Glory be to the Lord alleluia! Glory be to the Lord alleluia! Glory be to the Lord alleluia! Glory be to the Lord alleluia! I will shout alleluia, alleluia, alleluia ehhhhhhh, Praise the Lord Alleluia! Lift Him up alleluia! Praise the Lord Alleluia! Lift Him up alleluia! I will shout alleluia! alleluia! alleluia! Alleluia ehhhhhhh, I will shout alleluia, alleluia, alleluia, ehhhhhhh!// We bow down and worship Yahweh!!! We bow down and worship Yahweh!!! Yahweh!!! Yahweh!!! Yahweh!!!!, Yahweh! Yahweh! Yahweh! Yahweh!!!!!!!!

Father, we bow down and worship Yahweh! Thank You for the gift of another week! You are faithful Yes! You are Holy one! We walked upon the sea! You raise the death! You reign in Majesty Mighty One, everything written about You is great! You are great! Lord You are Great! You are great! Ohhh You are great! You are great Yes! You are You are great! Everything written about You is great!!!

Thank You foe a wonderful time in Your Presence all through the week, thank You for watching and guiding us from all evil! Great are You are Lord! Great are You Lord! Great are You Lord! You are great Lord! As we sit at Your feet to be taught of you, show us mercy! Show us Kindness, let Your love flow down our veins in Jesus Name!

Beloved, glory be to Jesus in the highest; and peace to men of goodwill. May our Father be Praise forever and ever in Jesus Name! thank God for arising in his Majesty and showing forth His glory! thank God that He has not fail in the past, He will not fail us and will never fail us. Thank God because His love standeth sure and His promise will never end, glory alleluia in Jesus Name!

Beloveth, do you know your God? If you know your God then you shall be strong. In our text for today, it says “the people that know their God shall be strong; and they shall do exploits. Are you strong? Let us read that verse from beginning- Dan 11:32 “And such as do wickedly against the covenant shall be pervert by flatteries; but the people that know their God shall be strong.”  Praise the Lord!

The question is how well do you know your God? Our emphasis has been on reading the scriptures and meditating therein. But we must not negate testimonies and our daily encounters. We you listen to testimonies shared by brethren, it encourages you and make you stand firm in the place where you. It helps you to look at a situation and say I know my God is able to deliver and to make whole.

When I consider the book of Daniel, I see favour at work. God favoured Daniel and the three famous Hebrew boys- Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego. These once know their God and that is why they were able to stand. Hear whattheysayinDan3:17 –  “If it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace; and he will deliver us out of thy hand, O king. (ASV). They know that their God is an able God and will deliver them. And that knowledge help them in the time of need.  How did they know let us to Dan chapter 1 from verse 8 they took a decision not to defile themselves. And am sure God was please with them read verse 9 to17.  Praise the Lord!

Beloveth, it was God’s favour that brought them to be appointed as we saw in chapter 1 verse 18, then chapter 2 verse 48-49.  Beloveth, we have something to take away from here, – when King Nebuchadnezzar appointed Daniel, Daniel made a request to the King – he appointed his brothers to run the affairs of the province of Babylon.

Is that what happens in our world today? He did not see himself as blessed and expect his other brothers to come and be eating from his table, rather he gave them opportunity to showcase God, since they know and serve the living God too, of course they will showcase God in their various province (their places of influence).  Glory be to Jesus! Child of God is that your case too. Do you make other rise and shine or want them to be bowing down to worship you because you are better than they are, even when you know they have the same potentials as you? How do we then preach Jesus? May God help us in Jesus Name!

How well do you know God? What knowledge or understanding do you have to run the race set before you? You cannot exist in vacuum, you must fill/feed your spirit man with the Word of God and then it shall be well with you when you are confronted with cares and situations of this world. Praise the Lord! Alleluia!!!!!!

Beloved, search through the book of life and you will encounter the Living God. because they know their God they were not afraid of the King threat, neither where they afraid of the evil gang up against them. God showed up and they were delivered from the burning furnace and Daniel was delivered from the lion’s Den. Praise the Lord!

Knowledge is power, do you believe it? What you know is what put you on top. How well are you placing yourself in your field? Do you want to be favoured then come along for more:

“The people that do know their God shall be strong.” Daniel 11:32

Every believer understands that to know God is the highest and best form of knowledge; and this spiritual knowledge is a source of strength to the Christian. It strengthens his faith. Believers are constantly spoken of in the Scriptures as being persons who are enlightened and taught of the Lord; they are said to “have an unction from the Holy One,” and it is the Spirit’s peculiar office to lead them into all truth, and all this for the increase and the fostering of their faith.

Knowledge strengthens love, as well as faith. Knowledge opens the door, and then through that door we see our Saviour. Or, to use another similitude, knowledge paints the portrait of Jesus, and when we see that portrait then we love Him, we cannot love a Christ whom we do not know, at least, in some degree. If we know but little of the excellences of Jesus, what He has done for us, and what He is doing now, we cannot love Him much; but the more we know Him, the more we shall love Him.

Knowledge also strengthens hope. How can we hope for a thing if we do not know of its existence? Hope may be the telescope, but till we receive instruction, our ignorance stands in the front of the glass, and we can see nothing whatever; knowledge removes the interposing object, and when we look through the bright optic glass we discern the glory to be revealed, and anticipate it with joyous confidence.

Knowledge supplies us reasons for patience. How shall we have patience unless we know something of the sympathy of Christ, and understand the good which is to come out of the correction which our heavenly Father sends us? Nor is there one single grace of the Christian which, under God, will not be fostered and brought to perfection by holy knowledge. How important, then, is it that we should grow not only in grace, but in the “knowledge” of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Beloved, did read that “you need not only grow in grace but also in knowledge of God, His Son our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.” It is so important so that you will be able to guide your spirit into all truth. Alleluia Amen. Did you also read all the virtues knowledge will bring your way?

Our God has given us His Word and He is able to perform it without your counsel, your help or suggestion. Ask Him to lead you  into all the truth, let the knowledge of Him guide your path. Hold Him firm always and it shall be well with you. Praise the Lord!

Do you lack wisdom on all to go about it ask God and he will show you (Jas 1:5) and great shall be your peace (Ps 119:165)

Remain blessed in the Lord

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