Worthy worthy is the Lamb… Worthy Worthy is the Lamb… Worthy Worthy is the Lamb…that was slain…Praise Him alleluia…Praise Him alleluia…Praise Him alleluia…. Praise the Lord!!!! I am thanking You Lord for You are what You have done in my life Lord…. I am thanking You Lord for Who You are, what You have done Dan Sakari Baba….

Our Father we thank You, We bless Your Holy Name… We adore You…We You Praise Glory be Unto Your Holy Name for ever and ever Amen!!! Thank You Father for the gift of a new month… the last of it in this year… Lord Father we are grateful… we do not take it for granted… Thank You Your manifold Blessings from January till date … We cannot count it all… Alleluia to Your Holy Name…..Be Thou exalted Father in Jesus Name….

Who is like unto Thee O Lord… we come again today in Your Presence to be listen at Your feet and be bless …O Lord… may It please You to look with pity upon us Lord… and lead us to Your path of righteousness… Teach us something new again today and may we not be a cast way at the end in Jesus Name….

Beloveth… this is our first PCL in the last month of this year …are you ready!!!! Is somebody excited… give Jesus a shout….are honouring God with your voices…. Open your mouth and appreciated God Who has been good to you and all that are yours and He is still in perfect control…. Praise the Name of the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! alleluia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beloveth… we are marching forward… we are moving forward… we are pressing forward… Praise the Name of the Lord…. we are unstoppable… in Jesus Name….

Waiting for Awesome Wonders and showers of blessing in Jesus Christ… You are in the right place… but we need divine positioning to be partakers in Jesus Name…. Yes You need to place yourself in God’s love to be a partaker (Jude 21).

As God’s ambassador, we must not only communicate the gospel rightly we must also live right… yes so that the Word of God will not be profane by those around us… we must not be quarrelsome… did you read that… that our topic today… having learnt about this beloveth, how do you want to amend your ways?

First, are you quarrelsome… are you contentious, this must not be found in the life of a child of God… it might not be easy to look away…especially when you are in your right… it will shock you to note that God is not interested on how right you are even His Son committed no sin but was crucified on the Cross… a death meant for only criminals and He did absolutely nothing but He is interested only on how obedient you are…Jesus was obedient even to death on the Cross…Phil.2:8.

Wow! It shocked you… it wasn’t easy for me either… but we are not looking for justifications because Jesus is for us…. our call is to simply follow Him in obedience as He lead us…. and we will be blessed at the end …amen!

Come along with us for more:

The Lord’s slave must not quarrel, but must be gentle to everyone, able to teach, and patient. . . —2 Timothy 2:24

There should be no quarrelsome Christians. The truth of God is within us; we need never be intimidated or frustrated by those who do not accept God’s truth.

At times people may disagree with you regarding God’s Word. Perhaps they question the way you say He is leading you, or they may challenge your faith in God. At times like these it is never helpful to argue. You will never debate anyone into the kingdom of God. You will never persuade someone that God has spoken to you by outarguing them! Only God can convince others of the veracity of His word to you.

If you will allow God to vindicate you in His time, and in His way, a time will come when the wisdom of your choice will be evident (Luke 7:35). If you find yourself often quarreling with others, you need to ask God to clearly reveal your motives and to forgive you for your disobedience to His clear command.

If your motivation for arguing comes from your desire to be right, or to be exonerated, or to gain the esteem of those listening to you, you are acting selfishly, and God will not honor you. God is not interested in how right you are. He is interested in how obedient you are.

God’s command is not that you win arguments, but that you are kind and forgiving when others mistreat you. You bring God no honor by winning a dispute in His name, but you reflect a Christlike character when you demonstrate patience to those who mistreat you or misunderstand your motives. Arguing may never win people to your view, but loving them as Christ does will win you many friends over time!

We have two in one… don’t argue anybody into God’s Kingdom…secondly don’t seek to be right rather always be kind and forgiving even when you are mistreated….

If it difficult beloved ask the Holy Spirit … He knows how to bring you to state of advanced forgiveness… and when you receive this virtue in your life …you will be happy that you did… Amen!!!!!!!!!!!

Further Reading – Jn 8:12, 1Pet.3:15, 1 Cor. 9:13-15, Rom.5:5, 1Jn.5:4, 1Tim.2:5…, Eph.6:10

Remain blessed in the Lord.

sani ahmad