name Higher, O Lord we lift Your Name Higher, we lift Your Name Higher, shout alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, O shout alleluia alleluia shout alleluia alleluia.

Yes! Lord Yes! Lord, Yes, Yes Lord, Yes! Lord Yes! Lord Yes Yes Lord.  Father, we thank You we bless Your Holy Name, we exalt You we give You Praise, adoration to Your Name, O Lord! who is like unto Thee, Father there is none to be compared with Thee, O Lord! how excellent are You Lord, in all the earth, You are more than what we call You, let all glory, all adoration, all praises belong to You alone Who is worthy of our Praise in Jesus Name.

Faithful God, Only You deserves all the glory faithful God. You are more than what we call You, Excellent is Your Name, Wonderful are You Lord, we will lift up Your Name higher, let the heaven and the earth bow before Your Presence, Father You are most honourable be Thou exhausted in Jesus Name.

Beloved, how are doing? Hope you had a good time in God’s Presence Yesterday at your local church? Always make it a point duty to go to church every Sunday no matter what may be. It is a great lifting to our soul when we commune with God, our Maker, we receive strength just being in His Presence, healings and breakthrough come in His Presence, You feel loved in the Presence of God, that why it is always a great privilege to me whenever I have opportunity to be in church and in God’s Presence.

Another week is before us all to the glory of God, like I always say “it is another opportunity to be everything God made us to be.” Do you agree with me? The understanding of this statement has helped me to take life easy and also to live by it daily. This is quite important especially if you have ever experience anything call failure in life. The truth about failure is that it is not the end of life rather it is opportunity to do things differently from the way you have been doing it before now.

So failing in a project/ losing a job, is not the end of life rather if well understood is to go back to God to say “Father thank You for the opportunity given me in my first endeavour, now I want to begin again how do I go about it?” By now I believe you must have learnt your mistake in the failed project so there will be no recurrence in the current assignment, failing to do so spells another doom just close round the corner.

Also failing to get up and get going is a sign that you don’t know who God is and what He can do/ want to do. Oftentimes God allow some things to happen in our life so that we learn from it and if we trust God enough to take us above that, He will entrust in our hand bigger project than we can ever imagine, but first we must recognize that the doer of everything in our life is God.

God is not weak to stop evil, but for anything He allows is meant to help us grow both physically, mentally and spiritually. Oftentimes you get a “No” from people who are suppose to say a “Yes” to you but God allowed that so that you get your perceptive right especially when He is the One in-charge.

I got many “Nos” especially from my close family members and friends when my trial was on, it was very painful coming from them but do you that God allowed that because He is taking me somewhere that if He allows help to come quickly I will not get to where the beauty of His work will be fully exhibited or accomplished and blossom.

Beloved, the Word of God to us this month will be accomplished if we will allow God to lead us from the front and we follow Him and not for Him to lead us from the rear. It is so important that get this fact right on time and work with it.

I got so worried recently over a pressing issue in my life and I just have to shut it down. I did that because I saw it as means by which satan wants to steal my joy. This issue has existed for a while and I want a solution but is not forth coming as soon I wanted it, worry cannot solve the problem neither will anxiousness solve it rather revelation or a Word from God will, so the best solution is to take it back to God, Who is all knowledgeable to help me and that is what I have resolved to do.

Remember if doing the same thing in same way is not yielding the desired result, then you have to think out another way in doing it that will get a different outcome or result and most importantly the desired result.

Like I said earlier worrying, agitating, losing sleep over it will not solve the problem rather giving it rightful place will. So I shut it down in order to focus on God Who will give me direction out of it. I have to make it so small and insignificant so that I can hear God when He speaks to me else I will be weighing myself down unduly and will lose focus from where God is leading me that will ensure my Laughter as promised and I cannot afford that.

Beloved, we are in the eight month of the year and in the second quarter of the year and so many questions might be bugling your head and as ever satan might be snarling at you “Where is your glory?” “Where is the manifestation?” as you were promised at the beginning of the year and that gets your worry and probably might make you to backslide but you don’t need to.

God is big enough to bring His Word to performance, so for me I am not worried about that, my concern should be to be a doer of what the Word of God is instructing me to do and I will leave the performance to Him. Is not about me rather is all about Him. I lay myself to close to ground signifying there is nothing again I fear to happen, then I look up to God for my lifting because I know He will surely do, He is my Rock, my Deliver and my all.

So are you there and the things of this life makes you look helpless, then come with me to see what God can do as you chose to look steadily and focus on Him and give less attention to that situation / condition. He will speak to you and will surely make you laugh. Come on for more dearly beloved:                                        

2 Chronicles 31:11-33:13, Psalm 92:8-15, Proverbs 19:20-21, Romans 1:24-2:16

Too Close to the Ground

But You, Lord, are exalted forever.—Psalm 92:8

The reason our personal problems and difficulties seem so large and ominous is due mainly to the fact that we have not brought God into proper focus. When we are able to see Him as He really is—”high and lofty”—then all our troubles and anxieties are reduced to their proper proportions.

A minister looked through his study window one day into the garden next door. He saw a little boy there, holding in his hand two pieces of wood, each about eighteen inches long. He heard him ask his mother if he could make a weathercock. After getting her permission, he proceeded to nail one piece of wood upright on the low garden wall, then nailed the other piece loosely on top. Soon the loosely nailed piece of wood turned and twisted, first this way and then that, and the little boy danced with delight. He thought he had made a weathercock that registered the winds, but all it did was register the draughts. “It turned half a circle,” said the minister, “when the back door banged.”

From where the minister sat in his study, he could see a real weathercock on the church steeple. It was as steady as a rock in the constant winds that blew in from the sea. There are many Christians, however, who are like the little boy’s weathercock, always living at the mercy of every gust of circumstance, their thoughts of God fluctuating with their personal experiences. They take their direction from a weathercock that is too close to the ground.


O God, my Father, forgive me that my life is taken up more with the immediate than the ultimate. I have been glancing at You and gazing at my circumstances. From today it will be different—I will glance at my circumstances and gaze at You. Amen.

Further Study

Ps 8:1-9; 1Co 13:12; 2Co 3:18

How did the psalmist focus his gaze on God?

How did Paul describe it?

Beloved, our God is Almighty, there is nothing difficult for Him to do, make sure you are gazing steadily at Him through the scriptures and make melody to His Name through songs then soon you will laugh even as He promised us in Jesus Name.

He has solutions to every issues/circumstances in life, He has the key; so look steadily at Him and the solution will come your way. Praise the Lord.

On this note we declare the week open and by the grace of God will return at the end with greater testimonies in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord

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