Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! Who is like unto Thee O! Lord! among the God’s Who is like Thee You are glorious in holiness fearful in praising doing Wonders alleluia!!!// Who is wonderful is Jesus! Who is marvelous is Jesus! Who is Precious, is Jesus! Who is Powerful, is Jesus! Shout alleluia! alleluia!!! Shout alleluia!!!

Our Father we shout alleluia, sing alleluia, shout alleluia Amen!!! We shout alleluia, sing alleluia, shout alleluia Amen!!! what a faithful we have, Everlasting is His Name! Wonderful Jehovah, we worship You! we adore Thee, we give Thee Praise! Who is like unto Thee! Great is Thy faithfulness, alleluia to the King of kings, the Lord of lords, the Ancient One, The Beginning and The End! Praise the Name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, Praise the Living Jesus!!! Alleluia!!! is only the Living that can praise  the Lord. Therefore join us today to worship and adore the One Who is come again and take us along with Him to the Mansion which He had prepared for us! Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!! Alleluia!!!!

Are you excited that we have the privilege to pray and receive answers to your prayers? Yes oooo I am so excited that I am severing a Living God! Who works in the midst of His people blessing, healing, delivering, and making Whole as many as sick, diseased and need the touch of God, Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!

(Song) Is going to be great today, Jesus Christ is already here, Holy Ghost is already here. Ohhhh is going to be great today, Jesus Christ is already here, Holy Ghost is already here!

In today’s text we see that it is only the earnest seekers that found Jesus. Are you earnestly seeking the Lord Jesus, don’t be move even in that desperate situations for you will be found by Him. How? Someone want to know; wait you will discover soon. We believe that this will encourage you in your relationship with God, Amen!!!

But before we go into that we will be considering the three general in the past that made prayer a bedrock and did not fail.

Listen to the story and apply it to our prayer life.

Why don’t you wear shoes?

A man came to a city. He notices that no one in the city wore shoes. Everyone was barefoot.

One day, the man decided to ask one of the residents there why they didn’t were shoes.

I am sorry, but do you know about shoes? The man asked one of the residents of the city.

“Yes, of course.” Answered the man. “Then, do you know the use of shoes for your feet?” “of course.” Answered the man. “Then why don’t you wear shoes?” asked the man once more in confusion.

“Ah… that question…” said the man “why don’t we wear shoes? Why don’t we wear shoes?” the next day after breakfast the man walked on the snowy road. Despite the snowy streets, everyone he met on the streets was barefoot. So he asked another man about it and explained that shoes would protect his feet from cold.

The man said, “we know about shoes. You see the building there? It is a shoe factory. We are very proud of the building and every week we gather there to hear the man in charge of the factory to tell us everything about shoes and about how extraordinary those shoes are.”

“Then why don’t you wear shoes?” “Ah… that question again.” said the man.

Don’t we also believe in prayer? Don’t we know the meaning of prayer in our lives? Then why don’t we pray? Ah… that question… Why don’t we pray?


Prayer is an extraordinary power available for our lives. How important is prayer for our lives? We must not neglect the important of prayers in our lives, because prayer can change everything in our lives.

Don’t just pray if you feel like it. Make a covenant with God and keep the promise. Someone will be full of power while he/she is kneeling (Corrie Ten Boom).

Beloveth, are you here with me, why don’t we pray, in spite the fact we know that prayer is power, is key and a mover, why don’t we prayer or fellowship with Christ in spite of all we know about fellowship with Him?

The woman in our text story today demonstrated strong and earnest seeking of our Lord Jesus. she refuse the take no as an answer, she stood there until Jesus revel Himself to her. She became the carry of the Lord’s news because she persisted and stood in that difficult situation until Jesus showed up.

What an encouragement to me and many of us this moment to learn to pray, study the Word, seek earnestly for Jesus until He come to our rescue. Till he show up in that situation(s), till we receive answer to our prayer.

Come along for more.

“As it began to dawn, came Magdalene, to see the sepulchre.” Matthew 28:1

Let us learn from Mary Magdalene how to obtain fellowship with the Lord Jesus. Notice how she sought. She sought the Saviour very early in the morning. If thou canst wait for Christ, and be patient in the hope of having fellowship with Him at some distant season, thou wilt never have fellowship at all; for the heart that is fitted for communion is a hungering and a thirsting heart.

She sought Him also with very great boldness. Other disciples fled from the sepulchre, for they trembled and were amazed; but Mary, it is said, “stood” at the sepulchre. If you would have Christ with you, seek Him boldly. Let nothing hold you back. Defy the world. Press on where others flee.

She sought Christ faithfully—she stood at the sepulchre. Some find it hard to stand by a living Saviour, but she stood by a dead one. Let us seek Christ after this mode, cleaving to the very least thing that has to do with Him, remaining faithful though all others should forsake Him.

Note further, she sought Jesus earnestly—she stood “weeping.” Those tear-droppings were as spells that led the Saviour captive, and made Him come forth and show Himself to her. If you desire Jesus’ presence, weep after it! If you cannot be happy unless He come and say to you, “Thou art My beloved,” you will soon hear His voice.

Lastly, she sought the Saviour only. What cared she for angels, she turned herself back from them; her search was only for her Lord. If Christ be your one and only love, if your heart has cast out all rivals, you will not long lack the comfort of His presence.

Mary Magdalene sought thus because she loved much. Let us arouse ourselves to the same intensity of affection; let our heart, like Mary’s, be full of Christ, and our love, like hers, will be satisfied with nothing short of Himself.

O Lord, reveal Thyself to us this today!

Beloveth, did you see that the woman in question stood with the dead Jesus when others are ready to leave the Living Jesus? let us by the risen of this teaching as God to reveal himself to us as He give us the power to pray. May we not be weary in the place of pray, nor give up but let us be encourage and hold strong to the faith that is Christ Jesus only Amen!!!

Let us read Ps. 28:7.

Let us pray!!!

Father answer our prayer and make us Holy and acceptable sacrifice to you alone Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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