Glory honour power and majesty being unto Christ our God! Ohhhh Glory, honour, power and majesty…be unto Christ our God…. All Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory to the Father. Glory, Glory, Glory, glory to the Son, Ohhhh Glory, Glory to the Holy Ghost Alleluia! Alleluia!!!// You are the Lord that healeth me… You are the Lord my Healer… You sent Your Word and heal my disease…. You are the Lord my Healer… Lord You sent Your Word and You heal my disease… You are the Lord my Healer….

O Lord we are very very grateful for all You have done for me… O Lord we are very very grateful and we are saying Thank You Jesus!!!

Yes! Lord thank You for Your faithfulness, Your mercies that enduerth forever… Almighty Jehovah….Our God we cannot thank You enough…. Blessed be Thy Holy Name forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth is another beautiful day… the Lord has made and said we should rejoice and be glad in it… let us exalt His Holy Name forever and ever in Jesus Name….

Is prayer time….shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!! Yes! Let the living Praise the Lord… is only the living that can pray and Praise the Lord… for our God is not for the dead but for the living … so if you are a living soul praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are alive shout alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You are welcome today to the prayer session of this ministry… where we learn about prayer from the Biblical standard… from our Master Jesus, His disciples and other fathers in faith who had gone ahead of us… we saw what prayers wrought in their life; so we are encouraged to pray too…. because we know that there is God that answers prayer… yes He answers our prayer and make us glad…

Beloveth, what a Mighty God we serve… Awesome and Powerful … my prayer for us a ministry this season is that God will answer us early and fulfill our heart desires in Jesus Name….

Do you pray for others while praying… the Word of God encourages to pray for one another as that please God… we must pray for our children, siblings, parents, spouse, friends and families…. Why! We uphold them in prayers especially some that are yet to come to the full knowledge of God … More so those that are weak in their spirit either due to illness or mishaps. We must constantly lift them up in our closets so that they will not be prey for satan and his cohorts. Praise the Name of the Lord….. alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will be learning a prayer pattern from one of our veterans in faith- Apostle Paul … how he prayed for Timothy… and when we go through the Bible we will see prayers offered at various times and seasons alleluia …. As someone once said “Is better to pray the scriptures because you will never go wrong with praying the exact Word of God…(Jas 4:3) and we are going to include that too in our pray dockets … Praise the Lord.

Come along for more:

To Timothy, my true child in the faith. Grace, mercy, and peace from God the Father and Christ Jesus our Lord.—1 Timothy 1:2

How you pray for your family members and friends is important. There is no better way to pray for someone you love than by following the example found in Scripture. Paul often asked for specific gifts from God for those He cared about. On Timothy’s behalf, Paul requested grace, mercy, and peace.

Grace is the unearned gifts the Father bestows on His children. The Lord relates to us only by His grace. His grace provided salvation though we deserved destruction (Eph. 2:8). His grace blesses us with the riches of heaven. His grace brings us peace in troublesome times. His grace brings us good things every day (1 Tim. 1:14).

Mercy is God withholding the punishment we deserve because of our sinfulness. The consequences of our sin is death, yet Jesus paid this penalty for us (Rom. 6:23). God is long-suffering and will delay giving us our just punishment in order for us to have every opportunity to repent and to receive His gift of salvation (2 Pet. 3:9).

Peace is the state of mind and heart we experience when we are confident of God’s grace and mercy toward us. Peace comes in knowing that God’s grace will sustain us, even in our most difficult crises (Phil. 4:7). God assures us that even when we fail miserably in our commitments to Him, He will show mercy upon us. This assurance gives us peace.

The peace God gives is fundamentally different from the peace the world offers (John 14:27). The world seeks to sedate us from the problems we face through counseling or drugs or temporary pleasures. The peace that God gives goes right to the soul, relieving the heart and mind.

How are you praying for your loved ones? There could be no better request than asking the Lord to give them an abundance of His grace, His mercy, and His peace.

Beloveth… are you here we us now…. you have it all… peace come from knowing that we have a merciful Father who will not relate to us according to how and what we deserved as punishment rather that He cleanse us and purge us from our iniquities… and the grace we receive from on high that distinguishes from ordinary and common man….

Wow! Am so excited and am sure you are … so can go head and practice what we just learn…. By praying over our beloved ones, our family and friends alike… Praise the Lord….. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!

Further Reading- Ps 55:22, Ps 103:1-6, 2Thess.3:3, Rom.13:14, Jas.5:16, Job 42:10, 2Tim.2:19, Ps 9:18, Heb. 10:36-39

Our Father we come again and again because we know you love us with an everlasting love… may Your love, grace, mercy and peace for us today as we pray in Jesus Name…..

Beloveth let us pray….

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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