He is alive forever… He is alive… My Jesus is alive forever He is alive Amen…x2… You are the Lord that is Your Name… You will never share Your Glory with anyone… You will never share Glory with anybody… Almighty God that is Your Name…

Our Father we Thank You, we bless Your Holy Name… we are adore Thee, we give You praises, all Glory belongs to You… Ancient of Days… You are Mighty man in battle… Alleluia Jesus…

What a Mighty God we serve… Alleluia…x2 Heaven and earth adore Thee… Angels bow before Thee… What a Mighty God we serve… Alleluia…

Beloveth… whom the Lord has blessed no man can cause… Yes… when the Lord said you are blessed who can call you barren… Praise the Name of the Lord.

One of the ways the devil perpetuate its works in people’s life is through fear… You suddenly feel like you are gonna die… The sickness suddenly took a different dimension, The financial state got worst… Suddenly the job stopped…. Suddenly the accident occurred… Suddenly the man die…

Beloveth these are all tragedy that can strike a man from no way, unexpectedly, but the Lord is our Refuge and our Fortress…

Who can say a thing when the Lord has not spoke or who can upturn what God has said or done…. Nobody…

So when the Lord declared to us that this is our month of “Manifold Blessings”… Is either you agree with it and run ahead or you disagree with it and quack with it… either way… God has given His Own stand and nothing can stop or hinder it… Praise the Lord

God has the ultimate powers in heaven and on earth… And His Word is final and nothing can change it… Praise the Name of the Lord…

Beloveth, what are those things that brings fear into your heart…. What are those impossible situations that makes your head to spin… Tell satan he is a liar… Recite Num.23:23 to him… Tell Him also no one can curse whom God has blessed… For in God there is no impossibility….

Alleluia somebody!!!!

The Lord will give us something good… for His thoughts towards us is good and not evil… Praise the Name of the Lord…

Fear hinders blessings beloveth… therefore hold firm the promises of the Lord and see satan (fear) falling down like lightening… Alleluia!!! somebody….

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God Routs Fear

“Surely there is no enchantment against Jacob, neither is there any divination against Israel.” Num. 23:23

How this should cut up root and branch all silly, superstitious fears! Even if there were any truth in witchcraft and omens, they could not affect the people of the Lord. Those whom God blesses, devils cannot curse.

Ungodly men, like Balaam, may cunningly plot the overthrow of the Lord’s Israel; but with all their secrecy and policy they are doomed to fail.

Their powder is damp, the edge of their sword is blunted. They gather together; but as the Lord is not with them, they gather together in vain. We may sit still, and let them weave their nets, for we shall not be taken in them.

Though they call in the aid of Beelzebub, and employ all his serpentine craft, it will avail them nothing: the spells will not work, the divination will deceive them.

What a blessing this is! How it quiets the heart! God’s Jacobs wrestle with God, but none shall wrestle with them and prevail. God’s Israels have power with God and prevail, but none shall have power to prevail against them.

We need not fear the fiend himself, nor any of those secret enemies whose words are full of deceit and whose plans are deep and unfathomable. They cannot hurt those who trust in the living God. We defy the devil and all his legions.

Amen!…. Amen!! Amen!!!…. Alleluia! Alleluia!! Alleluia…. and so shall it be in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!

Further Reading- 2Cor.4:7, Ps.84:11, Rom.8;31, 2Cor.5:20-21, Phil.4:4, Prov.20:22, Zeph.1:7, Ps.16:11, Isa.35:6.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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