Only You I will serve Mighty Jehovah, only You I will serve I have no other God. I only You I will I will serve the Lion of Judah, only You I will serve I have no other God.// thank You Lord, thank You Lord for everything You have done in my life , thank You thank You Lord, thank You Lord thank You Lord for everything You have done.

Our Father in heaven we lift up Your Name, we exalt You forever, we magnify Your Holy Name, we give You Praise adoration to Your Name, who seated in the heavens and the earth is Your footstool. Blessed be Thou Name forever and ever. I will worship You forever, I will honour Your Holy Name, I will exalt You forever for in You is my righteousness, heaven and earth might pass away but Your Word will remain, glory be to Your Name alleluia amen.

Beloved, how excellent is our God, how Wonderful is His Name. He walks upon the waters and at the sounds of heel mountain and hills skip, the ocean divide at the touch of His feet O! even the dead raise from the sound of voice, at His heaven and earth stand still, kings worship at His presence, what a Wonderful God we serve. He reigneth forever more. Praise the Name of the Lord.

We are together again just Praising the Lord! We are together again in one accord, something God is already happening, something great in this place, we are together again, (we are together again) just Praising the Lord, (just Praising the Lord).

He has promise He will never fail, I will follow Him, I will follow Him, He has promised, He will never fail, His faithfulness is forever more, His faithfulness is forever more. Lord I stand on Your Word, Your promise standeth sure, I believe You Lord that which You covenanted with us even in this ministry will come to past in Jesus Name.

You did not fail Abraham, You uphold Your promises even to David and up until Christ, You will uphold that which You promised us to our generation yet unborn if Jesus tarries in Jesus Name. No matter what might come our way, we know You are able to do it. Help us O Lord to stand and stand firm in Your Name in Jesus Name.

Beloved, what the Lord is saying to at this time He is able to bring it to past. Is possible you don’t even know how it will ever be possible, know that He is God and His mercies enduerth to all ages therefore He will arise and mercy unto Zion for the time to favour her is now, yes the set time is now.

Are afraid of what will become of you and your children, hold firm and stand still and you will see the salvation of the Lord come to past in your life. Is your business not thriving as you want it to be, behold the God of Abraham is still alive. Is sickness ravishing your mortal bodies, behold He comes quickly and He will make you whole once again. Are the enemies pursuing you and obstructing your way to success, behold the voice of God saying “I will make a way” even in the wilderness, I will give you fresh water and wine to refresh your Spirit. (Isa 54:6-8, 10; Isa 48:17; Isa 43:19; 49:11)

Today’s ministration is here to encourage us once again to posses our possession in the Lord. do not let satan hinder you with fear stand up and get going the Lord will perfect all that concerneth you. in your weakness He is strong so “fear not, trust in God, and your victory is sure.” Amen !!!  Come along with us as you discover more;


1 Chronicles 27:1-28:21, Psalm 87:1-7, Proverbs 18:16-17, Acts 20:22-21:6

Deliverance from Fear

Be strong and courageous …. Don’t be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord God, my God, is with you.—1 Chronicles 28:20

If we are to have feet like “hinds’ feet,” we must ask God to rid our hearts of all and every fear. I am convinced that perhaps millions of Christians are held back from pursuing God by fear.

Not all fears are harmful. When fear is spelled with a small “f,” it can have useful, biological ends. It makes the frightened deer alert and fleet of foot; it makes the surgeon skillful, for he sees the dangers that beset him if he does the wrong thing. Fear harnessed to constructive ends may be constructive. When we use fear and control it, then it is good.

But when fear uses and controls us, it is bad. When fear becomes Fear with a capital “F,” it becomes fearsome. I am sure that you have known times, as I have, when God beckons to you, as He did with John in the Revelation, to “Come up here” (Rv 4:1), only to find that as your mind got ready to begin the journey, your heart suddenly became gripped with fear. You wanted to move upward, but your progress was halted because you could not mount “with all four feet.”

Overcoming fear ought to be one of our greatest objectives. The first spoken word of Luke’s Gospel was the voice of the angel: “Do not be afraid” (Lk 1:13). The first word of Jesus after His resurrection was: “Do not be afraid” (Mt 28:10). Between that first word and the last, the constant endeavor of Jesus was to help us get rid of fear. We must learn His secret.


O God, give me deliverance from every harmful and unproductive fear. I know this is a prayer that You delight to answer, for You have fashioned me for faith, not for fear. Help me, then, to surrender to what I am made for. Amen.

Further Study

1Ch 28:20; Mt 14:22-33; 17:1-8

What caused Peter to sink?

What did Jesus say to the disciples on the mountain?

Beloved, are held bound with fear, come out the Spirit of God is saying to you. don’t let that situation hold you bound any longer. Don’t let the voice of satan and his cohorts discourages you. hold to God, He will surely do that which He had promise you. so be firm in your resolve to make it and be what God had ordained you to be from the beginning.

Beloved, are still doubtful? Is your faith still wavering? Hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you today “Be strong and courageous” I will help you (Isa 41:10-20).!

Praise the Lord!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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