I will Praise Your Name…I will Praise Your Name… I will Praise Your Name… I will Praise Your Name… if nobody will Praise Your Name… I will Praise Your Name… if nobody will worship You…I will Praise Your Name….// I will exalt You Lord for Thou has lifted me above my enemies… Your banner over me is love… I will exalt You Jesus … for Thou has lifted me above my enemies Your banner over me is love….

Gracious Father we Thank You… we bless Your Holy Name, we adore You for You are good…. Excellent Redeemer hallow be Thou Name… let Thou Kingdom come and Thou will be done on earth… Master of the universe Thank You for Your kindness that love that are immeasurable… King of Glory we honour and give You Praise… Matchless Jesus who can be compare with Thee… in heaven You are God… on earth You remaineth the same… Thank you for the month of January Wow You are so good to us… Thank You for provision, for Safety, for Your protections, for deliverance, for Your mercies…Father O! Lord Thank You again and again in Jesus Name…

Beloveth… Just like yesterday the first month of this year will be rounding off today… Our God has been with us all through… never leaving or forsaking us… protecting us all the way, defending us when the need arises… speaking on our behalf and making a way for us where there seems to be no way…

We just have to be grateful to Him and Him alone…

At the beginning of the year the Lord gave us His plan for this ministry… we accepted it with Thanksgiving and we are running with it till now and if you ask me His Word has been upheld till date… and am seeing the end of this year already glorious… for as many as we be patients with the Lord and wait upon Him to lead them all the way… God has released grace into our lives to willing obey every Word and direction He will send our way… so I see God doing the usual and manifesting in areas that we thought that nothing good will come out from… I see the Power of God helping us to do exploits and showcasing His Awesome Wonders in our mist…

Beloveth, if you are willing and obedient… the Lord said you will eat the good of the land… so you ask yourself “Will I be willing and obedient to every Word and command of the Lord?…. Are you still imaging how this theme will come to pass but like Mary I will rather believe and accept the prophesy as given by God’s handmaid… If He say it; He will bring it to pass …. Is not for me to spend time thinking how could this thing will be rather I will spend time praying, trusting and hoping, positioning myself in the such a way that God will not pass me by when He come to bless His people …. Praise the Lord somebody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes! we are in for His “Unending Goodness” manifolds blessings…. are you ready…. Or you are having tough time accepting the grace of God for your life to do the miraculous and the unprecedented things He has position in your life from the foundation of the world… Praise the Lord somebody!!

Join us to discover more below:

Ever Have A Tough Time Accepting The Grace Of God For Your Life?

Do I have good news for you!

Consider a couple of classic failures and how God graciously dealt with them:


  • God tells him that his 90 year old wife is going to bear a child. (See Genesis 17:16)
  • Abraham falls on his face and laughs (literally “mocks,” “scorns”), saying, “Will Sarahbear a child?” (Genesis 17:17)
  • In the following chapter God says of Abraham: He “will surely become a great and mighty nation, and in him all the nations of the earth will be blessed, for I have chosen him.” (Genesis 18:18)



  • God names Sarah “Princess,” “You (Abraham) shall call her Sarah… “(Literally, Princess) (Genesis 17:15)
  • God tells Abraham that within a year Sarah will bear a son. (Genesis 18:10)
  • Sarah, who is within earshot, also laughs, “Shall I indeed bear a child when I am so old?” (See Genesis 18:12, 13)

Imagine: God names Sarah “Princess” with the full knowledge that she will soon mock His promise to give her a son.


It is obvious that God, in His great love and grace chooses and uses less than perfect people. People who are in the process of becoming.

So the next time you are inclined to write yourself off as an unqualified candidate for His grace, keep in mind blundering Abraham and Sarah, and God’s grace in dealing with them.

Where sin increased, grace abounded all the more.” (Romans 5:20)

Beloveth… did you through … never write yourself off… never doubt what is able to do in your life that you think is worst off… Believe the power of God and His lovingkindness towards that all shall be well and it will come to pass as He did for Abraham and his wife Sarah…

So once again we echo and we are sounding it aloud that this is our year of Unending Goodness… in Jesus Name….

See you next month by God’s special grace we will be witnesses in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!

Further Reading- Prov.15:29, Isa.30:15, Prov.3:33, Phil.4:13…

Prayer that the new month will meet us in peace… and deliver peace to us as a nation in Jesus Name…

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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