Lord You are good be Thou exalted Lord above the earth, Lord You are so good, be Thou exalted Lord above the earth// how excellent is Your Name O Lord! How excellent is Your Name O Lord, How excellent is Your Name, how excellent is Your Name, how excellent is Your Name O! Lord, 2x

Great is Thy Faithfulness O! Lord, morning by morning new mercies I see. All that I needed thy hands has provided, great is Thy faithfulness, Lord unto Thee. Thank You Father for all things You have done. Thank You Lord, thank You Lord for all the things You have done. Receive all glory, honour, adorations in Jesus Name. Once again Lord, have Your way in our lives and situations in Jesus Name. Amen!

Beloved, let us exalt the Name of the Lord forever and ever, for His mercies enduerth forever. Join me to magnify Him forever, His love has no end. God is not man. He can never fail us; His Word is Yea and Amen. Has He said a thing and it will not come into being. His mercies enduerth forever, let us offer unto Him songs of Praise both now and forever.

Beloved are you on the Lord sides? Or do I rather ask you “on whose side are you?  Remember our target this year is to stay far from the consuming fire and very close to eternal life. Having that at the back of our mind beloved, let us therefore stay away from the unyielding judge and everlasting prison.

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Genesis 11:1-12:20, Psalm 5:1-6, Proverbs 1:15-16, Matthew 5:13-32

The Unyielding Judge


Reach a settlement quickly with your adversary … or your adversary will hand you over to the judge.—Matthew 5:25

“God’s wrath,” said George MacDonald, “is always judicial. It is always the wrath of the Judge administering justice. Cruelty is always immoral, but true justice—never.” Those who experience the fullness of God’s wrath get precisely what they deserve. This may sound hard, but it is true.

There is great wisdom in the words of our Lord in the passage before us today. Settle matters with an adversary, He says, before he drags you to court. Do at once what you must one day do anyway. There may be no escape from payment, but why not escape at least from the prison sentence that will enforce it?

The point our Lord is making is that we ought not to drive justice to extremities. God requires righteousness of us, does He not? It is utterly useless to think, then, that we can escape the eternal law. So yield yourself rather than be compelled.

To those whose hearts are true, the idea of judgment is right; to those whose hearts are untrue, the idea of judgment is wrong. Many people live under the illusion that perhaps it might be possible to find a way of escaping all that is required of us in this world. But there is no escape. A way to avoid the demands of righteousness, apart from the righteousness which God accounts to us at the Cross, would not be moral. When a man or woman accepts the payment God has made for them in Christ, the whole wealth of heaven is theirs; their debt is cleared. Those who deny that debt or who, acknowledging it, do nothing to avail themselves of the payment made for them on Calvary, face an unyielding Judge and an everlasting prison.


O Father, how serious and solemn is all this, but yet how true. Sin must ultimately be punished. I am so grateful that in Christ my debt has been paid, and availing myself of Your offer I am eternally free. Blessed be Your name forever. Amen.

Further Study

Zph 3:1-5; Ps 103:6; Jn 5:30; Rm 2:2

What does God do morning by morning?

What is God’s judgment based on?

Thank God for the price of Calvary, it is a great transaction done to set me free. I receive it, in the Name of Jesus all my debts are cancelled in Jesus Name. are you doing dear beloved? the death of Jesus Christ must to be in vain in Jesus Name.

Let us humble ourselves before the throne of mercy and receive mercy in our hour of need.

If you are yet to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour, delay no further, make haste while it is day lest the nightfall comes. Holy Spirit may You convince and convert as many as the Father is drawing to Himself as our Lord Jesus revealed to us. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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