All glory… All honour… All power To you… Holy father we worship you… Precious Jesus our savior… Holy spirit we wait on you..Holy spirit we wait on you…Holy spirit we wait on you..// Let living Praise the Lord…let the Living Praise the Lord…let the Living Praise the Lord… Let the Living Praise the Lord….

Our Father, we thank You we bless Your Holy Name… we adore Thee we give you Praise…honour adoration to Your Holy Name… Father take all the glory… take all the honour… O! Father take all the adoration is from our heart… O! Lord take all the glory…Father take all the honour…All Lord take all the adoration in Jesus Name….

Is a glorious morning and we are here to worship our God… to honour and Praise His Holy Name…

O Lord… receive all the Praise and worship we come to offer You for the privilege to see this week, this day… it can only be You Father… we worship Your Holy Name… have Your way again and again and do that which no man can do… arise and have Your way…. teach us something new… Arise and make us glad… in Your Presence…O Lord… let Your Name… be glorify forever and ever in Jesus Name….

Beloveth, good morning… we serve a very big God…do you agree with me? Our God is great than the biggest, larger than the largest, stronger than the strongest… older than the oldest…

Our God is awesome, He can move mountains, Keep me in the valley, hide me from the rain, My God is awesome, heals me when I’m broken, Strength where I’ve been weakened, forever He will reign…My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome…My God is awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome…

Beloveth… welcome to your week of remembrance… the Lord will remember you to do your good… all what God has spoken and all His promises to you… God will remember you to do you good… yes! He keeps the record… He does not need any assistance to remember your good works… your service in the His kingdom…

And God remember Noah… He remember Rachel… and God will remember you to do you good… in Jesus Name… beloveth…when God remembers a man… even his enemies will bless him/her… they will give you their treasures… the Lord is gonna remember you to honour you, to bless you, to restore you and rebuke the works of satan in your life, family, career, businesses and ministry…

But you need to guide your heart with all diligent… yes… How great is Your God? Beloveth don’t limit God by your mindset… Ask God to deliver you from micro mentality… Yes! When you set your mind to honour God with the right attitude by guiding your heart with all diligence… God will surely remember you to do you good… alleluia…somebody….

Come along with us for more:

“Go and announce directly to Jerusalem that this is what the Lord says: I remember the loyalty of your youth, your love as a bride—, how you followed Me in the wilderness, in a land not sown.”—Jeremiah 2:2

Even when our hearts grow cold toward God and our devotion to Him weakens, His love remains steadfast. We may forget God, but He remembers us.

God was concerned because the people of Judah had allowed their hearts to drift far from Him. In a powerful moment, God shared His heart with His people, recalling what it was like when they first began loving Him. He remembered how they had loved Him, as a new bride loves her husband, with excitement and enthusiasm for the future.

He recalled the kindness they had expressed as they willingly followed Him wherever He led them. God reminded them of the love they had once had for Him, so that the memory might rekindle feelings of devotion and their hearts might return to Him.

If you do not guard our heart, you will grow cold in your love for Christ. A time may come when He approaches you and reminds you what your relationship was once like. Do you recollect the joy that permeated your life when you first became a Christian? Do you recall the youthful commitments you made to Him, pledging to do anything He told you to do?

Do you remember the thrill you experienced each time you came to understand a new dimension of His nature? Spiritual memory is important. You may not realize how far you have drifted from God until you contrast the love you are expressing to Him now with that of earlier days.

God has not changed. He is the same Person you gave your heart to when you became a Christian (Mal. 3:6–7). If your love for God is not as intense as it once was, return to Him. He will restore the intimate fellowship you once shared with Him.

Yes! God is here to do just that… offer your heart wholly to Him and see Him manifest His promises to you…

The Lord is breaking bounds for you… He is giving you joy in place of sorrow…. The Lord is healing you right now… so take your mat and go home… God is lifting you up from the dungeon… and you are sitting with the princess …. Beloveth… the God whose voice breaks the cedar of Lebanon is doing Great things for you and all that concerns you now in Jesus Name….

On this note dearly beloved this week is declared opened… Yes! and we will return by God’s grace at the end to return all the glory to Him alone …who is worthy of our Praise… alleluia somebody….

Further Reading Prov. 4:23, Gen.30:22, Gen 8:1, Exo 13:3, Exo 12:35….

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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