Who has the final say, Jehovah has the final say! Who has the final say, Jehovah has the final say, Jehovah turns my life around! Jehovah turns my life around, He makes a way where there seems no way Jehovah has the final say! O! He makes a way where there seems no way, Jehovah has the final say!// Come Praise the Lord (come Praise the Lord) all the servants of the Lord! Who stands by night in the house of the Lord! Lift up your voice in the Holy place come and Praise the Lord! Come and Praise the Lord, come and Praise the Lord come and Praise the Lord!

Father we thank You we praise Your Holy Name, adoration to Your Holy Name! You are God! You are just Big, You are not large, You are a Great God! Blessed be Thy Holy Name! Thank You Father for the gift of another week, thank You Father for You will yet prove Yourself worthy of our Praise! Alleluia to Your Holy Name!

Come O Lord and fill this place! (Come O Lord! and fill this place) Lord we want to see your face (Lord we want to see your face), Lord we want to know the power of glory, come o Lord and fill this place..

Beloved, good morning, how are doing? Hope your weekend was great? Were you go to church yesterday? Wow! I went to physical church yesterday after four months, is was great and exciting for me. Beloved it is great and good to be in the Presence of God. Wondering why you did go, hope is not the fear of the virus.

If you can go to work and go to market and you were not infected. I bet you, you will not be infected in the house of God. When you come to God presence beloveth you will not go back the same way, you will go in peace with the joy of the Lord and not with virus.

Do allow fear to keep you away from God’s presence rather do the needful, don’t be careless, do not tempt your God but trust Him and it shall be well with you in Jesus Name!

Beloved, let us appreciate God for a brand new week! Is gonna be good and devil will not hinder us in Jesus Name.

Jesus is our hope and our life. Something dropped in my heart yesterday when the man of God was preaching during the service. Beloveth, do you know that there is a difference between productivity and fruitfulness?

And that really struck me. Do you know that you can be productive but yet not fruitful? And Jesus commanded us to be fruitful (Matt 21:18-19). Mark account told us it was not yet time for the fig tree to bear fruit still the tree was caused (Mk 11:12-14).

Beloveth, I don’t know what you case is like but I know that love covereth all things. The love of God will locate us to favour us according to his Word for us. Is possible things are dying in your hands before now, hear the Word of God, it will henceforth cease to be in Jesus Name.

In Exo 23:25-26 we were commanded to serve the Lord and in turn the Lord will bless our bread and water, he will take away sickness away from us, we shall no longer cast our young neither will our land be barren, and we shall fulfill the number of our days in the land He has given to us, alleluia amen!

In verse 27: the Lord said He will send fear against our enemies; He will make them to turn their back unto us. Praise the Lord!

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. In whatsoever, He is our life and our sure Hope. Get up from you are and lift up your eyes unto the Lord and see His light radiate upon you. He will lift up His Countenance upon you and you bear much fruit in Jesus Name.

Every fruitlessness cease now in Jesus Name. The Lord will favour us and grant us fruitfulness in the land He placed us in Jesus Name! (Home, business, career or profession). The Lord will bless you from this day forward.

Beloved what do you want to see, speak into that situation and command fruitfulness upon it now in Jesus Name!

Come on for more:

“Christ, who is our life.” Colossians 3:4

Paul’s marvellously rich expression indicates, that Christ is the source of our life. “You hath He quickened who were dead in trespasses and sins.” That same voice which brought Lazarus out of the tomb raised us to newness of life. He is now the substance of our spiritual life. It is by His life that we live; He is in us, the hope of glory, the spring of our actions, the central thought which moves every other thought.

Christ is the sustenance of our life. What can the Christian feed upon but Jesus’ flesh and blood? “This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die.” O wayworn pilgrims in this wilderness of sin, you never get a morsel to satisfy the hunger of your spirits, except ye find it in Him!

Christ is the solace of our life. All our true joys come from Him; and in times of trouble, His presence is our consolation. There is nothing worth living for but Him; and His lovingkindness is better than life!

Christ is the object of our life. As speeds the ship towards the port, so hastes the believer towards the haven of his Saviour’s bosom. As flies the arrow to its goal, so flies the Christian towards the perfecting of his fellowship with Christ Jesus. As the soldier fights for his captain, and is crowned in his captain’s victory, so the believer contends for Christ, and gets his triumph out of the triumphs of his Master. “For him to live is Christ.”

Christ is the exemplar of our life. Where there is the same life within, there will, there must be, to a great extent, the same developments without; and if we live in near fellowship with the Lord Jesus we shall grow like Him. We shall set Him before us as our Divine copy, and we shall seek to tread in His footsteps, until He shall become the crown of our life in glory.

Oh! how safe, how honoured, how happy is the Christian, since Christ is our life!

Beloveth if you are with me am sure you are comforted? Christ is our all in all, He is everything. He will help us, He will guide us, our hope rest on Him, He is truly our glory and His light is our light. Praise the Lord!

Beloveth, nothing will die in our hands again in Jesus Name. The Lord will open the flood gate of heaven and let it rain. He will visit us and make that ugly situation beautiful in Jesus Name.

He’s not done with you yet dearly beloved, watch out for your “later glory” will be better than the “former” in Jesus Name.

On this note we declare this week open and we will go in the strength of the Lord and return at the end will multiple testimonies in Jesus Name!

Arise and shine forth for the glory of the Lord is risen upon you. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord!

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