You are the Lord that is Your Name… You will never share Your glory with any one… You will never share Your glory with anybody,… Almighty God that is your Name…// You are the reason am happy… You are reason I am happy.. You are the reason am happy….

Our Father we Thank You we bless Your Holy Name… We adore Thee… we give You praises…  we adore our Most High God… Let the heavens rejoice… and the earth glad…  The Lord God reigns….

Our Father Thank You for the gift life… and the new week… Thank You for being there for us.. Father we worship You, be Thou exalted O! Lord…. forever and ever Amen!!!

Beloveth is a brand new week… our God is able… to do what He says He will do… therefore we rejoice at what He is about to do in our life and situation…. This week gonna be a special week to us… Glory Alleluia…

Beloveth we receive from the Lord a Word that this is our month “Manifold Blessings”…

And we will be considering topic “Blessing In The City”

In the book of Deuteronomy chapter 28 from verse 1 to 13 are full of God’s promises for His people…

Our topic today is blessing in the city… verse 3…. A blessing with a condition attached to it…” let go through it again… blessed shall Thou be in the city when you hearken unto the voice of the Lord Thy God…”

Beloveth… obedience brings blessings… beloveth… Are you ready to be blessed according to God’s word to us… then be ready to obey every command from our Father…

When God gives us an instruction all He wants from us is obedience… Alleluia…

Because He knows the end from the beginning…. Alleluia!!!

beloveth…. though the city might its own challenges but with God in it… we are good to go… beloveth… The Lord has given us His Word… but we must be careful to observe and do all is wanted of us… Alleluia!!!

Join us as we sing…. The Lord will bless someone today… The Lord will bless someone today … It may be You… It me… it may be someone by my side… It may be you, it may be I… It may be someone by my side….. Alleluia.

Come along with us for more:

Blessing In the City

“If thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God, blessed shalt thou be in the city.” Deut. 28:2, 3

The city is full of care, and he who has to go there from day to day finds it to be a place of great wear and tear. It is full of noise, and stir, and bustle, and sore travail: many are its temptations, losses, and worries. But to go there with the divine blessing takes off the edge of its difficulty; to remain there with that blessing is to find pleasure in its duties, and strength equal to its demands.

A blessing in the city may not make us great, but it will keep us good; it may not make us rich, but it will preserve us honest. Whether we are porters, or clerks, or managers, or merchants, or magistrates, the city will afford us opportunities for usefulness. It is good fishing where there are shoals of fish, and it is hopeful to work for our Lord amid the thronging crowds. We might prefer the quiet of a country life; but if called to town, we may certainly prefer it because there is room for our energies.

Today let us expect good things because of this promise, and let our care be to have an open ear to the voice of the Lord, and a ready hand to execute His bidding. Obedience brings the blessing. “In keeping his commandments there is great reward.”

Beloveth… we go into the week knowing that all shall be well with us… but we must obey Him who deserved it all from us … Alleluia…. An obedience to God is our fortune… Praise the Lord… Alleluia… somebody…

By the special Grace of God we shall receive all promises of God as stated in Deut. 28:1-13… that our portion in Jesus Name…. we receive of the Lord His Manifold blessings Alleluia Amen …

On this note beloveth… this week is declared open and blessed and by the Grace of God we will return with greater testimonies in Jesus Name…

Further Reading- Ps.124:8, Isa.61:7, Phil.1:21, Ps.30:5, Col.3:2, Isa.48:17,

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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