Let the Living flow over me soul…Let Thy Holy Spirit come and take control of every situations that troubles my soul…all my cares and burden unto Thee I come…. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus…. Calling Father, Father, Father, Father….. Calling Spirit, Spirit, Holy Spirit of God, Spirit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who is like unto Thee… Father in heaven You are God…on earth You remaineth the same… in the grave You are God…. no power can challenge my God…. Praise the Name of Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alleluia… O God thank You for the gift of this week… Thank You for preservations and provisions… Thank for revelations and healing….. be Thou exalted O God Alleluia to Your Holy Name Amen!!!

I surrender…I surrender All… I surrender… I surrender All… All to Thee my blessed Saviour…. I surrender All…

Our Father we come in total submission of Who You are.. Thank You for Great and Mighty things You are doing for us… glory be to Your Holy Name forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth is PCL… is God Wonderful? Isn’t He great…! Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes! Yes!! Lord…. Yes Lord! Yes Lord! Yes! Yes!! Lord Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth, hope everything worked in your favort this week… our week of all possibility in Christ Jesus. Wow! praise the name of the lord…. Yes beloveth it worked for me… In fact by the power of Christ I was able to broke a jink that held me bound all my life…this week the Spirit of God help me…. and it was broken… alleluia somebody….

Today again is another blessed day the Lord has made and He said “we should rejoice and be glad in it…” so what you chose becomes your lots… if you chose happiness, if you chose joy, if you chose arguments or complain well is all choices …may God help us to make wise choices in Jesus Name…. Amen!!!

Having been help by the Spirit of God to come this far… we bow to recognize His Supremacy… Praise the Name of the Lord.

Paul gave Timothy an advice you and I can tap into… especially if you are still very young but you are vibrant for the Lord… or you are old but young in faith… this is also for you… He said “ Let no one despise your youth; instead, you be an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity… Praise the Name of the Lord…

Can this be a standard of living to you? Can it be said of you that you an example to others or those around you in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity?

This is a practical living for us as God’s ministers and representatives here on earth …. Make sure you live exemplary life beloveth… and as you do; more souls will be add to the kingdom of God in Jesus Name …. Alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!

Join us for more discoveries:

No one should despise your youth; instead, you should be an example to the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.—1 Timothy 4:12

Timothy was a sincere young man who earnestly desired to serve the Lord. Yet certain weaknesses in Timothy’s life hindered him from serving God confidently. Timothy was very young to be a religious leader, and apparently some doubted his abilities. Timothy had a tender nature and was sickly (1 Tim. 5:23). His was an inauspicious beginning for a young minister of the gospel in an age of persecution!

Paul urged Timothy not to allow his youthful insecurity to blunt his zeal and faithfulness in doing what God had told him. Rather than arguing with those who criticized Timothy, Paul urged him to live as an example of godliness. Paul advised Timothy to live a life that was so spotless in word, conduct, love, spirit, faith, and purity that his life could serve as a model for others in the church to follow. Timothy’s life was to be the evidence that God had called him. God looked beyond Timothy’s youth, timidity, and physical weakness and saw his sincere heart.

As you seek to follow God’s will, you may identify with Timothy. Perhaps some things about you seem to disqualify you from serving the Lord effectively. You may be sensitive because you are a new Christian or because you come from a sinful past. Perhaps you have little education or money or social status. You may have previously experienced failure in your service for God. Don’t allow this to intimidate you from following God’s will. Your area of weakness may be God’s means of demonstrating His strength (2 Cor. 12:9). Allow God to demonstrate His call upon you by transforming your life into a model of godliness.

Beloveth is possible this is your case… heed to the last paragraph… “Allow God to demonstrate His power in your life by transforming your life into a model of godliness… Praise the Name of the Lord….

Further Reading- 1Cor.8:1, Gen.12:2, Jas.4:10, Jn 14:3, Matt.4:4

Have a wonderful weekend…. See you on Monday by God’s grace…. Amen!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.


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