Because of Who You Are, I give You praise. Because of Who You Are, I give You praise. Because of Who You Are, Lord I come to worship You, Lord because of Who You Are. Holy, Most Holy, is the Lord God x3. Holy, Most Holy, is the Lord God, is the Lord of God, Most High.

Father, we thank You for Who You Are. You are Maker of the whole universe. Heaven and earth belongs to You. What a Mighty God You Are. You have not fail in waking us up each time we lay down. You always make a way for us daily to be what You have created us to be. Thank You Lord for the gift of another day. We thank You for all Your benefits to us. Blessed be Your Holy Name.

Beloved, did you read the Ephesians chapter 1 as instructed us to do yesterday? If you did that beautiful if not maybe you have to do that now. Why? The knowledge and understanding of your total redemption package as describe therein is important as we go through our studies this month. Having done that, are you ready now to pray?

The Lord saith “Call upon and I will answer”. It means that our answer depends largely on our calling. And ye shall seek and find me when you seek me with all your heart. And I will be found by you… and I will turn away your captivity… Jer 29:12-14.

Beloved, there is voice in the wilderness calling out to you to prepare the way. Will you be willing to do that at this moment? Will you stop your procrastination and do it just now? Prepare your way through prayer; prepare your way through studying and meditating upon the Word; Prepare your way through evangelism like the voice calling out in the wilderness. Do something that will recorded in eternity for you as you seek the Lord’s intervention in your situation.

Don’t idle away, engage those around you for fellowship. Pray for souls that are perishing, the back- sliders, the down casted and those who are hurting especially at this time when political clashing is high, various diseases outbreak and as result the mortality rate of both women and children are on increase. War claiming our men and youths of tomorrow. All these are pointing to the end of everything but we still have to pray that the righteous will not be destroyed along with the workers of iniquities.

Beloved, let us intercede for each other especially those who are hurting among us. Let us humble ourselves before God for strengthen where we need His touch today. Amen!  I decree that this lonely voice calling out in the wilderness will not be in vain but will yield fruit in our lives and everyone we will forward this message to in Jesus Name. Amen!

The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.” Luke 3:4

The voice crying in the wilderness demanded a way for the Lord, a way prepared, and a way prepared in the wilderness. I would be attentive to the Master’s proclamation, and give Him a road into my heart, cast up by gracious operations, through the desert of my nature. The four directions in the text must have my serious attention.

Every valley must be exalted. Low and grovelling thoughts of God must be given up; doubting and despairing must be removed; and self-seeking and carnal delights must be forsaken. Across these deep valleys a glorious causeway of grace must be raised.

Every mountain and hill shall be laid low. Proud creature- sufficiency, and boastful self-righteousness, must be levelled, to make a highway for the King of kings. Divine fellowship is never vouchsafed to haughty, highminded sinners. The Lord hath respect unto the lowly, and visits the contrite in heart, but the lofty are an abomination unto Him. My soul, beseech the Holy Spirit to set thee right in this respect.

The crooked shall be made straight. The wavering heart must have a straight path of decision for God and holiness marked out for it. Double-minded men are strangers to the God of truth. My soul, take heed that thou be in all things honest and true, as in the sight of the heart-searching God.

The rough places shall be made smooth. Stumbling-blocks of sin must be removed, and thorns and briers of rebellion must be uprooted. So great a visitor must not find miry ways and stony places when He comes to honour His favoured ones with His company.

Oh that this day the Lord may find in my heart a highway made ready by His grace, that He may make a triumphal progress through the utmost bounds of my soul, from the beginning of this year even to the end of it. In Jesus Name Amen! Did you say amen with me now? Come and discover how the hand of the Mighty One works in the lives of His people:

“Now the hand of the Lord was upon me in the evening.” Ezekiel 33:22

In the way of judgment this may be the case, and, if so, be it mine to consider the reason of such a visitation, and bear the rod and Him that hath appointed it. I am not the only one who is chastened in the night season; let me cheerfully submit to the affliction, and carefully endeavour to be profited thereby.

 But the hand of the Lord may also be felt in another manner, strengthening the soul and lifting the spirit upward towards eternal things. O that I may in this sense feel the Lord dealing with me! A sense of the divine presence and indwelling bears the soul towards heaven as upon the wings of eagles. At such times we are full to the brim with spiritual joy, and forget the cares and sorrows of earth; the invisible is near, and the visible loses its power over us; servant-body waits at the foot of the hill, and the master-spirit worships upon the summit in the presence of the Lord.

O that a hallowed season of divine communion may be vouchsafed to me this evening! The Lord knows that I need it very greatly. My graces languish, my corruptions rage, my faith is weak, my devotion is cold; all these are reasons why His healing hand should be laid upon me. His hand can cool the heat of my burning brow, and stay the tumult of my palpitating heart.

That glorious right hand which moulded the world can new-create my mind; the unwearied hand which bears the earth’s huge pillars up can sustain my spirit; the loving hand which incloses all the saints can cherish me; and the mighty hand which breaketh in pieces the enemy can subdue my sins. Why should I not feel that hand touching me this moment?

Come, my soul, address thy God with the potent plea that Jesus’ hands were pierced for thy redemption, and thou shalt surely feel that same hand upon thee which once touched Daniel and set him upon his knees that he might see visions of God.

Beloved, God will answer us even as we lift our voices to Him. We are serving a prayer answering God and He will surely answer us in Jesus Name. You will see wonders happening in your lives soonest in Jesus Name.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

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