My soul doth magnify the Lord and my spirit praise the Lord, for death could not hold Him captive, even in the grave Jesus is Lord, for grave could him captive even in the grace Jesus is Lord. There is power mighty in the blood 2x, there is power mighty in the blood of Jesus Christ, there is power mighty in the blood.

Our Father in heaven, hallow be Thy Name. Thank You Lord for Thy faithfulness that never fail. Your mercies is without end. Your mercies found me out a poor wretched sinner like me, even when satan has done what he knows and think best that he can do, Father, You walked through it, extended Thy hand towards me and pull me from the mire clay and leadeth Thou me out like a good and great Shepherd.

It can only be You Lord that can do this great and mighty thing for me. It is only You that will be kind enough to take out time out of your busy schedule to look for the weak and the feeble amongst Your sheep and take care of them. It is only Lord, it is only You Father. We return to adore You, praise Your Holy Name and worship You, my good and great Shepherd, the only true God.

Beloved, blest be Jesus the lover of my soul, my Protector and my defender from all forces that wants to counter the plans of God in my life and situation. Glory be to Jesus in the highest. Hope you had a nice time in your place of worship yesterday. For me it was an awesome moment, seeing the Spirit of God moving powerfully amidst His people and confirming His word as it was been spoken by His prepared vessel ordained for such moment as that.

The Spirit of God was present to heal and deliver like the days of old. Beloved do I tell sometime, never fail to be in the congregation of God’s people because you will never go the same way you came. Your burden if any, will be dropped, sickness will fly away and afflictions will drop off you when you are in God’s presence, so for those who were not in church last Sunday, that will be the last Sunday you fail to appear in His presence. Praise God.

Beloved, do know that our loving Father is ever thinking about you? His thought towards you is good, He is ever ready to put up the best for you.

In today’s devotional, you will see the loving Jesus working out your salvation with the highest price ever paid. What can satan do to me? Nothing, but like a shadow he will wear off as the light in Christ shines forth from me and combat all its works roundabout me.

Come with me to see that it is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because His compassions fail not, they are new every morning: great is Thy faithfulness and with lovingkindness will He drawn you on to come up hither:

“With lovingkindness have I drawn thee.” Jeremiah 31:3


The thunders of the law and the terrors of judgment are all used to bring us to Christ; but the final victory is effected by lovingkindness. The prodigal set out to his father’s house from a sense of need; but his father saw him a great way off, and ran to meet him; so that the last steps he took towards his father’s house were with the kiss still warm upon his cheek, and the welcome still musical in his ears.

“Law and terrors do but harden

All the while they work alone;

But a sense of blood-bought pardon

Will dissolve a heart of stone.”

The Master came one night to the door, and knocked with the iron hand of the law; the door shook and trembled upon its hinges; but the man piled every piece of furniture which he could find against the door, for he said, “I will not admit the man.” The Master turned away, but by-and-bye He came back, and with His own soft hand, using most that part where the nail had penetrated, He knocked again—oh, so softly and tenderly.

This time the door did not shake, but, strange to say, it opened, and there upon his knees the once unwilling host was found rejoicing to receive his guest. “Come in, come in; thou hast so knocked that my bowels are moved for thee. I could not think of thy pierced hand leaving its blood-mark on my door, and of thy going away houseless, ‘Thy head filled with dew, and thy locks with the drops of the night.’ I yield, I yield, Thy love has won my heart.” So in every case: lovingkindness wins the day.

What Moses with the tablets of stone could never do, Christ does with His pierced hand. Such is the doctrine of effectual calling. Do I understand it experimentally? Can I say, “He drew me, and I followed on, glad to confess the voice divine?” If so, may He continue to draw me, till at last I shall sit down at the marriage supper of the Lamb.

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“Now we have received… the spirit which is of God; that we might know the things that are freely given to us of God.” 1Corinthians 2:12

Dear reader, have you received the spirit which is of God, wrought by the Holy Ghost in your soul? The necessity of the work of the Holy Spirit in the heart may be clearly seen from this fact, that all which has been done by God the Father, and by God the Son, must be ineffectual to us, unless the Spirit shall reveal these things to our souls. What effect does the doctrine of election have upon any man until the Spirit of God enters into him?

Election is a dead letter in my consciousness until the Spirit of God calls me out of darkness into marvellous light. Then through my calling, I see my election, and knowing myself to be called of God, I know myself to have been chosen in the eternal purpose. A covenant was made with the Lord Jesus Christ, by His Father; but what avails that covenant to us until the Holy Spirit brings us its blessings, and opens our hearts to receive them?

There hang the blessings on the nail—Christ Jesus; but being short of stature, we cannot reach them; the Spirit of God takes them down and hands them to us, and thus they become actually ours. Covenant blessings in themselves are like the manna in the skies, far out of mortal reach, but the spirit of God opens the windows of heaven and scatters the living bread around the camp of the spiritual Israel.

Christ’s finished work is like wine stored in the wine-vat; through unbelief we can neither draw nor drink. The Holy Spirit dips our vessel into this precious wine, and then we drink; but without the Spirit we are as truly dead in sin as though the Father never had elected, and though the Son had never bought us with His blood.

The Holy Spirit is absolutely necessary to our well-being. Let us walk lovingly towards Him and tremble at the thought of grieving Him.

Beloved, did you read through this devotion with understanding? Did you discover that truly your blessedness through Christ is a done deal right from the foundation of earth but you can only enter into it through the help of the Holy Spirit having accepted Christ as your Lord and personal Saviour?

If you yet to enter into this month theme as foretold us by the Spirit of God. You have this week to do so because God is out to fulfill His promise to us and have you receive your portion in Christ as we move on through the year. You will not miss any of your allotment in Jesus Name.

Beloved, take no recess but fully engage yourself in the things of God and see yourself changing levels in grand styles in Jesus Name! See His manifold blessings being pour out on you as you part take in kingdom business.

This week is declared blessed in the Name of the Lord. You will Jesus manifesting His power and glory in that situation in Jesus Name. I see the hand of God perfecting all that concerns you in that situation you have found yourself, fret not, for the like the good and great Shepherd He will lead you form that troubled zone to His still waters. Praise the Lord.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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