I pray to you, O Lord, my rock. Do not turn a deaf ear to me. For if you are silent, I might as well give up and die.2 Listen to my prayer for mercy as I cry out to you for help, as I lift my hands toward your holy sanctuary.

3 Do not drag me away with the wicked— with those who do evil— those who speak friendly words to their neighbors while planning evil in their hearts.4 Give them the punishment they so richly deserve! Measure it out in proportion to their wickedness. Pay them back for all their evil deeds! Give them a taste of what they have done to others. Psalms 28:1-4 (NLT)

Beloved, as we are gathered again in the Name of the Lord, let the Lord arise in His Majesty and be God indeed unto us. This is the last Wednesday of the month and we are here to offer prayers to the Only One Who hears us from the throne and attained to our needs. Are you ready to pray? Prayer is the key which every child of God opens any desired door, therefore it must not be neglected or overlook.

The field must not be over taken by sluggishness on our own part, excuses of any kind must not be seen here. Praying to God is like talking to a dear one. You don’t need any formal invitation to speak to your beloved ones. Why don’t you make your prayer life as such? Make it a habit to communion with God every now and then. In doing that, you make His Presence ever abiding with you and the devil and his agents will be far away from you. All including sickness, worries, hardship, confusion, helplessness. How? Someone wants to know. Because in the presence of God, no Satan nor his cohorts can stand.

Let’s imbibe this habit like Isaac did and was blessed. He lived and mediated on the Word in presence of God and heard God, even in famine he reaped hundred fold of His sowing. Beloved, things like these does not just happened, he got it in the place of prayer. It is not a function of “confessing it” as so many of us do but it is a function of praying, mediating, waiting and then going and doing.

Come along with me as we listen again what the Spirit of God have for us this day.

 Isaac dwelt by the well Lahai-roi.” Genesis 25:11


Hagar had once found deliverance there and Ishmael had drank from the water so graciously revealed by the God who liveth and seeth the sons of men; but this was a merely casual visit, such as worldlings pay to the Lord in times of need, when it serves their turn. They cry to Him in trouble, but forsake Him in prosperity.

Isaac dwelt there, and made the well of the living and all-seeing God his constant source of supply. The usual tenor of a man’s life, the dwelling of his soul, is the true test of his state. Perhaps the providential visitation experienced by Hagar struck Isaac’s mind, and led him to revere the place; its mystical name endeared it to him; his frequent musings by its brim at eventide made him familiar with the well; his meeting Rebecca there had made his spirit feel at home near the spot; but best of all, the fact that he there enjoyed fellowship with the living God, had made him select that hallowed ground for his dwelling.

Let us learn to live in the presence of the living God; let us pray the Holy Spirit that this day, and every other day, we may feel, “Thou God seest me.” May the Lord Jehovah be as a well to us, delightful, comforting, unfailing, springing up unto eternal life. The bottle of the creature cracks and dries up, but the well of the Creator never fails; happy is he who dwells at the well, and so has abundant and constant supplies near at hand.

The Lord has been a sure helper to others: His name is Shaddai, God All-sufficient; our hearts have often had most delightful intercourse with Him; through Him our soul has found her glorious Husband, the Lord Jesus; and in Him this day we live, and move, and have our being; let us, then, dwell in closest fellowship with Him.

Glorious Lord, constrain us that we may never leave Thee, but dwell by the well of the living God all the days of my life in Jesus Name. Beloved, here is another one like the former, how well are your children faring in the place of prayer? Do you know; do you ask among other things if they said their prayer before leaving the house in case they are not staying with you?

Let us show much concern as we show in their academic or secular success as well as in their spiritual life. Let us agonize in the place of prayers for these ones so that they will also be possess of the Lord as we are. The New Heart and the New Spirit promised by the Lord will also be upon them. Come along with me as we read the next message: Are the children in?

“I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring.” Isa. 44:3


Our dear children have not the Spirit of God by nature, as we plainly see. We see much in them which makes us fear as to their future, and this drives us to agonizing prayer. When a son becomes specially perverse, we cry with Abraham, “Oh, that Ishmael might live before thee!” We would sooner see our daughters Hannahs than empresses. This verse should greatly encourage us. It follows upon the words, “Fear not, O Jacob, my servant,” and it may well banish our fears.

The Lord will give His Spirit; will give it plentifully, pouring it out; will give it effectually, so that it shall be a real and eternal blessing. Under this divine outpouring our children shall come forward, and “one shall say, I am the Lord’s; and another shall call himself by the name of Jacob.”

This is one of those promises concerning which the Lord will be inquired of. Should we not, at set times, in a distinct manner, pray for our offspring? We cannot give them new hearts, but the Holy Spirit can; and He is easily to be entreated of.

The great Father takes pleasure in the prayers of fathers and mothers. Have we any dear ones outside of the ark? Let us not rest till they are shut in with us by the Lord’s own hand.

Are you ready to do that for the Lord, pray until your young ones are inside the ark? Let us go a little further beloved, pray until all the young ones around you are inside the ark.

As we do that the Lord will bless us and protect ours from the destructions of the evil ones in Jesus Name. Amen.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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