Glory glory alleluia, Glory glory Praise the Lord. Glory glory alleluia, Glory glory Praise the Lord. Glory glory, alleluia, Glory glory Praise the Lord; Glory glory alleluia, Glory glory Praise the Lord.// Glory glory Lord, we give You glory, Glory glory Lord, You are Mighty God, I search in, search out, no one; no one, I look around me no one, no one, search in, search out, no one; no one, there is no one (there is no one) like You.

Yes! Lord there is no one, there is no one like my God, the creator of the whole world, His Name is Yahweh, Miracle is His Name. He is the Beginning and the End, He is the Ancient One, Father receive all glory, honour, adoration to You alone in Jesus Name.

Thank You for answers to prayers that seems knotty, that seems impossible to us not with You who is unsearchable and far above, glory be to You alone in Jesus Name. We bow at Your feet to glorify and adore You, receive our Praise forever and ever Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, how it yesterday at the altar of prayer, hope you had a nice time being with your Father who know the innermost thought of your being, alleluia Amen! He is a Kind God, all knowing and all loving, He is the One Who is and is yet to come, Praise the Name of the Lord, alleluia.

Beloved, if it possible I will like to be silent about the topic of today, why? Someone will like to know. When I glanced at this topic, I could only sense submission in my heart. Why? Because I have a case in point that just got resolved yesterday having been on it since April. I have been on it for a while now exchanging letters via email with organization that is in-charge all to no avail. I got a friend who help me to pick up the package far away in America but still could not go ahead to install it but until yesterday. That is not where am going.

When I was set to get it done yesterday, the fear of the unknown came up, will it work; will it not work. What if I do away with the version I was using and I am not able to install the new version as has been the case in the last couple of months what will I do?

But I decide to go ahead, and guess what happen, the light was stable and as I followed the instruction to install low and behold the USB I had content nothing. The system did not see anything in content and I was like maybe this port is not working, so I tried another port up to three ports in my computer, the same story and I was like what next? I have deleted what I have though is still in recycling bin.

But I need to go beyond that because it was not satisfying the current need, so what do I do? Like the Spirit of God told a Abraham to look at the his side and behold there was a Lamb for sacrifice, that was how I look at the right corner of my laptop and behold I saw a live chat. What! I quickly click on it and someone came on line and linked me up to someone amazingly wonderful and amiable at heart, who helped me to go through the process and got it installed.

Hey, did I tell you that he has to remotely access my laptop having enabled him by some command he pasted on the chat page and once I allowed it to run, this fellow not known to me had access to my laptop and operated it as it was in front of him and he went further to teach me what to do for the rest of the books.

O! my God, I was overwhelmed with joy, not counting the cost as per data consummation for we spent close to two hours going through the process. It was so perplexed to me because right in the comfort of my house, I got a problem fixed from America. I couldn’t believe it but it was real because as I write I could access those books offline which was not the case before now.

Who made all these possible? Is God! O clapped your hands to His honour. Yes! He made it possible both power supply and internet connection was stable, no off and on as usually the case. It was stable, wow! Why yesterday someone may also want to know that God choose to give a solution to a challenge that has been outstanding since April?

Does it mean we were not doing anything to get it resolved, at least from my story, you can see that activities was in full force but somehow and somehow things were not working out and it was not resolved but yesterday I had the leading to delete the old version that I should have done before now but for the fear of the unknown which I had experienced in the past but God made everything to work together for my good (Rom8:28).

I ask you again, why did it take this long to get this issue resolved? Is that God does not know that I need it as urgent as it appeared? Why the delay? Was God silent why I was going back and front to get it resolved? Why is satan the mischief putting barriers to the quick success of what should have been?

I struggled with it, I prayed concerning it, eventually when it arrive there was no content in it? At this time what do you think the mischief is up to? What do you think he is saying at the background? At this time beloved, I was at my wit end and did not know what to do. The only option left for me is to go back to the email communication again that might frustrating at this time, it might also breed a mistrust on the part of the seller as it is a Christian outfit.

God saw my heart, the struggle, the pains I have gone through, the persistent and resilient attitude I put up all this while also preaching in season and out of season.

Even when the wind is against the tidy, beloved He saw all and He decide to step in and give me victory over the raging storm. The miracle or breakthrough I had yesterday can only be likened to when Mary was told she is going to bear a son without knowing a man. Is it imaginable? But you know our currency is not of this world but of heaven. When God wants to do a thing He breaks all protocol because He is EL-Shaddia.

