What a Mighty God we serve, heaven and earth adore Him, angels bow before Him, what a Mighty God we serve. Holy, Most Holy is the Lord! x3 Holy, Most Holy is the Lord! Is the Lord, Most High!

Our God is the Most High God and Faithful are You Lord! Thank You for the successful ending of this week, be glorify forever and ever. Have Your way in our lives and situation in Jesus Name.

Beloved, look like we had a series this week, almost all the message is pointing towards ‘salvation’. Having been ‘born again’ how comfortable are you when you are among sinners or when you fall into sin?

Do you regard it as one of those things or do you quickly reconcile back to God having miss the mark. When we get born again, we are not expected to carry on our life as usual. We are supposed to be uncomfortable before sin, we are no longer to conform to the standard of the world but to stand out from among them.

The Word of God said that we should come out among them, beloved, come out among them is the command given to us, if we must maintain our fervency in the Lord, We must come out among them. We must stand out for truth, honesty, good works, and good deeds. Sounded same but never same.

How do you come out and stand firm one may be interested to know. We must constantly search the scripture, study and meditate therein what we read and ask for grace to be doers of same not hearers only (Jas 1:22).

Beloved, God can never prosper iniquity. It might look as if a sinner is progressing but it is for awhile, for it will wither before long. God help my soul. If we must experience ‘Supernatural Abundance’ as promised by God, we must repent of all our sins, get born again and maintain our new status in the Lord Jesus.

Let us not be complacent rather let us make effort to be upright before Him, Who is our Creator:


“Even thou wast as one of them.” Obadiah 1:11


Brotherly kindness was due from Edom to Israel in the time of need, but instead thereof, the men of Esau made common cause with Israel’s foes. Special stress in the sentence before us is laid upon the word thou; as when Caesar cried to Brutus, “and thou Brutus”; a bad action may be all the worse, because of the person who has committed it.

When we sin, who are the chosen favorites of heaven, we sin with an emphasis; ours is a crying offence, because we are so peculiarly indulged. If an angel should lay his hand upon us when we are doing evil, he need not use any other rebuke than the question, “What thou? What dost thou here?” Much forgiven, much delivered, much instructed, much enriched, much blessed, shall we dare to put forth our hand unto evil? God forbid!

A few minutes of confession may be beneficial to thee, gentle reader, this morning. Hast thou never been as the wicked? At an evening party certain men laughed at uncleanness, and the joke was not altogether offensive to thine ear, even thou wast as one of them. When hard things were spoken concerning the ways of God, thou wast bashfully silent; and so, to on-lookers, thou wast as one of them.

When worldlings were bartering in the market, and driving hard bargains, wast thou not as one of them? When they were pursuing vanity with a hunter’s foot, wert thou not as greedy for gain as they were? Could any difference be discerned between thee and them? Is there any difference?

 Here we come to close quarters. Be honest with thine own soul, and make sure that thou art a new creature in Christ Jesus; but when this is sure, walk jealously, lest any should again be able to say, “Even thou wast as one of them.” Thou wouldst not desire to share their eternal doom, why then be like them here?

Come not thou into their secret, lest thou come into their ruin. Side with the afflicted people of God, and not with the world.

For we are cleanseth by the blood not of bulls but by the blood of Jesus Christ. Have you been cleanse by this precious blood of the Lamb. Do not defer your coming, it is not meant for a particular time but is ready at all the time:

“The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin.” 1John 1:7


“Cleanseth,” says the text—not “shall cleanse.” There are multitudes who think that as a dying hope they may look forward to pardon. Oh! how infinitely better to have cleansing now than to depend on the bare possibility of forgiveness when I come to die. Some imagine that a sense of pardon is an attainment only obtainable after many years of Christian experience. But forgiveness of sin is a present thing—a privilege for this day, a joy for this very hour.

 The moment a sinner trusts Jesus he is fully forgiven. The text, being written in the present tense, also indicates continuance; it was “cleanseth” yesterday, it is “cleanseth” today, it will be “cleanseth” tomorrow: it will be always so with you, Christian, until you cross the river; every hour you may come to this fountain, for it cleanseth still.

Notice, likewise, the completeness of the cleansing, “The blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth us from all sin”—not only from sin, but “from all sin.” Reader, I cannot tell you the exceeding sweetness of this word, but I pray God the Holy Ghost to give you a taste of it. Manifold are our sins against God. Whether the bill be little or great, the same receipt can discharge one as the other.

The blood of Jesus Christ is as blessed and divine a payment for the transgressions of blaspheming Peter as for the shortcomings of loving John; our iniquity is gone, all gone at once, and all gone for ever. Blessed completeness! What a sweet theme to dwell upon as one gives himself to sleep.

“Sins against a holy God;

Sins against His righteous laws;

Sins against His love, His blood;

Sins against His name and cause;

Sins immense as is the sea-

From them all He cleanseth me.”


Do not hold yourself from benefiting from this cleansing power of blood of the Lamb but in humility come and be cleanse. Do not be hard on yourself, make yourself available to the cleansing power in the blood,  be renewed and be blessed in the Lord.

Have a wonderful weekend in the new reality of life, see you again next week by God’s grace.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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