Dear Heavenly Father, Your children come before You this day to honour You,  to glorified You for Who You are, thank You for another privilege before the throne of grace that are readily available to us through Your undying love-Jesus.

We come with the confidence that You will visit us afresh this day, open us to fresh insight in Your Word and bless us with Your heavenly blessings.

Beloved, the gift of the Holy Spirit is so rare but readily available to all who are willing to receive Him. Spirit of God divine, we welcome You. You are welcome in this place, into my heart, come and have Your way now and always.

Was this gift available in the Old Testament or is it only in the New Testament era. How often do we negate the Person of the Holy Spirit in our everyday living? We often times grieve Him and that’s too dangerous for a child of God.

Please come along with me for further understanding on the Person of the “Holy Spirit”. He is our great teacher, our Comforter, Great Counselor, Ever Presence with us. More of it below:

Thy good Spirit.” Nehemiah 9:20

Common, too common is the sin of forgetting the Holy Spirit. This is folly and ingratitude. He deserves well at our hands, for He is good, supremely good. As God, He is good essentially. He shares in the threefold ascription of Holy, holy, holy, which ascends to the Triune Jehovah.

Unmixed purity and truth, and grace is He. He is good benevolently, tenderly bearing with our waywardness, striving with our rebellious wills; quickening us from our death in sin, and then training us for the skies as a loving nurse fosters her child. How generous, forgiving, and tender is this patient Spirit of God.

He is good operatively. All His works are good in the most eminent degree: He suggests good thoughts, prompts good actions, reveals good truths, applies good promises, assists in good attainments, and leads to good results. There is no spiritual good in all the world of which He is not the author and sustainer, and heaven itself will owe the perfect character of its redeemed inhabitants to His work.

He is good officially; whether as Comforter, Instructor, Guide, Sanctifier, Quickener, or Intercessor, He fulfils His office well, and each work is fraught with the highest good to the church of God. They who yield to His influences become good, they who obey His impulses do good, they who live under His power receive good.

Let us then act towards so good a person according to the dictates of gratitude. Let us revere His Person, and adore Him as God over all, blessed for ever; let us own His power, and our need of Him by waiting upon Him in all our holy enterprises; let us hourly seek His aid, and never grieve Him; and let us speak to His praise whenever occasion occurs.

The church will never prosper until more reverently it believes in the Holy Ghost. He is so good and kind, that it is sad indeed that He should be grieved by slights and negligences.

Is your mind renewed with the insight we discovered in the messages above?  What have you resolved to do going forward? Are you sensitive to the Holy Spirit? Do you know what the Spirit of God is nudging you to do? Probably you don’t know or understand the prompting of the Holy Spirit. Come as we consider the message below for greater insight on discovering where the Spirit of God is placing you:

A manifestation of the Spirit is given to each person to produce what is beneficial:—1 Corinthians 12:7

The moment you are born again you receive the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the gift. God doesn’t give you some thing, He gives you Himself. The Holy Spirit is God. As He lives out His life through you, you have Almighty God dwelling within you, carrying out His purposes. The Spirit will manifest Himself through your life, not for your good alone, but for the benefit of those around you.

The Spirit will lead you to a church body where He can minister through you to each person in that body (1 Cor. 12:18). God does not add you to a church body so you can be an observer. The Spirit has an assignment for you within the body, and He will equip you by His presence for this work.

In the Old Testament, God gave specific assignments to His servants and then placed His Spirit upon them to enable them to accomplish their work. In the New Testament, God placed each member as a vital part of a living body. He placed His Spirit within each believer and manifested Himself through the believer to encourage and equip every other member of the body. What an exciting commission from God! Today the Holy Spirit equips believers because He has given each of His servants a task.

How is the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life benefiting those around you? God has equipped you with exactly what is needed for the edification of the body in which He has placed you. If you allow the Holy Spirit to work freely within you, others will be blessed as a result.

Will you stop being selfish but selfless? As we have learnt, we are all one body in Christ. Therefore neglecting to play your role makes the whole body to malfunction. Will you today resolve to be effectively use by the Spirit of God to do God’s will?

May God enable us through the help of Spirit (Eph 5:18). Amen!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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