I will lift up Your Name higher…. I will lift up Jesus higher… O Jehovah Alpha Omega, I will lift up Your Name higher…O Jehovah Alpha Omega I will lift up Your Name higher…. // Who is like unto Thee O God…Who is like unto Thee… O Lord… among the gods who is like Thee… You are glorious in holiness fearful in Praising doing wonders alleluia…

How excellent is Your Name O Lord! Thank Father for the gift of another in your Presence… on this part of eternity… glory be to your Holy Name… Thank You Ancient of Days who is like unto Thee…

You are God from beginning to the end…there is place for argument; You are God all by Yourself…. O! Lord… You are God… from beginning to the end… there is no place for argument, You are God all by Yourself…

Yes! Father You are God all by Yourself… Thank You… Thank You…. and Thank You again and again… blessed be Thy Holy Name… Thank You Father… forever and ever Amen!!!

Beloveth…how are doing today… hope great… our God is a good God…. Yes His Name is The Mighty One…. He is Greater than the greatest, Mighty than the mighty, Older than the oldest… He is Excellent… Praise the living God…. alleluia….

This is the last week of this month… and here we are standing only by God’s grace… please give a clap offering to the Lord….

We will be examining our Modus Operandi in business… someone is wondering what has that got to do with what we are doing here- gospel …. Talking about Jesus…. beloveth… they are all one together…. You cannot be Holy in church or only on Sunday …. What happens to us Monday to Saturday is also important… are you agreeing with us… so many live a life of the cross but not in business… and the Bible tells us let our word be Yea and amen…. not otherwise….

You shouldn’t say a word as a child of God and someone will stand to re-examine what you say or quote…. May God help us in Jesus Name…

So as God’s own children we have to spend time in God’s Word making sure that all we live a life that worthy of who we said we are…  Praise the Lord….

Come along for more:

Our Modus Operandi In Business


In business it is our wit, our persuasive abilities, our genius in manipulating and controlling circumstances, and our cleverness in creating certain impressions that spell “success”. Or so it seems.

When we try however to apply these same forces in the spiritual realm, NOTHING OF ETERNAL SIGNIFICANCE HAPPENS.

Because we are by nature CONTROLLERS, we find the freedom of the Spirit’s working difficult to relate to. The Holy Spirit simply will not be controlled or manipulated:

The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit.” (John 3:8)

In similar fashion, Psalm 37 calls us to release our control and rest in Him:

Psalm37: Our Natural Inclination:


Verse 3 – “Trust in the Lord… ”


Rely upon our cleverness


Verse 4 – “Delight in the Lord… ”


Fret over circumstances


Verse 5 – “Commit your way to the Lord… ”


Engineer the next step
Verse 7 – “Rest in the Lord… “ Grind our teeth over eventualities


Verse 34 – “Wait for the Lord… “ Rush ahead to clinch the deal


If we were truly depending upon God rather than ourselves, would we not also be applying the same elements of patience, waiting and resting… YES the freedom of the Spirit’s leading, to our business as we should be to the “ministry?”

In fact, the distinction between our mind set and our methods in business and ministry would probably be indistinguishable.

After all, isn’t everything we do supposed to be a work of the Spirit of God?

Beloveth, I guess you are blessed… I am blessed coming across this early in the year will yet shape my business deals and responses if you ask me… let be true in words and actions… may we develop one potent weapon of soul winning know as character evangelism… O God cause our lives to reflect and radiate your convicting power in Jesus Name… May we not carry Bible but know not what is written inside the Bible… help us to relay on your word that renovate, renew and reset our minds, in Jesus Name….

On this note we declare this week blessed and by God’s grace we will celebrate the new month with Jesus living in our heart… and at the end of this week our testimonies will be evident for all to see in Jesus Name…

Further Reading- Ps.49:9,Ps.3:8, 1Jn.1:3, Gal.1:13-16, 2Cor.4:7.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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