Glory be to God in the highest Amen! Glory be to God in the highest Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! For His mercies enduerth forever Amen! // You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify! You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify! We glory and honour, You are the Lord let Your Name be glorify!

Our Father in heaven let Your Name be glorify in heaven and here on earth, even in deep let Your Name be glorify. How excellent is Thy Name Father, receive our praises, let our worship come up to you no, may it be a sweet smelling sacrifice before You Father in Jesus Name we worship in Jesus Name!

Faithful are you Father, Awesome is our Father, from everlasting, to everlasting You remaineth the same, Father receive our Praise Father be Thou glorify in Jesus Name.

Beloveth, what a journey through this awesome month of the Lord given to us on a platter of gold shout Praise the Lord. It has been joyful month to us as a ministry to my personal life Awesome is the word.

Our Father was faithful in keep to His promise to His children. I don’t know how to thank Him enough. All I do always is to worship because He is more what I can ever imagine. Beloveth our Father did more I can ever imagine, am sure you have terrific testimonies, let us shout a thunderous alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!

It is only prayer that stands before the throne and bring down the desired mercy. The saints of old use it, our Jesus did the same and went ahead to encourage us to do same, because in it lie the revelations of great mysteries in life. Beloveth pray and pray and pray and see great mysteries drop at your feet with great ease.

I know how many things God has reveal to me in the place of pray or afterward, things of great worthy and value. Therefore when He decided to grant us great privilege to receive hidden only by asking I know that I must miss the opportunity everyday will be great revelation and I took it with all seriousness and I hope you did too.

Beloveth, the Lord went as far healing and restoring to our bodies and future, let somebody shout Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By divine arrangement is promise is gonna be for a season for those who did not get the understanding from onset the Lord is willing to show you great and mighty things in your life that you need understanding for and for those who has benefited this is an opportunity to maximize the promise Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!

Get into the darkness part of your life and ask God to shine light on it and those things which remain a mystery to your past generation will be open to you and you will receive revelation that will set you on high and set you apart for greater exports. May God help us all in Jesus Name.

Let us discovery more on how to get revelation and insight from God below:


“Understandest thou what thou readest?” Acts 8:30

We should be abler teachers of others, and less liable to be carried about by every wind of doctrine, if we sought to have a more intelligent understanding of the Word of God. As the Holy Ghost, the Author of the Scriptures is He who alone can enlighten us rightly to understand them, we should constantly ask His teaching, and His guidance into all truth.

When the prophet Daniel would interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, what did he do? He set himself to earnest prayer that God would open up the vision. The apostle John, in his vision at Patmos, saw a book sealed with seven seals which none was found worthy to open, or so much as to look upon. The book was afterwards opened by the Lion of the tribe of Judah, who had prevailed to open it; but it is written first—”I wept much.”

The tears of John, which were his liquid prayers, were, so far as he was concerned, the sacred keys by which the folded book was opened. Therefore, if, for your own and others’ profiting, you desire to be “filled with the knowledge of God’s will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding,” remember that prayer is your best means of study: like Daniel, you shall understand the dream, and the interpretation thereof, when you have sought unto God; and like John you shall see the seven seals of precious truth unloosed, after you have wept much.

Stones are not broken, except by an earnest use of the hammer; and the stone-breaker must go down on his knees. Use the hammer of diligence, and let the knee of prayer be exercised, and there is not a stony doctrine in revelation which is useful for you to understand, which will not fly into shivers under the exercise of prayer and faith.

You may force your way through anything with the leverage of prayer. Thoughts and reasonings are like the steel wedges which give a hold upon truth; but prayer is the lever, the prise which forces open the iron chest of sacred mystery, that we may get the treasure hidden within.

Beloveth as we come to the end of this month, we just want to remind us that “prayer” continue to the be the Master Key to all hidden treasure in God kingdom and creation so cease not pray but rather pray always. Don’t leave anything to chance because the result will not be palatable rather seek help from God through prayer as the fervent prayer of righteous man is powerful and prevaileth much. May God help us all in Jesus Name.

Beloveth keep your eyes steady on Jesus and see the salvation of the Lord come upon you Amen!  Pray earnestly for the coming month may the mercy of God rest upon us and may His Spirit reveal to us the mind of God to us in Jesus Name.

Have a wonderful weekend and month end, see you in the new month. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!