I am an overcomer, I will never give up, because the Lord God is on my side. Who has the finally say, Jehovah has the final say. I have a very big God, who is always by my side, a very big God, by side, by side. To You Lord; be all the glory. To you Father, be all honour. To You Lord, be all the glory and adoration forever more.

What a beautiful day the Lord has made and we to be glad and rejoice in it. Glory be to God in the highest. O Lord, who is like unto Thee. Father, we are grateful for all Your loving kindness in our lives and situation. Thank You for Jesus. Thank You for that special gift that cannot be compared.

Beloved, what is integrity? Do you have integrity? Is it possible to lose it over time? How do you feel when it is being tampered with? Is it a common virtue?

According to the dictionary definition Integrity can be defined as possession of firm principles – the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards. Completeness -the state of being complete or undivided. Wholeness – the state of being sound or undamaged.

Biblical, Integrity is viewed from the stand point of righteousness. Gen 15:6; Gen 18:19; Deut 6:25; Deut 9:5; Job 27:6; Ps 11:7; 2 Tit 2:22; Heb 1:9; 2Pe 2:21.

So many people are suffering because of their choice to live uprightly. You will be seen as a sell out. In some cases you are victimized for standing for the truth. But will that stop you for upholding your integrity? Integrity is different from begin rigid or difficult.

Sincerely I have met some Christians who are so rigid and very difficult. Assuming in a counseling section, in simply things like, can I meet you? Which is the same thing as, what is your name? They waste your time and come up with all manners of attitude. Beloved this is far from begin a Christian, you have an attitude problem and that will make the work environment very difficult. It will also bring up scandalous statement for other Christian brothers and sisters. Praise God.

How do we carry on with an assignments given to us either in the office, church or at home? When you are paid for a service, do you deliver on time or delay the delivery period without any cause? Do you put up lackadaisical attitude at work or when working with others? Do you teach your apprentices what they should know having paid for the training or you play some hide and seek game?

I have so much to share on these, you pay a trainer of a particular trade or skill, instead of making you better, you will discover that you have not gain as much as you ought to. If you want more clarification, you will be ask to pay again for further training. Are you doing that to people under you? Remember, Christ picked up fishermen and make them Apostles, a murderer turned (Paul) renowned evangelist (Acts 7:58; 9:1-6). He even empowered them to do greater things than He did (Jn14:12). Remember that for every unjust money you made, the Lord will ask from you.

Do you delay payment of salaries of your staff for no reason other to keep the staff enslaved to you? Maybe you pay two weeks into the next month. I once had an employer like that but when God wanted to lift me up, I left without minding the outstanding salary because the new job paid off. Do you give unreasonable targets with no corresponding compensation package just to keep your workers improvised or living with tension as long as you use them to achieve your objective?

Do you cheat or refuse to pay your debit? Instead, you are prayingyou’re your debtor to die. Wow! What a terrible way of life. Beloved, Integrity is a vast topic and it is very important that as a child of God we pay attention to those foxes, the little foxes, that spoils the vines (SoS 2:15). Praise God.

In the message before us, the character under study handled what most people will never accept but he did just that. He was of compassionate. We also have this character played out in life of our Mentor Jesus Christ. Most miracle He did is not because the recipients merited it but on compassionate ground.

Beloved, in your quest for integrity are you compassionate or a hardliner? How do you relate with others especially when your integrity is in question. Do you fight to prove yourself or allow God to vindicate you (2 Tim 2:24-25).  Let us read the message below and cross examine our own life as well:


You supported me because of my integrity

and set me in Your presence forever.—Psalm 41:12

Joseph was a righteous man who had cultivated a reputation for godliness in his community. Then word spread across the community that Mary, the woman to whom he was engaged, was expecting a child. There would be many who would assume the worst of this apparently scandalous situation. Joseph probably experienced gossip from some, ostracism from others. Yet he was a man of integrity, aware that God knew the truth of his relationship with Mary.

At times, God will be the only witness to your righteous behavior. Sometimes God is the only one who will understand your motives. Sometimes you will do all you know God has asked you to do, only to face ridicule from others. At such times all you can do is maintain your integrity, trusting that God always keeps His eyes on you. God looks favorably upon those who walk with integrity, doing what they know is right, regardless of how others perceive their actions.

The most important thing is not that people know the truth. The most important thing is that you are a person of integrity before God. When no one seems to understand why you have done something or when others question whether you have done all you should have done, your confidence should not be in the hope of vindication in the eyes of others. It should be in the knowledge that God keeps you in His sight. If you have this confidence, it will be enough to sustain you.

Having gone through the above message, come along with me to have more discovery on how to react to life issues especially when God is leading you:

 How Do You Respond To Seemingly Impossible Circumstances?

With fear or faith?

King Saul and his son Jonathan illustrate both:

SAUL, panics as he sees his troops deserting him while on a military skirmish as they await the priest’s appearance to offer a sacrifice. So Saul steps in and presumptuously assumes the priest’s religious duty.

 “I saw that the men were scattering.” – Frazzled by circumstances.

 “I thought, Now the Philistines will come down against me… ‘” – Ruled by fear.

 “I felt compelled to offer burnt offerings.” – Prompted by emotions.

 The consequences? Saul is disenfranchised as king, (and dies a premature death):

 “Now your kingdom will not endure; the Lord has sought out a man after his own heart and appointed him leaderbecause you have not kept the Lords command.” (1 Samuel 13:14)

 JONATHAN, by contrast, is vastly out-numbered by the Philistine army, yet chooses to believe God to use him in defeating them.

 “Come, lets go over to the Philistines” – Scoped out the enemy.

 “Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf” – Made himself available to be used of God.

 “Nothing can hinder the Lord from saving, whether by many or by few” – Believed God could use him to destroy the enemy.

 The consequences? Jonathan victoriously destroys enemy forces.

 SAUL saw challenging circumstances through the eyes of fear and failed.

 JONATHAN saw challenging circumstances through the eyes of faith and succeeded. (1 Samuel 13:1-14:23)

 QUESTION: When you are faced with difficult circumstances that appear to be overwhelmingly impossible, what do you do? Panic, like Saul and resort to your own solutions? Or do you, like Jonathan trust God, and see Him come through with His solution?

Food for thought for a blissful weekend ahead. Look around you, go fishing this week end. Do something for the Lord and He will reward you handsomely.

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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