Again for you to know that it can only be Him, He does it in such a way that there will be no mistake about it. A USB without any content is particularly impossible to do anything for me but God showed up and through the soft copy they sent through the email, He was able to get it installed with a promise that they (organization) will still send me another USB, can you imagine buy an empty USB for $12?

 I don’t know whether you are on same page with me but I want to let you know that on this first faith clinic of October 2018 that our God is a God of all possibility. With Him, nothing is impossible.

I don’t know what you are going through, what the doctors have told you concerning your case. What the motivational speakers have said concerning your financial position and whatever you may be going through but hear me, our God is too beautiful to fail, He has never fail and will never fail. So wherever you are or whatever you are passing through there is good news for you. That God is perfecting all that concerneth you. You have read so much about this that I use it a lot. It was a written Word of God and the Holy Spirit give me an understanding concerning it, so it works for me and I know that if you believe it will also work for you, Praise the Lord,

Therefore if you have before now bothered about “Whom, When, and How God will deliver” I think God is allowing this to come your way because He has an answer for all your outstanding challenges, Praise the Lord, so let get more:

“The Lord knoweth how to deliver the godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be punished.” 2Peter 2:9


The godly are tempted and tried. That is not true faith which is never put to the test. But the godly are delivered out of their trials, and that not by chance, nor by secondary agencies, but by the Lord himself. He personally undertakes the office of delivering those who trust Him. God loves the godly or godlike, and He makes a point of knowing where they are, and how they fare.

Sometimes their way seems to be a labyrinth, and they cannot imagine how they are to escape from threatening danger. What they do not know their Lord knows. He knows whom to deliver, and when to deliver, and how to deliver. He delivers in the way which is most beneficial to the godly, most crushing to the tempter, and most glorifying to Himself. We may leave the “how” with the Lord, and be content to rejoice in the fact that He will, in some way or other, bring His own people through all the dangers, trials, and temptations of this mortal life, to His own right hand in glory.

This day it is not for me to pry into my Lord’s secrets, but patiently to wait his time, knowing this, that though I know nothing, my heavenly Father knows.

That settles it. Is not for me to pry into the Lord’s secrets; but to know that He will always deliver me, Praise the Lord. Read the bible text again, did you find any consolation in it?  Come along with us as you will also see the Lord send an angel to encamp around us, come on!!!!!!!!!!!!:

“The angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.” Ps. 34:7


We cannot see the angels, but it is enough that they can see us. There is one great Angel of the Covenant, whom not having seen we love, and His eye is always upon us both day and night. He has a host of holy ones under Him, and He causes these to be watchers over His saints and to guard them from all ill. If devils do us mischief, shining ones do us service.

Note that the Lord of angels does not come and go, and pay us transient visits, but He and His armies encamp around us. The headquarters of the army of salvation are where those live whose trust is in the living God. This camp surrounds the faithful, so that they cannot be attacked from any quarter unless the adversary can break through the entrenchments of the Lord of angels.

We have a fixed protection, a permanent watch. Sentineled by the messengers of God, we shall not be surprised by sudden assaults, nor swallowed up by overwhelming forces. Deliverance is promised in this verse — deliverance by the great Captain of our salvation, and that deliverance we shall obtain again and again until our warfare is accomplished and we exchange the field of conflict for the home of rest.

Praise the Lord, did you read that? You shall at the end exchange your field of conflict for a home of rest. Can I hear a believing Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloved, I so glad that I belong to Jesus, I hope that is also your testimony. Keep on holding on never give up, for He will never give up on you but working at the background to give you victory. Praise the Lord of lords and the King of kings. Praise yea the Lord.

I want to serve the God that breaks protocols. Alleluia amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally brethren, I don’t want to leave you ignorant as Apostle Paul would have said, but to let you know the mark of the beast being spoke about in the book of revelation and all that will happen at that time is real. Technology is going places and as children of God we must know that gospel is being preach to all country of the world as commanded by our Lord Jesus Christ therefore, must be ever ready for Rapture and if we miss it then we must be fully ready to redeem ourselves as the blood of Jesus will not be available for us at that time. So run to obtain and to finish strong.

Remain ever blessed in the Lord.

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