I will lift up my voice I will gladly sing not for what You have done but for who You are, You are the song that I sing, melody in my voice, the reason I sing is to Praise You Lord. He reign, He reigns, Jesus reign, yes! He reign forever more, for ever more. Thanks, Thanks, Lord we You Thanks, for all You have done in my life, You are so great, my soul has found rest O Lord! we give You thanks, Oh! Oh! Lord! We give You thanks O Lord! Oh! Oh! Lord we give You thanks.

Glory be to God in the highest amen! Who is like unto Thee, Ancient of Days, we bow before Your Presence, thank You for a beautiful morning, thank You for what You are have done, what You are doing and will yet do, glory be to Your Name on high. Great are You Lord! You are greatly to be Praise Father You reign.

I cannot thank you enough for Your goodness and for Your wonderful works to the children of men, blessed be Thy Name on high. Eternal rock of Ages, Who can be compared with Thee, there is no one like Thee Lord.

Today is another prayer time may the voice of our supplication be accepted unto the Lord in Jesus Name. as we call may heaven be open unto us in Jesus Name. beloved, we will not operate under closed heaven this year, the earth will yield increase to our sowing as the Lord will blessed the land and the works of our hands in Jesus Name.

We will not labour for another harvest, neither we will plant for another to harvest in Jesus Name. Strangers will not drink the wine in our vet; neither will we labour for trouble in Jesus Name. May the grace that was upon the life of Jesus be rested upon us and help us to fulfill destinies in Jesus Name.

Beloved, be alert to the move of the Spirit of God and it shall be well with You in Jesus Name Amen!, Amen!!, Amen!!!

Come on for more:

Genesis 15:7-17:27, Psalm 6:1-5, Proverbs 1:20-23, Matthew 6:5-24

Jesus’ Pattern of Prayer

Therefore, you should pray like this: Our Father in heaven, Your name be honored as holy.—Matthew 6:9

One of the most precious passages in the whole of the New Testament is the Lord’s Prayer. These words of Jesus, so seemingly simple, encompass every conceivable element in prayer and reduce it to a clearly understood pattern.

The Lord’s Prayer (or, more correctly, The Disciples’ Prayer) is, among other things, a miracle of condensation. In the short compass of sixty-six words, the Master presents a model of praying that touches on every major aspect of prayer. One writer says of it: “The Lord’s Prayer sets the standard for all praying. Everything every man ever needed to understand about prayer is latent in the choice disclosure of these words.” That might sound like an astonishing claim, but it is true. No set of theological volumes, no sermon, no series of writings could ever capture the fullness of everything prayer is, as does this simple yet profound model.

The more we understand this model, and the more we pray in line with it, the more powerful and productive our prayer life will become. Because this communication is so important, the enemy seeks to disrupt it. This is why we face the necessity to constantly refocus our thinking on the subject, and seek to deepen and enhance our prowess in the art of prayer. If the Lord’s Prayer sets the standard for all praying, then we must lay our praying alongside His pattern in order that our prayers might become more and more like His.


O God, as I begin this quest for a deeper and more effective prayer life, my heart cries out: “Lord, teach me to pray.” For I know that when I learn to pray, I learn to live—vitally and victoriously. Amen.

Further Study

1Tm 2:1-8; 1Ch 16:11; Lk 18:1; 1Th 5:17

What was Christ’s injunction?

What is Paul’s desire?

Did you pray the prayer above, “When i learn to pray, I learn to live.” May God give understanding in Jesus Name. May you receive answers as prayer today in Jesus Name.

Father grant the request and desires of your children in Jesus Name.

Be blessed as you cry unto the Maker and creator of all things amen.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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