You are the Lord that is Your Name…You will not share Your glory with anybody…You will never share glory with anybody…Almighty God…That is Your Name!!!// I will exalt You Lord…for Thou has lifted me above my enemies… Your banner over me is love….

Our Father we thank You..We bless Your Holy Name… We are adore You… we give You Praise…we worship You… alleluia to Your Holy Name Father… be Thou exalted forever and ever Amen!!!

We are here again to give You worship… Who can be compare with Thee…Father in heaven nobody!!! Therefore we bow and worship You in Jesus Name…. Father as we pray today…give us utterance, may our prayers come up to our Throne this day as a sweet smelling savor in Jesus Name….

Beloveth… how are doing today? Is another prayer time… are set to blast your heaven open? Yes! Prayer is the language of heaven…Is the melody that soften the Lord’s Ear and move His Hand to be gracious unto thee. So when you pray… you do that with uttermost sense of responsibility… You pray as if everything depends on your prayer… Why! You are simply engaging heaven demonstrating your weakness and your trust in God Who is above all… Praise the Lord.

Through prayer beloveth, the mind of Christ is reveal to us… He brings us into His plan of salvation and uses us to save others… Are you ready to pray…your way through in this new month? … Our month of deliverance through the Blood of Jesus? If you are, then the Holy Spirit is here already to help you to pray because His Father knows all your needs… did that shock you?

Beloveth, He does… Is possible you think that God has forgotten you…, He has more important thing to do than to be watching over you… your target for the year has not scratch and the year is already in the eight month… hummmm Jesus has a better plan for you… even that your need or plan … He can accomplish it within 24hrs… someone like Sarah has chuckle … not to worry, God…is more than able… How? He is the God of all world…(Ps 24:1).

To clear your doubt we have a biblical account of one who Jesus intercepted and delivered her from claws of satan… He give her water that will last her for a life time…

The God of New Beginnings… is here to take care of that which maketh thee to be afraid and doubt God…

She has no idea who she was going to meet that day, and how He would change her life. she had been married five times and was now living with someone not her husband.

Perhaps (as some Bible scholars surmised) she drew water at noontime because no one else drew water at this time. perhaps she was not an acceptable member of the community.. perhaps because of her moral choices, she was an out cast. Definitely, as a Samaritan woman, she did not expect Jesus to speak to her that day- nor to even ask her for a drink. She pointed it out herself: “You are a Jew, and I am a Samaritan woman. Why are you asking me for a drink?

She knew her “place”. But Jesus knew what He was doing; it was His greatest joy- like food to an empty stomach. He knew who she was, and He knew what and who she needed. Yes, He asked her for a drink, human and tried as He was from walking under a sweltering heat. But then He offered her Living Water, so she would never thirst again. Her life showed how much she needed for her longings to be filled, for her heart to find its home. And here He was – her Messiah, her home.

Leaving her water jar beside the well, the water jar she used to fill her thirst, she ran back to the village to tell the villagers about the man who told her everything she ever did, and asked the question that would make everyone find out for themselves. Could He possibly be the Messiah?” (v.29) Many Samaritans believed in Jesus because of what she said (vv. 39-42). When Jesus showed her what she done and offered her a life in which she would not thirst again, He turned her life upside down.

She was forgiven, felt graced, and given a new lease on life. She basked in the good news of grace and run to everyone she knew because of the new life she received, and many found life themselves. Her new beginning gave others their new beginning. This was Christ’s joy.

Question to ponder: 1. One might say that the woman’s water jar represented her attempts to fill her heart with the love of men. But that never truly satisfy the deep longings of her heart. How about you? What do you fill your water jar with? How well has it satisfied your heart?

  1. Jesus offered the Samaritan woman what would truly satisfy her heart: Himself. He knew her sin and offered her what would truly give her life. Jesus offers the same to you. He knows you and the life that does not truly satisfy, and offers you Himself- The Living water. Would you like to receive this gift of Living Water and experience New Beginning in your life? He has promised also to deliver you through the Blood of Jesus will surrender all to Him?

Don’t be like them, because your Father knows the things you need before you ask Him.—Matthew 6:8

Even before we call on Him, the Father has already begun to provide all that we need (Isa. 65:24). Jesus wanted His disciples to learn how intimately God knew and loved each of them. That is why He told them to pray. He assured them that even before they prayed, God knew all about their situation.

Prayer is not designed for us to inform God of our needs, for He already knows them. Why, then, should we pray? Prayer enables us to experience God more intimately. The more a child experiences the loving provision of a parent, the more convinced he becomes of his parent’s unrelenting love. Often a parent will anticipate a child’s need before the child recognizes it and be prepared in advance to provide for that need. Our heavenly Father knows exactly what we will face today and next week. He is eager for us to experience Him as He provides for us.

To our surprise, we often discover that God knows far better than we do what is best for us. At times we assume that we know what would benefit us. We can even be foolish enough to assume that we don’t require anything of God. Yet God wants us to go to Him in our need (Matt. 7:7).

He is ready to show His strength through our weakness. Our heavenly Father knows exactly what is best for us, and He is prepared to provide for every need, if we will but ask (Phil. 4:13).

Beloveth…though your heavenly Father knows everything… He still wants you to ask… so if you are ready to ask believing that God is able to do it… than your answers will be delivered … the woman at the well had a new beginning and she became an evangelist…. What will you give back in return if God grant your request?

Considering that God knows all your need, will you offer every perceived need back to Him?

Our Father in heaven with grace and mercy look upon us today and help us… lift us from pit and make us to sit with princesses in Jesus Name… Hear us as we pray in Jesus Name…

Let us pray….

Further Reading: 1Jn.2:17, Matt.9:28, Lk18:1, Heb 3:4. 2Cor.5:21, Ps 96:9, Gen 21:2.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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