Come and see the Lord is good… Come and see the Lord is good… there is nothing He cannot do… come and see the Lord is good…. Jesus gave me victory… He gave me peace of mind…come and see the Lord is good… come and see the Lord is good…// Let the Living water flow over my soul…let the Holy Spirit come and take control of every situation that troubles my mind…all my care and burden unto Thee I come…Father, Father, Father, Father Jesus…Jesus…Jesus…Jesus… Sing to the Spirit… Spirit, Spirit Spirit…..

Our Father we thank You we bless Your Holy Name…thank You for the gift a new week, a blessed day… hallow be Thy Name… Thank You for miracles, deliverances and healing coming our way this week… Ohhh Father we Praise and worship You… alleluia to You Name…

Blessed be the Name of the Lord… He is worthy to Praise and adore… so we lift our Holy Hands in one accord… singing blessed be Thou Lord… honour to the Lord blessed be the Name of the Lord….

Father come and have Your way again today…do that which no man can do..honour Your children , shower Your blessings upon us… be Thou magnify O Lord… in Jesus Name Amen

Beloveth… we are here again to the glory of God… what God cannot do does not exist… therefore we return to give honour to Whom honour is due…yes we here to magnify the Name of Jesus…Who can do things… there is nothing impossible unto Him…. Praise the Name of the Lord…

A brand new is here and God is here to bless us… and in His Word He said “hold fast” according to our topic…beloveth.. are you ready to hold fast… to what is good? Before we get to this I want us to lean backward from verse 12… this is Paul  final advice to the Thessalonians of which we are through redemption partakers of same through Abraham… Apostle Paul is encouraging us to be obedient to our spiritual leaders, to live peaceful with one another… encourage those who are timid,,, take care of those that weak…be patient with everyone… He admonish us to pay back no one with evil but always do good to each other and to all people… in verse 16 He said to us “ always be joyful… never stop praying… be thankful in all circumstances… for this is the God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus… then he said us “do not stifle the Holy Spirit… do not scoff at prophecies… but test everything that is said… finally he said to us, “hold fast to what is good… stay away from every kind of evil….

Did you hear that… why is instructions important to us at this time …. Beloveth … the days we are living is evil… satan has lunch out his agents to attack God’s children… Amen!!!! and we must be very careful least we fall into temptations, Praise the Lord… and that which we have will be taken away from us…(Rev3:11).

We have God promises to us in this last month that He is going to do His wonders in our lives and He will shower blessings upon us… we must put ourselves in the love of God to enjoy all these packages…. The blessing of God can never be for the wicked or the unrighteous… (Ps 125:1-5).

Therefore we must continually abide in God’s Presence to enjoy certain benefits that are only for the redeemed…His children…

So as we step out to engage in today’s activities… let us looking steady on Jesus … not weaving in our faith in Him… He is the Author and Finisher of our faith… Amen!!!

Come along for more:

. . . but test all things. Hold on to what is good. Stay away from every form of evil.—1 Thessalonians 5:21–22

Hold fast to what is good, or the world will take it away. Satan is the relentless enemy of good. When he saw that what God gave Adam and Eve was good, he set about to take it away from them. When he saw that King David was pleasing to God, he attempted to destroy David’s relationship with God. Never take the good in your life for granted. If you do not hold on to it firmly, it may be lost.

People will challenge the good that you are practicing. They may criticize you for your moral stand, your child rearing, your use of money, or your involvement in church. Time pressures will attack the good in your life. Your time to pray, study Scripture, be with your family, and serve in your church will all be pressured by the many other time demands you face.

You may give generously to your church and other Christian causes, but you will be tempted to spend your money selfishly and minimize the good you are doing with your finances.

Scripture reveals the solution for holding on to what is good—abstain from every form of evil. Evil robs you of what God intends for you. A spouse and family are great blessings, but the evil of adultery can rob you of the good that God has given.

Prayer is a wonderful gift from God. Yet sin robs the power of prayer (Isa. 1:15). If you will not abstain from evil, it will rob you of the good things God has given. God’s commandments do not restrict you: they free you to experience God’s best.

Diligently abstain from every form of evil, and you will be free to enjoy every good thing God has for you.

From this composition of this teaching…this teaching is suitable for Our PCL session but we chose it for today according to leading the Spirit of God… so as we are give we have delivered to you (Us)… may we not miss the mark… may we not lose focus as we grabble with every day activities in Jesus Name…

Beloveth, hold fast to that which is good and stay away from evil so that we will position ourselves to be blessed by God…alleluia!!!!!!!!!!! This is the voice of God giving us direct for the week so that His plan will and purpose for our lives will be accomplished; so adhere according…. Praise the Name of the Lord…………

On this note beloveth we declare this week open and blessed… at the end we will return with testimonies to the glory of God in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Further Reading- Eph.5:16, Rev 3:11, 1Cor.3:17, Jn.10:9, Ps.118:8, Ps.61:4-5, 3Jn.2

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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